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What Will Many Bernie Sanders Voters Do After July?


What Will Many Bernie Sanders Voters Do After July?

Ralph Nader

The hard-bitten, corporatist Democrats are moving Hillary Clinton through the presidential primaries. They are using “Republican-speak” to beat down Bernie Sanders as favoring Big Government and more taxes and they may unwittingly be setting the stage for a serious split in the Democratic Party.


That is a really clueless comment.


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The latest case for Clinton is made by the Establishment, amplified by the MSM - the FEAR the Trump card. Yet, Sanders does much better in polls of head-to-head matchups against Trump than Clinton. In fact, he whips all the repubs.


HRC (Her Rightness of Center) is an establishment _____.


I'm supporting Bernie in the primary in my state. Then will see how the rest of the campaign plays out.

Clinton will have to not only shift significantly to the left for me to vote for her, not only in rhetoric but in firm commitments as to what she will do as president. She made a few moves to the left on things like changing her view of TPP and KXL pipeline, but always hedges too, so is unconvincing.

If that doesn't happen, I have to assume the status quo and record of Clinton which is anything but progressive (horrible foreign policy judgement despite having all the experience. Jill Stein will look best as a someone with the vision to address what needs to be addressed.

If Clinton comes around a lot (consistent progressive positions backed by commitments and plans), I'll consider voting for her. I'll also be watching the polls to see how best to use my vote.


I wonder more about if Clinton supporters will vote for Bernie!


The establishment would like nothing better than to have millions of voters stay away and effectively disenfranchise themselves, which is likely to happen if HRC is chosen in July. The new totalitarianism is built on apathy and non participation. .
We hope, however, that the Occupy movement that is now focused on Sanders will regroup with a vengeance and make business as usual impossible at the state and local and federal levels.
One slightly brighter scenario sees furious Trump supporters react to the Republican poohbahs' efforts to shut Trump down, by finding a way to cross over and vote in remaining primaries and caucuses for Sanders, who is the only other viable candidate who speaks to the population most disgusted with the rigged, closed system of and for the 1%. I'd be interested to know how other CD readers feel about this possible scenario...


Isn't it interesting that no one ever asks Hillary if she will support Bernie if he wins. Indeed, no one asks any of the grand poopahs of the DNC establishment that question. Turnabout is fair play, and Bernie should say he will support the nominee of the party as long as the party will support him if he is the nominee.


I signed up for a progressive protest in DC in April under the banner "Democracy Awakening"....we progressives have got to get the message to Bernie not to capitulate to the Democratic Party - ever..If he doesn't get the nomination, HE MUST RUN as a THIRD PARTY candidate!
Bernie says it's about us, not him. Let's see if he is true to his word!
I a totally finished with the Democratic...I mean the New Republican Party of the Clintons/Obama/Bidens
I'll write my kitten's name in before I vote for Hillary. (She would be a better President-has more GENUINE heart)...


This Sanders supporter will not, under any circumstances, be voting for Hillary Clinton. If Sanders is not on the ballot I will write him in. The more of us that do this, the bigger the message will be. Is that unrealistic? Maybe so but settling for a continuation of corrupt business as usual, replete with disastrous job-killing trade deals, endless war for profit and a growing climate disaster is not acceptable to me.

Occupy the election
Occupy the Convention
Occupy the voting booth.


It's not just the young who will kiss the Democratic Party goodbye...I'm 3/4 there already, and I'm in my 60s...After vigorously working on behalf of B.Clinton/Gore/Obama physically and financially, and being extremely disappointed in each case, Bernie is my last hurrah!....after calling for him, sending him over $400.00....(which at $40,000 a year, is difficult for me) if he doesn't get nomination, and therefore,
capitulates like a good boy back into the fold, & therefore being another betrayer....I will never
support another mainstream political party candidate again....Not ever....


wiseowl: that is a good one : her rightness of center., also, how about her "rottenness" of center....as my husband calls her....


Bernie should run as an independent if Hillary gets the nomination because I suspect it will all be rigged in Hillarys favor especially by that sea hag wasserman.....Voting for Hillary will leave a bad taste in my mouth just like it did after the last time I voted for Obama...Progressives are like the GOP they are the do nothing to help folks party..It is all about the money and pay to play.....Wassermans proof of that on the democrat side..So is Hillary....So I guess most of the democrat party has about changed into GOP wannabes.


Irony, remember Bruce Dixon of The Black Agenda Report, and others, with their Bernie as sheepdog idea. Who is actually playing the role of sheepdog during this campaign, why, it is none other than the established Black leadership, especially in Congress. They are doing such a good job sheepdogging that Hillary is winning the Afro-American vote in unprecedented numbers. Who's sheepdogging now!

From Bruce Dixon's article.


I am pretty skeptical of anything Nader says considering his absurd claim that the two major parties are virtually the same but my guess is that if Trump is the nominee the Democratic Party will unite around Clinton or Sanders, whomever wins. Is there any other choice? Trump wants to drastically cut taxes for the rich. He wants to abolish the EPA. He is a climate change denier and actually jokes about what those of us who are actually in reality know is an accelerating crisis that potentially could adversely affect the planet for thousands of years. He is attracting racists to his his campaign and he encourages xenophobia. His rallies have acts of violence. He buys into the notion that the US really is at war with Islam as ISIS claims. If the Republican establishment can't stop Trump then it is up to the Democrats. The Democrats have a big starting advantage in the electoral college and should get most of the minority vote. In other words, either Clinton or Sanders should be able to defeat Trump. But, only if the Democrats unite. To go off in different directions would be foolish to say the least.


There are little, or insignificant, real differences between the Republican and Democratic parties, regardless of who leads either one.
Not one candidate has addressed, in depth, the overriding burden our excessive military spending will actually hinder our ability to address the countries social, economic and medical needs.
Throw in Debbie W. S., the issue of superdelegate power to give Clinton the nomination, and Bernie's prior capitulation on supporting Hilliary not matter what the final outcome will only add to future discouragement of the younger generation of voters gathering behind Sanders run for office.
Only one candidate, if you care to check her website, will honestly pursue the relevant issues concerning the military industrial and political complex, wall street corruption and environmental issues, just to name a few.
Her name is, yes a woman, Jill Stein, running for president on the Green Party ticket.
Not only is she as "progressive and social" as Bernie she is also straightforward in reducing our military.
This is the choice many of our young men and women will face in a few months, capitulate to the Hillary bandwagon or continue to fight for change and what is right and back Jill Stein.
It's up to you, young voters able to change this country for the good of the commons.
My generation failed you and will leave you a heavy burden of economic and political chaos.
See Chris Hedges article on Truthdig.


The first thing Bernie supporters will do if Clinton is the nominee is vote for Trump. At least that is what this Bernie supporter will do.


Ralph couldn't wait to tell us that it is over. A lot of media status quo are doing that too. Some have been telling us that it is over as it was just beginning. The status quo in favor of Hillary and the status quo opposed to Hillary as one... Bernie can't win they say and they have been saying.

Look how close Bernie is yet despite the hunger of the young - the 'millennials'- where are the older established progressives that share that hunger? So many speak of defeating Hillary and Trump but they (aside from a small donation) not only took their time coming on board in support of Bernie but are ready, willing and able to jump ship (into apathy and the comforts of complaining about the state of things) before it has sprung a leak.

Where is the real fear progressives...what if Bernie doesn't win... What will we get then? Oligarchy for sure....speaking fees included. Autocratic oligarchy maybe... That is - out of a fear of oligarchy being so prominent during this election, America ends up electing an actual oligarch who has autocratic intentions ( oligarchy times 10)!

Autocratic oligarchy - won't that be fun, eh progressives? Trump wants to build a wall! Not that Hillary would be all that much better but she at least would play the game and maintain the illusion/delusion that we have democracy while cementing oligarchy into place. Trade deal anyone? Wall St. speaking fees?
We are caught between a rock and a hard place - a wall and a Wall St.

How much do we really want to avoid Trump or Hillary becomes the question.

Bernie has hit the rigged game (Iowa where Hillary 'won' six straight coin tosses?) and while we see how media is no longer our formerly free press but an entertaining propaganda tool, we still know how close Bernie is.

We know he is trailing by only a little which accounts for it being a rigged game media wise, so where is our anger and drive to regain our democracy and get those social programs like single payer, free college and a $15 min wage? When did we become the eternal losers who were ready to give up before we got started and gave up as soon as we could even as the race was still being run? Just how progressive are we... anymore? Anyone remember why occupy had an effect? Anyone remember the apathy that had paralyzed the left till Occupy reawakened the progressive streak in America and elsewhere?

Look at how much support Bernie has behind him and how close he is.

FIGHT Fight for the chance to win. Fight for the things you say you believe in. Stop only complaining and do something - organize for Bernie. Make waves in the status quo while yet Bernie can win.

Ahead of all of us is climate change - not later but far, far sooner than we have been told. It is that which provides the impetus for fascism. Oligarchy doesn't need fascism and in all honesty even they figure that fascism is just not all that much fun. However, if necessary then they are above it all in their minds. Climate change will cause that deep stress that is required to overthrow democracy. Climate Change will cause civil unrest and refugees and fun will just not be part of the picture. Get scared people because our democracy is disappearing at a fast rate too.

Caught between Wall St. and a wall... We have yet this one chance with Bernie. If we don't take advantage of it we will for the rest of our lives think back to when we could have but didn't and let go of the last chance to change history even when it was so close.


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