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What Will It Take to Defeat Trumpism?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/26/what-will-it-take-defeat-trumpism

Mr. John Feffer,

The United States has had to deal with trash all throughout it’s past.

The rotting filth that Trump will leave behind will be taken to the dump where it belongs.

I generally dislike articles that are designed to produce fear in those that read it. Your’s has this effect. I am not sure if it’s intentional or just a product of the hate Trump and the GOP have produced and you state are reasons for concern.

As messed up as my fellow Americans are in continuing to support overwhelmingly the two corrupt corporate political parties that we are generally saddled with, I choose to believe that the forces of hate will never prevail.


This article is the perfect example of why Trump could win—too much----keep it simple----but one thing you don’t mention-------because you clowns are always feeding us BS I decided to listen to the great Trump—so I listened to his Tulsa speech-------it was really mostly about himself—these people must love infomercials----but in all this Trump brings up the Military Industrial complex----and he makes clear that he will not go to war------then he goes back to his zombie crap.

The one time corporate media held Trump up as normal was when he was considering war with N. Korea???

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Going after Trump under RICO is definitely a good idea, but I fear Biden would pardon him claiming, like Obama, we need to look forward not back (yes really!).

Does New York have any equivalent statutes?


We need to go much deeper and farther back in history. Trump is just the turd floating on top of a fascist brew that has been simmering in the US for a long time. Calling it “Trumpism” means minimizing this fact. Colonialism is a brother to fascism. What had been sold to us as Democracy was the American Dream we all slept through only to wake up to a rude reality. There is nothing original about Trump’s fascism so let’s not elevate it to a special “brand”…


I believe that the New York AG is going to come after trump with both barrels. So yes, I think New York will be ready for the amateur gangster trump.


I’m puzzled by Feffer’s narrow focus here, even patronizing ahistorically by calling it “Trumpism” – certain coinages convey nothing clear about the subject matter, only about the writer’s intentions, the blinders under construction in text. I hadn’t realized Feffer was such a Romper Room teacher.

Not to mention: Feffer misses the Velociraptor in the room, as do almost all of his fellow commentators. A most consequential transformation has commenced before our eyes, with Europe deciding yesterday to keep US Americans out: The “world’s sole superpower” is no more. US America’s Civil War redux seems the worst eventuality to avoid, to Feffer…

Remember the USSR? It just went kerflush down the toilet of history once all the lies piled up so high there were mass graves to hide. That’s the transformation underway today in USA. Feffer doesn’t see it. Hardly anyone does. This is what thirdworldization looks like.

History has been so heavy-handed and over-ironical lately, I wouldn’t be surprised to see our own homegrown Chernobyl (our national Homer Simpson D’oh! moment), just to complete the historical symmetry. Whatever happens, expect the unexpected – or else maybe unexpect the expected. I’ve tried both strategies, separately or simultaneously, and wound up resolving to swear off drink & prognostication.

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You choose to believe that “the forces of hate will never prevail”–HUH??? Read some U.S. history–when it comes to racism, they HAVE prevailed far MORE OFTEN than NOT. Unless a LOT of white people (finally) see through the white supremacist BS they’ve fallen for over & over again AND there’s some solid CLASS SOLIDARITY With ANTI-racism, your optimism is mis-placed. Since I have a close relative who’s a total Trumper" *& white supremacist in his world-view)–and he’s MIDDLE-CLASS & actually OWNS his own home!–I very regularly grapple with how to chalenge the Trumpist world-view. It ain’t easy.

I absolutely love your post. This is how deep we should go in order NOT to normalize Fascism, a tendency certainly found in M$M and sometimes even in more progressive media. Normalizing Fascism is the first step toward accepting it.

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I should have been more specific about swearing off prognostication first. Sometime after I succeed in that, I’ll try leaving off the intoxicants. After the USSR blew up, huge swathes of Russia drunk itself to death. From our side of the curtain we’ve been trained to see some kind of national triumph, in the years after 1991. From their side, a lot of things Russians took for granted as part of civilized living all the sudden evaporated. Except for cheap vodka. Our national prognosis is very tragic to the degree it resembles what happened to Russia.

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You’re just fine ! Great analysis about the USSR/Russia. While everybody around me soon may be drinking Vodka I unfortunately have to abstain.

I do Lydia, and I am sorry that you regularly must interact with someone so filled with hate.

I myself would not.

I’m thinking he might have to shoot one of his female constituents. That might turn the tide. Tongue in cheek.

The entire premise of this article is wrong. Trump is just the latest face of corporatism. Trump is not the problem. The problem is that the government is of, by, and for the corporations. If you don’t address that problem, you aren’t going to fix anything.


Yes and my analogy is Trump did not start the Covid-19 virus but is symptom of the disease and is guilty of exacerbating and spreading this virus and causing the deaths of many. People like Trump will always be a problem until we eradicate the disease and find an antidote to this miasma.

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“active-service military” pointed out by author John (a novelist) who would step in and keep Trump in the white house.
I say.
There are 16 million living veterans and they do vote!
And too many are combat veterans.

If second C-19 wave occurs in early October, 2020 - expect court battles over mail in ballots in many states.

If jobs do not come back - say by August one - folks are going to be out of their apartments, homes, trailers. Suggest we will all know at least one family who need immediate financial assistance.

And there will be nothing from DC to support them.

That’s why, despite all the charges hurled at Trump for being a “dangerous” president, I believe he’s less likely to bring this nation to war than any Democrat (especially Biden who has a history of war-mongering). So, together with his 30% “deplorables” plus the considerable bloc of “no war” voters, he’s likely to win again.

It will take HONESTY

What they may mean is “how do we defeat Trump without changing anything, since we signed the right to do that away and didnt tell anybody” (Shhhh, Big Secret!) .

Very good analysis. One regime change you left out was Japan. Given the element of religious cultism that surrounds trumpism I think this too is instructive.

The fanatical following of the Emperor of Japan as a descended of the Devine fueled much of the ferver and horror of the Japanese cause. It has been said that only a demonstration that you are not on the right side of God will convince a zealot. That demonstration was the atomic bomb.

Coincidentally and sadly, we have in our midst an equivalent disaster. Actually in terms of casualties much worse. Covid 19. It will get much worse and many more will die. Once everyone in the US (and the world) knows personally someone close who has died of Covid, hearts and minds may change. If the new Biden administration can get us past this trumpism may go to defeat.