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What Will Trump Do to the World to Win Re-Election?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/13/what-will-trump-do-world-win-re-election

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Based on his propensity for the dog whistle, I think he will issue an executive order giving full suffrage to dogs and amass teams of volunteers to collect the votes. Stephen Miller will of course recommend that coon hounds (those hounds that hunt racoons for those of you not familiar with the term) will be able to vote multiple times. Just a guess.


For those of you who believe in biblical prophesy, Daniel 8 describes a pathological lying narcissist who initiates aerial warfare with Persia/Iran during the end times. For more information about this entity go to Amazon online to the book title “Climate change and the bible- What the Lord says about our current and future environmental climate crisis alongside associated events”.

As the bumpersticker says: “Let the immigrants stay. Deport Trump.”


I’m no expert on this, or Bible thumper, but I remember reading that according to the Bible, revelations won’t start until the descendants of the original Israelites, who migrated to Eastern and Western Africa, are back in control of that land, that hasn’t happened yet. Also, isn’t this Leader supposed to be popular worldwide, that sure doesn’t fit Trump?

Revelation 9:20 attributes the environmental destruction of the earth in chapters 8 and 9 to the love mankind has for the things his hands produce. And yes, you are correct that the Antichrist will be loved by all of mankind, and that Trump currently does not fit that profile. There is, however, still a long way to go. Like I said previously, if you want to, check out at Amazon book section, “Climate change and the Bible- What the Lord says about our current and future environmental climate crisis alongside associated events”.
Not very well written, but for .99 cents (free on promotional weekends), it does provide some insight, cross referencing prophesies on what is supposedly coming down in the next few years. The little horn who is the pathological lying narcissist who requires the adoration of the masses and initiates aerial warfare against Persia/Iran, Daniel 7:20 describes another characteristic of him as being more stout/fat than his associates.

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Is there is any evidence of Russian attempts to destroy American Democracy? If so it should be laid out in the open. Then people could compare it to the evidence of voter suppression by American political parties. Then people could see who is the biggest threat to American Democracy.

Merely asserting that the Russians interfered means nothing. SHOW THE EVIDENCE.

There is no biblical significance to anything this fascist regime does, to compare these traitors and grifters to past horrific historical maniacs is more like it. These monsters are trying to steal this upcoming election, better get out there and do something about it! Peace

What Will Trump Do to the World to Win Re-Election?

Whatever it takes, including attacking Iran.

I think it was Russia and more direct Putin that stopped Trump from attacking Iran. Probably still the case. Course if they need him to win they might let a short skirmish with big headlines go.

of course we should always remember that Iran has helped the right-wing in this country.
It is easily forgettable, but they played a large role in the Reagan election and they are always at hand to play whatever role necessary. I wish them well but do not completely know who is really in charge anywhere.

Excerpts from Michael Cohen’s ( The Fixer ) forthcoming book state that Trump did work with ( collude ) the Russians in 2016. But, it was in a crude and unsophisticated way and not something Mueller or Congress, even paid a cursory interest in. It was something of an amateur mob excursion into the The Swamp. Which is inhabited by sophisticated knot-tieing Boy Scouts from Ivy League universities. All versed and knowing the twisted and looping ways of The Alphabets. Sounds like they laughed it off: oops, not so good.
I suspect, as will Mr. Feffer, that we’ll all just have to buy the Cohen book. Or, wait until the 2nd Coming, comes up with something to save his life and his presidency.
We are all so lucky, aren’t we?

Carter protected and brought The Shah to a safe harbor. That upset the The Ayatollahs, right?

What Will Trump Do to the World to Win Re-Election? Whatever Congress and the American people allow him to do, and so far it seems like they’ve given him carte blanche.

You write in almost detached fashion, as if it would not be so devastating it would fatal for the world -as Chomsky rightly highlights.
My worry is the Evil Rupert Murdoch has immense power and pulls strings too successfully: Every election in thr UK (Where I am) has been won by him, whatever he chooses, wons… I wonder how powerful the absurd Fox news are though!
I would imagine quite a few Republicans would prefer Biden, just so they dont have to keep on being sychophants (their choice I know, but Trump would oust them if they were real with him!). Trump is so complete in his unhealthiness -God knows what he can do in the last few months of his absurd Presidency!

Not sure what you mean in such a limited form as online. Control of Iran from the CIA coup to …some day maybe future? All the players have been working together. The whole Iran Hostage situation.