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Whatever Happens in November, Wall Street Must Act on the Cimate Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/01/whatever-happens-november-wall-street-must-act-cimate-crisis

whatever happens in Nov --Wall Street will continue the pursuit of the money regardless of the consequences of that pursuit–this is called capitalism and Wall Street are the capitalists driving the destruction of our planet–to think that they are concerned (or even might be concerned) about anything except their pursuit of cash is naive in the extreme

What makes you think Biden will be significantly better than Trump. Remember he just said he would not ban fracking? He is bought and sold out to the fossil fuel industry. Remember during the debate that he said he doesn’t support the Green New Deal? And Wall Street? Please. The only thing they respond to is bigger profits. They have no conscience or social responsibility. Even CA banning the sale of gas-powered vehicles by 2035 is too little too late. We have 10 years to turn this around. I’m afraid our politicians and business leaders are not up to the task, The planet will survive, humanity on the other hand, probably not

Really? “How about whatever happens in Nov.” Wall Street wins big. Banker Biden VS Oligarch Trump? This works for the environment how? We have had record fires in CA the last 3 years, the new record was set this year B4 fire season began! How many questions about that have the “candidates” answered? 0. Just as superhawk HRC competed for money from Israel and the MIC, Banker Joe and Trump are watching the tide roll in from Wall Street. WS is the winner regardless.