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What Would Jesus Do? (Not This)

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/04/28/what-would-jesus-do-not

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i hate to be rude but i sure hope he is exposed and gets sick. And maybe not be as fortunate as BoJo was when he pulled a similar idiotic stunt.


The Mayo Clinic could have just refused to let Pence in, and denied him his pathetic photo-op, but they chose to suck up to him instead. Thanks to the clinic’s workers during this crisis, but shame on the clinic’s administration for this cowardly act.


Jesus would not be susceptible to immaculate infection…


Luke 10:25-37

What the fuck is wrong with this “christian”? The WTF is the Mayo Clinic who disregarded their own and the CDC policy. Criminal charges are in order for both Pence and those who enable him including the Mayo Clinic. So, yeah–lock 'em ALL up!


Let’s contact the Mayo Clinic:

Contact Number
General number * 480-515-6296
* 480-342-2000

In normal times I would agree. But flooding their phone lines at this point in time, when real sick people may need to get through, is a non-starter for me.


Pence’s first question at the Mayo Clinic photo op tour:
“Can we visit the bleach injection and UV light anal probe units?”

Question two:
“Hey, why is everyone wearing masks?”

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Jesus would do nothing now. He learned his lesson the first time around when he was crucified for preaching love and condemning the money changers. He would let humanity go down the drain where they belong and give the rest of flora and fauna a chance to live free from humanity’s destruction and madness. Hence, Trump and Pence.

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Pencey not wearing a mask is a covert message to his base (Trump) base. “No one tells me what to do.”