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'What, You Chicken?' Marchers Take to Street Daring Trump to Release Taxes


'What, You Chicken?' Marchers Take to Street Daring Trump to Release Taxes

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

From the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to Fairbanks, Alaska, to the Mar-a-Lago Resort in West Palm Beach, Florida, Americans are taking to the streets on Saturday to send a clear message to President Donald Trump: "Release your tax returns."


Looks to me like a lot of Americans are interested in Trump's tax returns, in spite of Trumps narrative that most Americans are really not interested.


How ironic is it that this comment section has only one other comment besides this one...that's never happened to me before. Our few numbers would seem to support trump's contention. How sad.


As we can see, laws for us do not apply to him.

SIDE NOTE: I now am spooging (electrolysis for removal of rust, spoog is slang term of the OWWM.org crowd) and as rust is removed from the metal and begins to cling to the positively charged rebar at the top of the tank of water, it (the small tank of water) develops what appears to be a fluffy, rusty colored head of globs of glump floating on the surface.

Thus, Glump is my newly coined word, and a fitting nickname for the DH pretending to be in charge.


Honestly, I am more concerned with his actions as President and those who support these actions than what his tax returns reveal.


Yes please!

And couldn't we toss him in with his 'agenda' (read: bull sh!t :poop:)


It is all part and parcel of the flaming pile of bull shit that he is :poop: ...


Maybe people are actually at the demonstrations. Or they are traveling on Easter weekend.


Just back back from a tax march (actually a rally). Really good turn out in a relatively rural suburban area. Many people traveled quite a ways to attend. There were no inflatable chickens but there was a lot of activist energy to keep pushing for transparency on this.


Awwwwww. Trumpy being asked to release his tax returns! Remember how he always gave the lame-ass excuse that he couldn't because they were being "audited" and the IRS couldn't do that? Well, that was another shameless lie on the part of this appalling piece of shit. The IRS said that there is no such restriction and, of course, Trumpy made no further comment. He just wants us to move on. What is the truth? The truth is that if these returns can ever be released they will show that the Orange Anus isn't worth anywhere near what he has always claimed. Don the Con is little more than a pathetic egotistical bullshitter and a pathological liar. Also, it is obvious that he would rather play golf (17 times so far) than be president. Hey Trump voters - you assholes OWN this!


Trumps team of tax experts will easily cover up any wrongdoing he has done. Let's focus our attention on what he is doing outright to the country such as creating wars and killing people as well as removing women's rights and human rights overall. Focusing on tax returns alone without all these really important issues attached is fighting the wrong fight IMO.


Trump's wealth is a fraud.


As with all things lately, the Trump Doctrine is to take up as much TEEVEE TIME commercial space,
as one giant ass can cover in a 24/7 news cycle. Yes, he should release his tax returns and then release the WH visitor logs. But, as long he doesn't he gets to make another Trump commercial. ( Defiant Trump, The Man, The Mystique. )
Oh btw, the U.S. just dropped the largest conventional bomb ever used in world history, and Trump didn't actually authorize it. He just went on TEEVEE and did a MIC commercial. The reviews were positive, apparently.
The proof of Syria's use of sarin gas and the Trump reasoning and response: A Pro-Life Christian Commercial for " the innocent babies and children ". Was this absolutely farcical connivance accompanied by soft violin background music? I had the sound off and was scanning articles showing the proof of all this; wailing and gnashing of teeth by the MSM, notwithstanding. What really went on besides another Trump commercial, showing he listens to his children when they're having a sad:-( ? Poor, poor dears, indeed.
Trump has but one lifeline, folks. His approval rating can't hold 40% for more than 3 days. It's the Mendoza line of politics and the MSM is the only reason Trump remains in the lineup. The TEEVEE lineup, that is. He's already abdicated his authority to the Washington Establishment, White Christian Nationalists and the Pentagon. The Trumpster Bamboozle of Election 2016 is complete and finished. How'd that hoodwinking feel?
What we've been left with is the remains of another soft coup by the Oligarchs, Plutocrats and Oil & Gas Kleptocrats. None of whom were on the ballot this past year, btw. Not quite Election 2000 but potentially a lot worse for most Americans. The old " invisible hand of the market " doesn't quite explain what took place, but does offer insights into what's really going down here. The invisible hands of the Empire might offer better clarity but with MSM showing us endless Trump commercials, will we really know for sure?
Resist the commercials, follow the movements of the soft right wing legislative agenda. Their money is definitely making a move right now. The only genuine patriotism is to completely resist the disastrous policies of these unelected kings and princes. Unless you enjoy reading the history of the 1920s and the Harding Adm. And, guess what, the real bosses of this joint probably already know what's in Trump's tax returns. Trump apparently thinks they do or he'd be playing even more golf.


It all comes down to one simple thing......If he has nothing to hide, why is he afraid to release them?


Surely someone can "hack" something somewhere and reveal Trump for the lying, crooked Trump that he has proven himself to be. Can't someone out there get this information and "leak" it?


Who is focusing on tax returns alone? It is not the only thing, but it is relevant and important.


The assertion that these marches were also "drawing attention to the "rigged" system in the United States, which continues to benefit the most wealthy individuals at the expense of hardworking families" is simply not true from what I saw. I have saw numerous feeds and not one person interviewed said the march was also about tax inequity. I must say, everybody stayed on message and said the march was about Trump's tax return. Very consistent discipline in message, and again, utter bullshit to the idea that the marches had anything to do with a tax system which favored the rich and corporations. The march was simply a rehash of Clinton talking points during the election.

From what I can tell at least from the signage, anti-Russian sentiments were the second them of the marches. A Russian couple I know were on a commuter train with people who had signs to take to the march and some had some very ugly russian-phobia themes. They said they were afraid to speak in Russian to each other.

Slowly the corporate democrats will co-opt resistance to Trump, and they will see the same results as Clinton did in the election.


No one is focusing on tax returns alone. It just happens to coincide with tax filing day.


The most popular political figure in America is Sen. Sanders. Hardly a bomb thrower, Bernie makes Trump the Corporate Sellout #1. We're all quite aware whoTrumpster works for, too.
Your Trump is a lackey bootlicker trying to hang on. Why? To keep on the airwaves, selling worthless bullshit to someone/anyone who'll buy it. If Trumpster was a stock, he'd be a penny stock.


The thing is, he doesn't care about the demonstrations. He doesn't care what people think. He has his own version of reality as being the only reality and that it is solemn truth...there is no getting through to him. He is like a boy who won't share his toys. He does not care!!!