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What Will Local Control Hypocrisy Cost The GOP in North Carolina?


What Will Local Control Hypocrisy Cost The GOP in North Carolina?

Terrance Heath

Founding Father Thomas Jefferson is often credited with saying, “The government closest to the people serves them best.” Republicans in North Carolina — and elsewhere — think they know better.


Let's hope that there is enough momentum and voter turnout (and the vote count is legit) to remove the rethugs from power.

There is a reason why that, prior to 2010, the GOP was not permitted to control NC government for over 100 years. HB2 and other reactionary legislation that hurts people and the environment are the reason.


Republican governors with similar sensibilities managed to just outlaw abortion in one state.

It's amazing how little attention these morons place on the things that matter; but they do focus--consistently--on genitals.


The purpose of this brouhaha is not profit or loss, it is defiance. Just like the congressional and Senate Republican leadership mantra of "noboma" to just about everything that the president proposes.
The candidacies of both Trump and Sanders have demonstrated that an increasingly large number of the US electorate (especially the younger adults) are voting "no confidence" in "business as usual". And neither the purveyors of smooth patriotism nor the "information" media, nor the institutions who justify their existence as "opinion leaders" have shown that they either understand or can change this dynamic.
So they posture and promote absurdity seeking to engage the emotions of those who have grown sick and tired of being jerked around in such a ridiculous way.
This bathroom silliness is just as much the responsibility of Obama and his attorney general as it is of the loony governor and state assembly of North Carolina (and any other state that engages in such antics).
The dinosaurs (on all sides of the political spectrum) are on the verge of extinction and they are not very happy about that which they can neither accept nor change.
The next act in this melodrama will be the miniseries known as the Republican and Democratic national conventions. Expect violence and perhaps even riots. The greatest mysteries yet to be revealed are who The Donald and The Hillary will choose as their running mates (assassination insurance). Where are Dan Quayle, Sarah Palin, Al Gore, and Walter Mondale when we need them?!!


As a Veteran with PTSD, I wish they would put as much effort into helping combat Vets. Almost one an hour is taking his/her life and they're talking about the bathroom. I can't help but think they're trying to distract us from something. Can't quite put my finger on it....


Remember, that many of the Democrats voted into office in this election are the next batch of superdelegates, according to Party rules.

Make it a campaign issue: "Should you become a superdelegate to the 2020 DNC convention, will you support the will of the people after they have spoken through the primary/caucus process?"

Record it for posterity, because it may come in very handy.


A good point though the repubs of today were the Dixiecrats of yesterday and certainly not the party of Lincoln.


What's funny about that is that in NC the rednecks toting around confederate flags also are the ones voting for the same republicans who used to not be permitted to be in control. They sure don't remember their history now do they.


They are the same wealthy privileged oligarchs who used to be cracker Democrats, they just switched party labels.


Maybe they're just shallow, easily distracted fools running a government like a lot of junior high kids with petty obsessions that have nothing to do with the big picture. Issues such as yours get lost in the piffle and trivia their small minds constantly rehash and revisit.