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What Workers Aren’t Hearing from Democrats


What Workers Aren’t Hearing from Democrats

Sean Posey

If ever there were a sign that the presidential race isn’t over yet, Democrats got one this week at eastern Ohio’s Canfield Fair.

On Labor Day, an iconic holiday for what used to be a reliable Democratic constituency, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump got an enthusiastic welcome from thousands of Youngstown-area fans who waited hours in the blazing heat to see him.


Didn't Hitler and Mussolini promise jobs?

And the masses get swept up into fascism. (Granted, I think that would be the case with either of the two candidates being forced on the American people. Sadly, too many think Trump will prove the liberator. What a tragic--for the rest of the world--farce!)


The big difference between today's US fascism and 1930s European fascism is that Hitler and Mussolini promised to and did run trains on times, something that we Murkins can only dream of...unless we elect Stein.

Clinton and Sanders both dumbed down the primary in rust belt states by arguing which of them was more in favor of taxpayers' bailing out GM after the 2008 crash. If I were running I would not have mentioned the bailout, seeing how GM used the money to close US plants from Michigan to California, buy back stock and expand factories in China to the extent that GM produces more cars in China today than in any other nation, resulting in 2017 model year Buicks made in China now arriving on US dealers' lots this month. The bailout enhanced GM's fortunes at the expense of US workers AND US taxpayers.


Photography and history, a great combination. Click on Mr. Posey's link to his site on Lost Youngstown, it is well worth it.


It could take another generation or two for US to be enlightened.


I totally agree with your observation that Bernie should have been running for the Democratic Party. But Hillary is ambitious and appears to have been able thru some shenanigans to become the nominee. The Democrats clearly are neither democratic or care much for the people whose support they are seeking. Still, considering the overall situation in our world, a totally ignorant and narcissistic person like Trump at the helm of our country frightens me while the other two candidates will only take votes away from Clinton, who - like it or not - is the best qualified for commander in chief. Not that that is saying much for the quality of our leadership.
Clinton should address the supporters of Trump in the language they understand, she should tell them that they're a bunch of patsies who fall for empty promises that make no sense if you ask yourself where the money for all his boasts will be coming from. Even though he claims billionaire status, he is not willing to prove it by releasing his tax documents, more and more stories appear about his business practices and the people he has been fleecing. His supporters clearly like shysters, but if they vote for him, they may be taken for more than that they bargain for. Problem is that the better informed voter will suffer as well.


Hillary said NAFTA was wonderful. She changed her mind after the damage was done. She said the TPP was the gold standard of trade deals. Then she changed her mind.

The people of Ohio are not going to vote for lying Hillary. Even if Trump is the alternative.

Maybe if Obama would come out and admit his support for the TPP was a horrible mistake. No, even that wouldn't be enough.


No candidate or politician has changed their mind on as many issues as Clinton and Trump have, confirming that most US voters are identity voters, not issues voters.

Obama may "come out and admit his support for TPP was horrible mistake" thirty or forty years from now after he has enjoyed several decades of the eight figure annual payback for signing it.

Even Viet Nam occupation architect Robert McNamara admitted the Viet Nam invasion was a mistake, three decades after it ended.


According to this article, lots of people (how many?) turned out to hear Trump.

How many people showed up to hear Hillary speak? There seems to be a news blackout on the numbers who attend Hillary events, no doubt because the numbers are embarrassingly small. Bernie routinely attracted HUGE crowds, thousands upon thousands of people. Just saying.

Maybe the DNC and Hillary think that the superdelegates can put Hillary over the top in November, the way they did for her rigged nomination. Or maybe we'll get lucky and Hillary will have to drop out (hurry up, wikileaks) and Bernie will run instead.

Until then, like most of the other Berners that I know, I'm berning Green. #JillStein2016

Here is an excellent article that explains why Jill Stein is our only possible choice right now: http://www.narvinsingh.com/choose-no-evil-the-case-for-jill-stein/


This is hard to analyze because Trump does not have to explain how he can accomplish anything. He simply has to promise it. Therefore the bar is set extremely low for him. Basically he only has to say it loudly and in a very confident manner. Of course Hillary Clinton is all about policies. She will have a long list of policies for increasing jobs. Unlike Trump she actually does have a plan. The center of the plan involves more than $200 billion for infrastructure and green energy. These workers should be able to realize that factory jobs are never coming back no matter what anyone promises. They are living a fantasy by strongly supporting Trump. Do these workers really want the EPA to be dismantled and having cities like Pittsburgh and Los Angeles shrouded in smog again, or rivers catching fire because they are so polluted? What they should be doing is demanding that Trump spell out how he going to bring back all these jobs. Expose him for what he is, a con artist. Running against a con artist isn't easy. The con often works. Ask the people who signed up for Trump University. Or the contractors who did work on his buildings and then never got paid. It is hard to understand why these workers cannot perceive they are being conned by a skilled con artist. I don't know how it could be more obvious.


You're right. Trump is never asked how he plans to have Mexico pay for the wall, or by what method or mechanism will be used to locate, identify, and deport all the illegal immigrants who he says are here. He is never really questioned but just says things and adds the phrase "believe me."


There is no sense in sending Biden, Chumpka or even Slick Willie out to try to whip up a bunch of blue collar workers at a county fair in Ohio, Michigan or Indiana. The Democrats have stabbed workers in the back way too many times for workers to believe them ever again!


During the Clinton administration, the one thing that organized labor fought for really hard was the bill to ban the permanent replacement of strikers. The White House sat on their collective hands. The bill failed.

Also during the Clinton administration, the one thing that organized labor fought against really hard was NAFTA. You know what happened there.

The fundamental shift in the Democratic Party since the DLC captured control is hostility to labor in favor of business. We have decades of the Dems selling out labor and getting away with it by being marginally less awful than Republicans. Workers will hear nothing helpful from the Democrats, and even here on CD there are discussants who accept the political equivalent of being the battered spouse.

As someone who marched in Detroit's Labor Day parade in the '80s and who has always been active in my union (please note that, nitwits who might smear me as being on the right), I simply refuse to validate Democrats whose view of labor is to the right of Nixon's.


That long, you think?


While the Democratic Party has indeed severely damaged some sectors of the working class; which Corporations ( GM, U.S. Steel, Ford, et al ) would you rather have running the country? As a Stein/Green supporter it's obvious that the auto sector is not a growth industry in this country. The infrastructure needs urgent repair, certainly. But, even auto analysts say peak auto manufacturing is here, already. The future for auto plant workers is in a new green economy built on U.S. technologies and products made in this country. But, it isn't in building a truck for everyone who wants one. Trade deals are supported by Republican elites, as well. And, Trump's plans are not going to increase wages, they are going to lower them. And, that's just the hard truth for many who don't want to hear it. What we need is a new economic model. Inclusive of all worker's rights and importance in a green world. And, not a bunch of whining, redneck, nostalgia-loving, coal-rollin' knuckle draggers who can't figure out who the real enemy of almost all the people are. It's the 1% who own all the levers of power and prosperity, through a rigged political economy, we should be going after here.


That could depend on whether we vote for the status quo or for the unpredictable...


Hillary is a "Democrat In Name Only". So is her husband. His role in passing NAFTA is proof.


This is a very good article. This, "...economic anxiety and voter discontent", is the bottom line.

Trump is exploiting that fear and Pence and his toady minions are clearly fascists; Trump and Pence work well together.

Clinton is, by her own doing, not trusted to truly help the people in this country (or any other) since the neoliberal/neocon policies she and her husband have supported helped to create the situation we are in now.

The MSM spout only propaganda designed to help their corporate interests and the politicians that will help them.

What will a frightened, misinformed, cheated public be willing to do?


I just read an article about Uber going forward with driver less cars in Pittsburgh. I see a commercial about a rental car,and the focus of the commercial is no need to deal with some low life worker. Understand the elites are dishing out millions to eliminate jobs---why is this the focus???