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'Whatever It Takes': Okinawa Sues Tokyo in Effort to Block US Base


'Whatever It Takes': Okinawa Sues Tokyo in Effort to Block US Base

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Okinawa officials on Friday filed a lawsuit against the central Japanese government in a new bid to block the slated construction of a U.S. military base in the prefecture's Henoko region.

"We will do whatever it takes to stop the new Henoko base," Okinawa Gov. Takeshi Onaga said during a press conference Friday. "Okinawa's argument is legitimate, and I believe that it will be certainly understood."


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Now if the other 129 countries that we have military bases in could also put up a squawk, maybe we could get back to national DEFENSE instead of empire. This would not be good news for the MIC though.


"Undue burden" on the people of Okinawa. A very civilized understatement. For how many years has the US military industrial complex been imposing this in one way or another? Paid for by US taxpayers who have been scammed, ponzied and bullied into this?

The predatory capital economic system is utterly dependent on the hideous violence of the largest most extensive destruction machine the world has ever seen - both domestically and internationally. It must do its bullying behind closed doors (TTP,TTIP, private prisons, police militarization, criminal practices of civil forfeiture, et al), 'twist the arms' and coerce signatures while flipping the bird to the majority who are awakening to the sheer breadth of its multi-billion $ PR wing assiduously generating the era/error of Stockholm Syndrome. The cup is no longer half empty, it is drier than the surface of a desert in permanent drought. Its an ideological addiction whereby living systems are taken and turned directly into killing machines.

The system is unable to recognize that life on this planet is miracle of nature, a living, open encyclopedia for anyone to study, live and learn with and cultures like the people of Okinawa are living treasures being bulldozed by self-blinded murderous hegemony. For what?
Why? Because the self-blinding hegemon dos not know how to do anything but grab so that it can expand in destructive capacity, to expand its predatory model. Pure insanity.


The Japanese and Americans should withdraw from Okinawa and give it back to the Okinawans. Not that it's going to happen ..


From the article:

Residents have long expressed anger and frustration over the crime and pollution they say comes along with the presence of foreign troops. "Democracy and local self-determination in Japan are in severe condition," Onaga, who was elected on an anti-base platform, said Friday. "We want the rest of the world to know how the Japan-U.S. security treaty is affecting us."

And we can look forward to high-profile media coverage in the USA of this genuinely significant news story... wait are those crickets i hear? Most people in the USA learn absolutely ZERO about principled resistance. Engineered cluelessness that must be broken.

For regular reports of resistance to US military bases, i am signed up for e-mails from the Global Network.


You are SO right. There's about as much chance that Americans and the Japanese will withdraw from Okinawa as that Europeans will withdraw from Turtle Island and give it back to the native peoples. Not going to happen.


Best wishes for a successful lawsuit to keep the warmongering American military machine out, and reduce the rate of sexual assaults and other crimes. To hell with imperialism in all its manifestations.


Concise capsulization.


"Americans inhabit a society run by a financial elite that refuses to recognize that war is a descent into madness and the scope and breadth of the violence it produces infects our language, values, social relations, and democracy itself"


Great quote, here's a link for anyone interested in the full article by Henry Giroux.


It is a good thing that America has a new set of enemies (ISIL, ISIS) to justify these global bases.
Just waiting for a new ISIL group jihadi group to emerge in Japan.
Not sure who does a better job of creating these enemies....Hollywood or the US Empirical Government....


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Great article webwalk. Thanks for the link.



Your picture is a great example of why a melted nuke plant can never be "cleaned up." Those are some of the millions of bags of Fukushima radioactive waste (some from children's playgrounds, and some from the radioactive sludge from the water treatment plants) that the Japanese government just left sitting around not buried.

When the Sun rots those plastic bags, the wind and rain will further spread radiation into the water supply. That already happened last year and the year before when massive typhoon floods carried a lot of bags away.

Boiling water with a bomb. What a concept!


That's right. It's not going to happen. It's too late for that, anyway. If we pull out of Kadena AFB, China will just take over those islands just like they have done with Korea's disputed islets, Vietnam's Oil rich shoreline, the Japanese Senkaku/Diaoyudao Islands, Philippine Masinloc provicincial islands and reefs, the Spratly Islands, Borneo, Malaysia, Tawain's islands, etc, etc, etc.

China's real economy and ecology are in free-fall right now now that Americans are too poor to buy their sub-standard plastic crap anymore. A billion hungry mouths means their elite are worried about overthrow which is why they are converting many of their container ships into war machines. Also this week, whole floating cities of unregistered Chinese fishing boats were sighted deep inside the Philippine Islands poaching endangered species again.

Clinton voted for the Iraq War and Global War on Terror and was Secretary of State and created a lot of this mess out here. Bernie Sanders is right. Clinton should have thought about what happens next when you remove brutal dictators like Saddam Hussian and Mohmar Kadafi. A power vacuum sets in, and the place devolves into Civil War.

At least under Saddam and Kadafi people had electricity and clean drinking water. They don't any more.

Think very long and hard about that. Okinawans may not like the war machine in their back yards. Who would? But they are completely defenseless from millions of Chinese fishing boats without Japan and the USA also preventing China from destroying reefs and building artificial islands complete with military runways on top them. Three new Chinese runways are now off my beach which killed off untold millions of endangered marine animals.

There's no EPA nor Protected Species Act according to China. They don't give a chit if they turn the whole world into an unbreathable hell like Mainland China now is. Companies are now selling bottled air in China since no one can breathe.

If you remove the only stabilizing force in the Pacific, the US Military, you doom SE Asia into Chinese Slave Colonies. The few indigenous people in Mongolia and Tibet will tell you what it's like to wake up staring at Chinese machine guns every morning. Now I want to reduce wasteful Military spending, but I don't want China's Red maps to become a reality, which they already published in Chinese newspapers showing all of SE Asia and Indonesia's 23,000 islands ruled by a brutal China.

Now in the Philippines, the government here is waiting for the Supreme Court to rule on the Constitutionality of re-allowing US warships to be anchored here to prevent the Chinese from further encroachments. They will render a ruling, they now say, sometime after New Year.



Thank you for the unique take on these events. But I can't see how one more installation on Okinawa can possibly be that much more helpful in thwarting Chinese imperial expansion. The US Empire should definitely be dismantled but it probably has to happen within some strict international agreement towards peace and unanimous demilitarization (along with the denouncement of the nation-state and the predatory capitalist system that wields the state) which is both unfortunately naive and too mature for the stunted sycophants lining the of halls of ambiguous criminal power.


When the US Empire of the Fourth Reich speaks, the nations all jump and obey, lest they be targeted as the latest "terrorist nation," to be droned, invaded, ruined, for not kowtowing to the Reich.
* So, new bases are to be built. If that is protested by those who know what is coming, then they become "insurgents" and their own nation targets them. If they continue to resist, the Reich will come to assist.
* This has gone on for so long, now, that it seems normal.
* It isn't. Sooner or later, We the People of the World will finally rise up and take back the world.
* The only rub is that these psychopathic merchants of greed and power may well decide to launch their own "Samson Option" and destroy the earth if they can't have and control it. Since they own and control most, if not all, of the trigger fingers, we may be in for a pretty rocky ride.


Thanks, and thanks 1950 for the initial prompt. Tough world we live in.


The Fourth Reich (German: Viertes Reich) is a theoretical future German empire that is the successor to Nazi Germany (1933-1945).
....Interesting who Time chose as the Person of the year.