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'What Would Thoreau Do?' Community Builds Replica of Walden Pond Cabin to Block Pipeline


'What Would Thoreau Do?' Community Builds Replica of Walden Pond Cabin to Block Pipeline

Nika Knight, staff writer

"The authority of government... is still an impure one: to be strictly just, it must have the sanction and consent of the governed."


What a wonderful revolutionary idea – Thoreau’s ghost must be smiling!!! Hope this hatches a movement to derail Big Gas – and Big Oil, too – once and for all time!!!


If Henry Thoreau were alive today, I am sure he would approve and probably be incarcerated again!

I am reminded of Mr. Thoreau’s remarks when Ralph Emerson came to visit Henry in jail over his war protests: Ralph asked: " Henry what are you doing in there"? To which Thoreau was reported to reply " No Ralph, that is the wrong question, the question is what ARE YOU DOING OUT THERE"!


The nearly $5 billion pipeline project would run… …the whole 53-mile pipeline path…

From the business perspective only, at approximately $1400 per inch… the building of this pipeline and the price tag that come with that do not even begin to make sense. Even if the price of oil were to soar to historic highs as soon as this pipeline would go online, it would never pay for itself over the course of it’s lifetime. I could see government going ahead with such an absurd project, but private enterprise? Private enterprise is actually accountable to it’s it’s owners, not just in theory (like government) but in practice as well. If Thoreau were alive, he’d no doubt take up residence in the cabin. When the construction crews came to evict him, and he inquired as to the scope and details of the project, he’d be furnished with the themes to write a great satire that would likely become one of his most memorable works.

Who are these clowns who own stock in Kinder Morgan, anyways? And why? What a world we live in.


Natural gas pipelines and other oil & gas infrastructure and methods (oil trains eg) of moving the filth are threats to many American communities!


The LNG gas they are moving thru our communities/neighborhoods is fracked-gas for export - and government is pushing, allowing the threats regardless how detrimental to global warming ( government “commitments” are shown to be just more collusion!) or communities and water resources to provide profits to the oil&gas conglomerate in one last push to gain as much wealth as possible before public pressure demands take precedence over big-money and irresponsible stewardship!

The COP21 climate change “summit” was a charade and fraud - big-money and power rule over the 99%, and as usual politicians are complicit to the crime!