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What Will The Democratic Party Stand for in 2016?


What Will The Democratic Party Stand for in 2016?

John Light

Last week made clear that Bernie Sanders won’t be the Democratic nominee. But a meeting of the Democratic Platform Committee in Washington also made it clear that the Vermont senator will wield considerable influence over the party’s future.

The primary season developed into a fight for the future of the Democratic Party, with Sanders channeling the concerns of many younger, liberal voters, and Hillary Clinton often associated, rightly or wrongly, with her husband’s policies and those of the Democratic establishment.


Eric Holder...What a lying sack of s**t....


Now Here's a Decent-minded, Informative Piece...With a Centrist Tic

Thanks, Commondreams and Mr. Light, for elucidating the pre-platform hearing process, and for a succinct recounting of the issues raised.

But why, Mr. Light, would you write that HRC is "often associated, rightly or wrongly, with her husband's policies and those of the Democratic establishment?

Is HRC's lineage with the long-dominant faction of triangulating, Democratic Leadership Council, "new" Democrats in question? Has she...or any news source...represented HRC as deviating from the "Democratic establishment" - its standard bearer?

Has it become impossible to simply call a right liberal spade a right liberal spade?

Consider this Exhibit 900...in a never-ending series...pointing up the pressures of a right liberal political culture on journalism and normative thought.


The Green Party needs 25,000 qualified signatures from registered voters by June 27th, or Jill Stein won’t be on the Illinois ballot.

See if the Green Party is on the ballot in your state yet (scroll down for map):


Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein's campaign is accepting suggestions for VP:

"Your suggested VP candidates should embody our core Green values of grassroots democracy, social and economic justice, nonviolence, and ecological sustainability."


Yes, banks and the politicians they own decriminalized financial fraud during the Clinton Administration to the extent that making a LEGAL case is not viable. Holder is however viewing the too-big-to-fail bank issue from a legal perspective, whereas in 2008 and 2009 those banks were in free fall and would not have survived if Congress had not committed $16 trillion of taxpayers' money to various bail out schemes, according to Government Accountability Office Report GAO-11-696, page 131.

When the US Government formed Conrail by taking over six bankrupt northeastern US railroads in 1976, it was an administrative action, not a legal action. Conrail reinvigorated northeastern railroading to the extent that Conrail went public on the NYSE and was sold to Norfolk Southern and CSX railroads at a net gain to taxpayers.

Banking is inherently an exponentially less complex business than railroading. Had the government taken over the banks, restored New Deal financial regulations, including Glass Steagall and sold them to private operators, we would not be having this conversation.

As its stands, in addition to the bailouts, Congress and the five banks drafted Dodd/Frank, watered it down so that it has made community banks less competitive and enabled the too-big-to-fail banks to control nearly half of all US bank assets today compared to 25% when they crashed the economy in 2008..

It was Congressional Democrats who provided the votes needed to bail out the banks.


Will they listen? Stay tuned.


What will the Democrats stand for in 2016? The same as did Barack Obama.


Holder sez: “… I think that people were critical of my Justice Department for not
going after Wall Street… if we could have made those cases, do you think we would not have?"

Sure, Eric. It might also have helped if the bulk of your fellow ministers around the cabinet table were not Wall Street appointments.


In all this not one mention of public financing of elections and radical campaign finance reform. While here in Portland, Or.the issue is alive and back on the table. Again, ending mass incarceration for non-violent drug offenses and legalizing marijuana sales. Quit picking on pot users ( all types ) or shut down every business that sells alcohol, tobacco and gambling. Establish living wage, housing laws and healthcare basics for all citizens. The Democratic Party is " owned " by the 1%ers and any change for the 99s will be nullified by Orweillan " doublespeak" deals cut in the backrooms of The Corporate State. If the truth be known, any number of Democratic Senators could do a better job of defeating Trump, than HRC. At this point I don't care if Democrats hand out gold bars to voters, I'm going to vote Green and focus on local elections. The MIC/MSM moneychangers have destroyed any chance for real peace and prosperity. They're selling something I don't want, can't afford and find really lacking. Their domestic and foreign policy amounts to willful negligence and abuse. Their magical thinking about what constitutes progress is astounding in its temerity. In the richest country in the world we are abusing the working class, their children and vulnerable people who are treated much worse than rich people's housecats and family dogs. It's a disgrace, actually. But it's just so typically American. Platforms mean well but money is the only thing " real Americans " really, really care about. Maybe so they can get a 4th dog?


I doubt they will listen. If they do, HRC will simply ignore the party platform. We have seen this pattern over and over. I will not support the democratic party what so ever. Their duplicitous actions and contempt of democracy were the final straw. It will take a decade of concerted effort by the democratic party to undue the damage brought about by blue dog faction. The dog and pony show is over.


The best thing Bernie can do is not endorse HRC. Go into that meeting with HRC and tell the truth. You are corrupt politician with no moral compass. You will undoubtedly make everything worse for the average American and you fail to learn from your numerous mistakes. Perhaps, I (Bernie Sanders) can save the democratic party from your poison.


You read my thoughts exactly. His opinions & comments don't deserve acknowledgement or quoting. What a waste of DNA!


No s--t! Aptly & succinctly put.


Completely agree. Been so disappointed to see so many progressives just roll over and accept the election theft that just happened. I come to Common Dreams to escape the unthinking bias of other news sources. Can we please have some representative journalists for the many of us who know the truth: a lot can happenand, is happening, between now and the Dem convention-- it won't be "clear that Sanders is not the nominee" until then. So until then, contributors to CD should stop parroting the MSM lest readers begin to lump them in the same category.


Totally agree with this & your previous comment. I was a born & bred dedicated Democrat, always voting over decades for the Democratic candidates. A year ago, I sadly & reluctantly peeled the "Proud Democrat" sticker off my front door window & began supporting Sanders. I hope he runs til the bitter end, but I don't think HRC/DNC's facade of including Bernie, his appointees, or his followers' opinions will make a dent in the Democratic Establishment's agenda. I pray I'm wrong about that. But I think it will soon be time for true Democratic progressive/liberals to take the road less traveled & create a brand new progressive liberal party following Sanders' ideologies & in his footsteps. And, truly no offense, but not the Green Party.


Yeah! What is his "rightly or wrongly" gibberish about?


Well said. That such a debacle could be swept under the carpet and the party juggernaut allowed to grind along unopposed .... is a chilling foreshadowing of shenanigans to come.


Well, it just seems to me like the Green Party has a great platform & that Jill Stein is an excellent motivator/force. But in my perception, they haven't roused the enthusiasm in droves that the Sanders movement/revolution has, & they've been around for awhile now. Either they're gonna have to garner the substantial adoration Bernie has achieved, or some other newly-formed progressive group is gonna have to somehow join/follow his act & keep his movement going/growing with the same totally sincere & unprecedented dedication he has shown.

But I must admit that I should know much more about the Green Party than I do. It's lately become rare when I even have time to read CD articles in any great detail, much less get to post or reply to comments nowadays. (Today's a rare exception to that.) My husband & I were major victims of the Wall Street Meltdown/Great Recession/Chase Mortgage & lost all we had, which was lots. Now we're both living on only his $733/month SSI & no longer have a vehicle. However, we're trying to do everything in our power to dig our way out of this hole & get back to some modest, decent quality of life. We have to ride undependable, antiquated, crummy, extremely time-consuming Fort Worth bus system to go everywhere: computer refresher courses; community & church volunteer work; many required welfare agency appointments; low cost-sliding scale doctor appointments; multiple grocery stores in a single afternoon to get all the best deals possible. Then make time to care for dog/cat; find time to eat, clean apartment, sleep, etc., etc. Plus now spending long hours on home PC applying for jobs. Wake up at 5:00 a.m. --- get home about 11:00 at night --- get to bed about 1:00 a.m., w/o ever stopping all day, nearly every day.

So not much time anymore to follow every aspect of politics like I used to, even tho I try my best. Have to squeeze in studying or sleeping when riding bus. Can't wait to have job/car again so I can resume spending more time following current political topics in depth. I'm honestly NOT whining, but I'm trying to make the point that I do wish some people could realize what a luxury it is (& one I sorely miss) to be able to thoroughly read CD, et al. & comment/reply daily, sometimes at length & several times over, about one or more articles.

Anyway, I definitely won't be voting for Hillary OR Trump! You have a good & peaceful night!