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What Will TV and Social Networks Do if Trump Prematurely Declares Victory?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/03/what-will-tv-and-social-networks-do-if-trump-prematurely-declares-victory

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So we should only trust the major media with the election results? The same ones who botched several election results. The same ones who have repeated TDumpsters lies un-challenged far too often. The ones who support our numerous perma wars around the world. Yeah we should trust them. The ones owned largely by defense contractors. Yeah they are totally trustworthy. Hahahahaha. Hahahaha. Hahaha. how sad that is. With so many compulsively lying, pro murderous corporate policy presstitues, there is in fact, very little the major media says that any of us should trust. Ever. How about instead we have a voting system that has ANY kind of independant vote verification, or ANY system of indepentant vote auditing, or ANY system of voting machine oversite that isn’t by the right wing manufacturers of those machines?


Thank you for saying that. These are the exact same folks who cover his rallies like sporting events. Remember, Led Moonves once said that Trump was good for ratings?


Brian = The Trump era has prompted unusual questions about the ethics of broadcasting and repeating egregious political lies.

As of 11:30 PM eastern time, election day.
four more years of daily, hourly trumpo news coming our way.
feed his ego
feed his evil
feed his wallet

I blame Perez and the VP choice.
Our entire education expenditures have been wasted dollars.
dropping curriculum down to a common denominator and teaching math with
no text books, for example, Recovery?


I know this TV personality is just reporting what ‘people are saying’ but we do not need corporate networks and social media platforms deciding for us what is dangerous to hear or read. The newsperson’s job is to report what a president says then apply the least biased, most truthful context possible. The end. Anything else is censorship. So, the hand-wringing is completely unnecessary, unless you believe that grown ups in your own country, when presented with facts, are not capable of thinking for themselves; or if you have built a media empire on lying to the people and have a vested interest in continuing to do so. Then the scenario for censorship sounds logical and obvious. But only to you.
Report what the president says. Vet it against the facts. Trust the people. If you can’t do that, it says more about you than it does the citizenry.


The fact is, at least 30% of the “grown ups” in this country are utterly incapable of separating fact from fiction.

Moonves only told the truth because he was wearing a golden parachute.

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The big board guy on fox is a goof-----last night they were showing their map and Arizona popped up for Biden-----and then the White House started yelling --ha ha

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If you need a pick-me-up, just watch Karl Rove’s 2012 election meltdown on FUX.
That apoplectic Turd Blossom video is classic schadenfreude.

Think so far TV networks have handled it well – but can only vouch for
CNN and MSNBC – and it’s as things always are – an education process.
But there are those who will refuse to be educated and will act out based
on really dumb misunderstandings – and belief in right wing propaganda.

Trust someone will be tracking the nuttier side to watch what they are doing?

We saw the armed group at Arizona polling station – ARMED – how does
that make sense to any sane person. We really need psychiatrists to get more
involved in these gun fantasies among males. Just how frightened and
cowardly are they that they can’t walk around without a gun?

And how does anyone like the Supreme Court pretend that they don’t understand
that it’s about right wing intimidation of the rest of us?

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They will tell Trump – and the public that it is the public who picks the
winner – and that hasn’t officially happened yet.

But Trump’s votes represent something less than HALF of the voters who voted.
If you understand Global Warming do you vote for someone who says it’s “fake”?
This is where 50 years and more of right wing lies – and ExxonMobil lies – and
lies of our politicians have really screwed up the nation.

Biden is saying “fossil fuels have to go” and these people don’t even understand that?

What else don’t they understand? I’m frightened to find out!

dipfl –

No – it is also the responsibility of our press to call out wrongs – and to prevent
nonsense like Trump from filling our airways – and that largely happened on CNN
when they would leave his press conferences when the “political musings” would

There’s an interesting NEW DEAL ERA outline for networks and journalists that I’ve
read and can probably be found again – but NEITHER would there be all of this
advertising. I think if those rules were still in effect now our elections would be much
easier – and briefer. Same for things like giving undue attention to anti-abortion opinion.
Rarely do you hear that MOST religions support reproductive freedom and CHOICE.
Or that the American public overwhelmingly supports Planned Parenthood and wants
Federal funding for it. Or that the American public supports reproductive freedom by
huge percentages – and when Latins are included the numbers increase another 10% -
to 85%. And likely even higher support now.

This is a liberal nation and they want the wars stopped – and would shut down the MIC.
How do we have wars and a MIC at a time when we have Global Warming as a threat
to our very existence?

Hi djpfl –

Re “wrongs” – I wasn’t talking simply about what someone like Trump says – and
happily Twitter and others seem to be labeling his posts “false” now. And he’s had
the “kids” out posting things like there’s burning of ballots for Trump!

And I agree everyone should hear him “raw” because it is such trash –
but we also need to figure out how those following him don’t understand that –
their powers of reasoning seem to fall very short.
Give me 3 seconds of FOX news and it’s enough for a lifetime –
but in order to be able to know who and what Trump is attacking I’ve had to watch –
and it’s been sickening.

I mean the whole world of wrongs that need to be addressed – like NSA spying on
Americans 24/7. Like telling Americans the truth about National Health Care systems
in other nations which is where capitalism is tempered with socialism and socialist ideas.
Michael Moore’s movie is floating around somewhere which he did on our health system
vs that of other nations.

And also the things not happening – Like why didn’t every governor in US invite Greta
Thunberg to speak to their populations during her visit here?

Has the press challenged in any way “Citizens United” to ask the Supreme Court what
proof they could offer that Corporations are “people” – ? Or challenged their fascism?

How about religion which is so under-addressed here yet, droves are moving away from
male supremacist religions?

How about all of the South and what’s actually happened there since the end of Civil War
and the end of Segregation? How much have their citizens been lied to about Unions,
about Liberalism, about Roe – also where there seems to be immense influence on them
by both CHURCH and MIC. What about the women of the South – are they free?

Re this – think it’s an interesting question for all of us –

Just as a thought experiment, I will pose the following: Why has it been so hard to convince some in this country of your/my opinion on Trump’s untruthfulness? Does that not say something about the trustworthiness of the corporate media, who have become horribly biased, themselves? Isn’t Trump just exploiting an environment that has been untrustworthy for decades? The media’s choosing political sides is a much larger problem than Trump telling lies, and has largely paved the way for him to do so and get away with it. That outrages me far more than a known liar continuing to lie and my occasionally having to witness it on TV.

For one – DEMONIZING has existed since the earliest days of the Vatican.
Everyone should really read some of their vile propaganda against JEWS and later
against Women in the Hammer of Witches – and I’m sure other examples I’m not familiar with.
And it works – and the Vatican had the widest distribution of information I guess known to
humankind at the time – and used their religious “scholars” to create these writings which then
went from altar to altar across the Papal States. And printed publications.

This demonizing of Native people is what permitted the taking of their lands for the benefit of
Elites across the Globe. It happened by Papal Edict giving permission to it – labeling Native
people as “Pagans … only fit to be fed to the dogs.”
DEMONIZING is powerful – leads to creating intolerance and hatred for the victim/groups
which are suffering it – and it depowers them – and when the violence turns to universal
attack on them, we have holocausts like in Germany. But it’s about theft in the end to enrich
the attacker.

I’m trying to think of the Dem Daschle??? During the time of the effort to move a war on Iraq
for 9/11(!) and to pass the PATRIOT ACT …(which in some part was written by Joe Biden,
I believe) … DASCHLE actually was very openly complaining to media/TV cameras going
that he was being DEMONIZED by the GOP for being against it. THEN WE HAD THE
ANTHRAX ATTACK which shut down Congress for months. And the Patriot did pass – but
the attacked threatened the lives of Dem Party leaders – like Leahy, as well. I’m a little short
in my memory here – and want to pass on as much as I can but ----

Not all Americans have been made familiar with right wing propaganda – and I’ll say the
press is at fault right there. Though History/Discovery challenge has done its best over these
decades of rising fascism here to make clear who Hitler was and how he rose to power and
what happened. YES, sadly, right wing propaganda does work – “Welfare Queens” –
and the right wing has their propagandists working on new stuff all the time –
“Climate Change” was recommended to W Bush because Global Warming was something
that even a third grader could understand (by Frank Luntz/GOP propagandist) – and no one
took objection, even our press.

As an absolute believer in the necessity for everyone to be reading – and the internet
provides ways easier than our libraries do in many cases – but a LIBRARY is an absolute –
I can tell you that until fairly recently, you would not find “propaganda” in the Indexes of our
non-fiction works. And much of our history was written by “white male propagandists.”

Now – you also have to be familiar with Operation Mockingbird which took our free press as
WWII was coming to an end. There were two companion programs to it – Operation
Paperclip and Operation Gladio. I’ll include them below for you. They were run out of the CIA.
We know about may 200 CIA operations – there may have been a thousand or more.
So the answer is YES on our press because we have had a CIA press/journalists – and also
see CIA&MEDIA written for Rolling Stone about 1977 by Carl Bernstein -- where I’m not even
sure that he mentioned Operation Mockingbird. You can find it on the internet.
However, it is NO to the kind of lies that Trump – and GHWBUSH before him – have suggested
about media.

About newspapers – there used to be newspapers which took sides – not that I’m that familiar
with that era so many others here might speak to it. And certainly right now CNN and MSNBC
have seemingly been clear in their criticism of Trump – probably CNN more than MSNBC …
but clearly they are supporting Biden for the win. Perhaps because TRUMP was waking up too
many Americans to what many of us have been crying out for so long – “FASCISM!!!” …?
I’m watching these newscasts because I want to hear criticism of Trump as I’m feeling it myself.

It is also left to the press to expand our visions of the better deeds we can do –
make us more aware of a world of information and what is possible – but very little of that happens.
Whether it’s about how much better many other nations do with getting rid of gasoline driven autos
and moving to ELECTRIC or any other issue – we hear very little. Especially how much fewer
prisoners they have – and the more human treatment of their prisoners … because one day they
will be RELEASED.

Obviously, there is much to be discussed here – but people have to have vision – and their
visions must be expanded every day by new information coming in. That’s all backed up.
It’s not happening here.

Good subject – keep at it – and hope others might lend what they can to this subject.


See: Operation Mockingbird — scroll down to “History” — which was being drafted two years before the end of WWII.

Intended to take our free press, they recruited Phil Graham/Washington Post for his social contacts with other wealthy owners of media. No one is sure whether violence was used in the beginning or threats – but Phil Graham did end up a suicide – or was “suicide-d.”

See: Operation Paperclip — Wiki’s figures are low — more likely 200,000 according to Kay Griggs/YouTube.

They were used to found the CIA, funneled into the FBI and into other government agencies, and to “hot” spots around the world for eventual rise of the Fourth Reich. Not until 1976 did Carl Bernstein write an article for Rolling Stone reporting on Paperclip and CIA “journalists.” You can read it on the internet – “CIA & MEDIA”

See: Operation Gladio — US program to keep right wing governments in place in the countries over which they had control after WWII — Germany, Japan, Italy. In Italy, US actually resurrected the MAFIA in order to ensure the plan would be carried out. CIA also immediately began to run drugs and guns there, laundering the money via the Vatican and using the money to create “insurrections” in Italy to be blamed on Italian government. Note also that immediately our former enemies – Japan and Germany – both rose as world economic powers.

These are the long secret programs which have delivered FASCISM to US. Plus 50 years of Americans voting on hackable electronic voting computers which came in about 1967 and immediately began reporting odd and unbelievable right wing wins. Same for the large computers which came in about 1965 used by MSM and which were allowed to report “winners” based on 1% or even 0% of the computer estimated vote. Actually, prior to the computers, MSM was only permitted to call “winners” based on ACTUAL VOTES TALLIED.

– and now let’s hope the computers are gone – and we stick with paper ballots, ink –
You might also be interested in looking into the Sen. Frank Church Hearings on CIA.

Good luck – and we have to find ways, imo, to talk with these supporters of Trump – to
break thru there – Yahoo comments will be back soon and many others seem to have that
idea now as they have picked up terrific posters who were telling truths to them. Maybe
I’m naive but with only 55% of voters voting – and with what looks like about 26% of them
being Trump voters … I’m guess we’re talking about 20% of Americans – but they are males
largely, imo – and they are too often infatuated with guns and violence.


We have an effort to move porn into mainstream programming – and it’s kind of machine
gun sex which in itself does harm to the male mind and the female mind.
We have TORTURE introduced to the TV audience with too many supporting it after
watching these presentations. We have some of the most cruel and gross ideas presented
in many movies/programs – especially with violence against women.
And I’m hearing that many women are standing up now against a lot of the stuff going on
now in US around Halloween themes.
There’s a movie some may be interested in see: Called Everyday-- with Helen Hunt and
Liam Niessen – and its about a writer who quits his job because he is constantly being
pushed to create ever more violent – every more brutal, cruel, disgusting – inflaming scripts.
Disregard the surround family story – especially re the father – but keep your eye on that
main theme because that certainly seems to be what’s happening in America. And you
have to realize how this effects the thinking and emotions of every younger generation.
Every 7 years we have a NEW “Disney” population – someone who hasn’t yet seem “Bambi”
or “Wizard of Oz.” But carry that thought through as to the effect that all TV is having on them.