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What You Should Know About That Completed TPP “Trade” Deal



"Rep. Dan “Rock Star” Kildee (D-Mich.) said '. . . new rules of origin allow the Chinese to provide more than half the content of a car and it will be treated as domestic.'" and
"Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) called TPP a 'huge win for China because of
currency, rules of origin; we get zero access to the Chinese market.'”

What's up with all the China bashing, given that China isn't even part of the negotiations and is not signatory to the TPP? Are these opponents, so-called, playing bait and switch or just confused? Either way I'm confused by the comments in this article since the main issues ought to be the loss of national sovereignty over public matters, the destructive environmental and public health implications and the catastrophe to humans that awaits a future that contains TPP, TTIP and /or TISA.


I could not agree with you more on your thoughts of what the main issues ought to be, and frankly, those issues scare the hell out of me! We, the people of this nation, reject facsism, and resent all of the secrecy. Our elected congressmen are not even allowed to know what's in TPP?! Screw all of you, un-American facsists!

Regarding China-- China is not a signatory of the TPP, the economic pact that will supposedly be used as a bulwark against China's power. What could go wrong there?