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What You Need to Know About the Dakota Access Pipeline Protest


What You Need to Know About the Dakota Access Pipeline Protest

Gail Ablow

Over the past month, thousands of protesters, including Native Americans from more than 100 tribes across the country, have traveled to the North Dakota Standing Rock Sioux Reservation to block the Dakota Access Pipeline from being built.


Where is OBAMA? While in Asia this week, he was asked his position on the DAP. His answer was a PERFECT version of politician-speak. He talked about having to find out what his agencies and staffs thought. Perfect BS. Now let’s see if he steps up to an executive order stopping this murderous water poisoning pipeline BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW THERE WILL BE LEAKS; THERE ALWAYS ARE.
As for Shillary and the ignorant Trump, it all depends on the $$$$ connections, doesn’t it? Since there are a barrelful of banks behind this deal, and her big donors are banks, we all know that SHE won’t condemn the DAP.
Of the many many areas of the American Empire that are in decline, is the biggest the corruption of our election process? Thanks to the dimwitted Florida voters who just chose the corrupt DWSchultz AGAIN over Tim Canova and rigging and stealing from us Bernie as our candidate, what are we gonna do?
One good thing might be the planned prison protest against inhumane conditions and pennies for their forced labor. Mebbe, just mebbe sites like CommonDreams which are informing us online, we are very close to a Turning Point? What will be the Turning Point if not the DAP protest, etc.???


Why are they not called protectors as they claim to be and what roll has emminate domain played?