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'Whataboutism' Runs Amok as Jake Tapper Rattles Off Trump Talking Points

'Whataboutism' Runs Amok as Jake Tapper Rattles Off Trump Talking Points

Adam Johnson

Per usual with Tapper, the US's place in the world as a moral arbiter is taken for granted, and the only cynical actors are those daring to question this moral status.


Thank Gaia for FAIR (dot) org, for watching this kind of blunt-force propaganda so I don’t have to. It’s truly a wonder to me how people seem to think there’s some vast, unbridgeable chasm between CNN, MSNBC and Fox, when, taken together, they set forth the limits of acceptable political discourse.

When only six corporate behemoths control most of the information we receive, you may rest assured that virtually ALL of it is “fake news” for the greater glory of the Corporate Person.


Do as I do, and send FAIR a check.


Adam Johnson is typically spot on. Thanks.


Jake Tapper is to journalism what Orrin hatch is to political honesty.


I agree 100 per cent. Only the great unwashed can still believe anything that our mainstream media says.
In regard to Israel, ALL electronic and print media in the U.S. have colluded to censor the news. All our media refuse to print anything extremely critical of Israel. In fact, the most potent censorship in living memory now
prevents any criticism of Israel by shouting “anti-Semitism.” This censorship is so rigorous, so powerful, that it
is actually against the law to question the validity of the Holocaust. Germany, of course, prohibits by law any
questioning of the Holocaust, but more disturbingly, our good neighbor, Canada, forbids critical discussion of the Holocaust. What in Baby Jesus’ name is going on? Is there any other subject that it is for bidden to discuss?
There may be, but I know only of the powerful censorship that forbids by law any critical discussion of the Holocaust, but even in this country, the U.S., questioning of the Holocaust, although not forbidden by law, is
nevertheless is prohibited by fiat of our Jewish owned media._

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It is a typical ploy. Criticize the US and you are anti-american, criticize Israel and you are anti-semetic. It is used to negate any criticism so that anything negative can be thrown away. It was like the love it or leave it campaign, you could never say anything bad, never find fault.
I am tired of the ploy, but it has been effective. And if you say that you aren’t anti-semetic, they don’t believe you. I can say all I want that it is the government of Israel that I dislike and by saying that, I am anti-jewish. It doesn’t matter about the truth of what I believe. I am now anti-jewish.
They have controlled the narrative and defined it so that anything that reflects badly is now seen as hate.