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What Would the GOP Do Without Donald Trump?


What Would the GOP Do Without Donald Trump?

D.D. Guttenplan

Cleveland—What would the Republican Party do without Donald Trump? Although he sucks up all the air in the room, the angriest white man on the planet also turned what would otherwise have been the deadliest two hours on television into an electrifying illustration of the effect of celebrity in politics. From the very first question, when moderator Brett Baier, in a butter-wouldn’t-melt tone, asked any candidate who refused to pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee to hol


Fascism on display.


Mr. D.D. Guttenplan asserts:

“On tonight’s evidence America (or at least that portion of America represented by the Ohio GOP’s invited audience) is a country that applauds a bully, fears all foreigners, knows that the system is rigged to favor the rich—and will fight to the death to keep it that way.”

This type of assessment reinforces the paradigm that has placed (white, male) aggression front and center.

Trump’s obvious misogyny is treated as a humorous diversion.

The bottom line is that the Republican Brand is typically that of the White Racist and/or Fundamentalist Christian. Pro-business selfish types also identify with this party.

And while it’s true that both parties have been forced to move to the right given the power of Big Money and the labyrinth of lobbies that run Washington, D.C.; and given the Supreme Court’s granting primacy to money over Democratic representation in just about any case since the reign of Reagan… Democrats STILL attract unions, working persons, women (as a majority), Blacks, and Latinos. They are NOT fans of this group of 10 pretenders to the throne.

Right now, most citizens sense (if not directly understand) that corporations/Big Money run things. So they are angry and searching for something that departs from the “political business as usual: U.S. Clinton-Bush Family Dynasty Made for Television Production.”

To argue that the demographic that resonates with male baboons (mostly white ones) who talk a good game of military machismo represents a true picture of the whole nation is just another version of taking what white male dominators do and asserting that it’s true of everyone else.

These narrow, FALSE frames argue for the existing paradigm. They make dissent, alternative views, voices, and lifestyles invisible and thus irrelevant. They therefore push the idea that the limited pool of “choices” reflects what Americans ARE or WANT. It’s bull-shit! Another con show!

And this silly assertion also discounts the kind of crowds gathering to hear the far more articulate and intelligent and honest candidate: Bernie Sanders “say it like it is.”


“Because on the basis of their performance tonight no one on that stage is capable of stopping him.” -D.D. Guttenplan

None of the reasons and/or evidence in your editorial lead to this conclusion. You don’t know the future and no one else does either. These speculative, logically flawed opinions are a waste of time and space.


“On last night’s evidence, America is a country that applauds a bully, fears foreigners, and wants the system to be rigged for the rich.”

If America elects a Republican, it won’t be because it wants the system to be rigged for the rich. It will be because the rich rigged the system.


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Bullies may also “aggressively project displaced negative emotions” in comment threads.


I wouldn’t denigrate the baboons by comparing that clown parade to them. I wouldn’t elevate the writer’s ego by giving him so much of the attention for his ego-strutting.

The denigration of women is still a very strong trope in the GOP. And the elected Democrats do not do much better. And the self-annointed radicals in the US don’t either. Why are Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand such dramatic exceptions in the Democratic Party’s Congressional Delegation? One wonders why GOP’s Megyn Kelly is merely a decorative & highly paid pretty dressing on their favorite propaganda corporation’s front window. Isn’t this merely a variation on the old plantation trope of the spook who guards the door? Isn’t this why Gillibrand and Warren are so revered by the democrats?

Remember, worship of the US Constitution is almost universal as is waving the flag. And the result is war-mongering around the world. Worship of the bible, especially the “new testament,” is also very popular across the US, yet, not even the most prominant teachers, preachers, and promoters of christianity bother to read what their favorite prophet taught.

The article’s writing has more than enough flaws to make a career for an editorial assistant. The author so loves his pointing out a tiny piece of the obvious, he repeats himself verbatim.

Can we focus on articulating what we want? The world we intend with our actions, including our speech and writing? Why not challenge the GOP for totally and utterly failing in their ancient republican quest of building solid, responsible civic character in every citizen, and pointing out that their Donald problem is the unavoidable product of that utter failure? Why not challenge the Democratic Party for squashing out democracy every time it seems about to appear on the US public stage? And pointing out that “voter numbers” do not happen where democracy is not any visible part of the Democratic Party’s legislative and administrative power-machinations? Why not challenge the US education systems for failing to teach citizens to become aware of themselves as public actors responsible for well-being of our public discourse? Why not challenge the Christians, all of them, for arrogantly worshipping & religiously serving the war god even though their favorite prophet transformed that war god into the god of love?

I like your spirit. I think you have more to offer than anyone else in these comment streams. I wonder if perhaps you, like myself, need a little more meditative time with the responses that get our bile flowing rather than our tonglen breathing?

I wish and pray for you the very best.


And it will be because too many citizens like Natureboy are far more satisfied with whining about their political reality than they are at taking any responsibility for, and transforming it.


What are you talking about? I’m probably the greatest voting fan on CD. if democracy is not your way of transforming your political reality, what is?


The fact that Trump is the leading Republican candidate in most polls, tells me just how wacko this party of the rich; by the rich; and for the rich has become. The Republican party needs to go the way of the Whig party as it is so far out of wack from the average American voter to be pathetic.


“I wonder if perhaps you, like myself, need a little more meditative time with the responses that get our bile flowing rather than our tonglen breathing?”

Meditative time might help. Like i wrote above in response to another post:

Bullies may also “aggressively project displaced negative emotions” in comment threads.


You are onto something in suggesting more attention be paid to what is desired than in pointing out what is opposed to progress. I shudder at the use of the word WE since as a parallel to this idea that history’s narrative is left to the victors, it’s generally been the white male of ($) means who defined what this “we” purportedly wanted. That’s why when Occupy Wall St allowed women and persons of color special time and consideration, I thought it was a wise step.

I write a good deal on alternatives to the model of top-down, patriarchal, military-supported forms and systems of domination.

I am working on a book on Consciousness at this time and I include the circular council model in lieu of linear formations. I am also resonant with the “World Social Forum” and the efforts of thousands of visionaries to build a new paradigm. Their motto is: “Another world is possible.” I work hard HERE to give the idea of other models airtime. Too many foreclose on any alternatives to the status quo by arguing that all/WE are onboard with Power’s disastrous decisions or otherwise insist that human nature is aggressive.

Writers like Riane Eisler PROVE that the warrior model of patriarchy is not inevitable. Other societal models have thrived on this majestic planet.

Thank you for your civil input. It’s my birthday and I must sign out… I have plans at this time.


A person who relies on oxymorons to gain understanding runs the risk of becoming a moron. Thus it is with voting, citizen rights, participatory democracy , progressive, Republican liberal etc. There should be more direct participation through the use of referendums which are enforceable. Yes governance has become more transparent but its fundamental character has not changed. Who would be the pundits and guardians of change who disregard the true nature of our social discourse and instead cloak us in a mantle of reassuring hyperboles and oxymorons. One runs the risk of being again being blinded by reasons and so called rational discourse while ignoring the consciousness of power which perpetuates our enslavement. Consciousness of power solely recreates power structures which behave accordingly. There can be no restitution or change as long as still create or draw upon this pool of consciousness. Aligning with the divine consciousness of love and compassion will engender a creation which emulates those principles. Consciousness is not an arbitrary principle but a fundamental aspect of creation. To imbibe the same type of consciousness will only create the same outcomes. One can fundamentally go back to the same wellspring of consciousness but fundamentally nothing will change. Like a dog chasing it tail, one can go round and round never go anywhere. Reason, logic,rationalizations only keep one locked into the state of consciousness. Small wonder the more things change the more things stay the same, because the tie to the consciousness of power remains the same. What pool of consciousness are you imbibing from that of power or that of love? One path engenders awareness and the other so called understanding. It’s time for a change we have lived from the consciousness of power which has blinded us through rationalizations and reason. Be led by consciousness not by reason. Best