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Whatever Pompeo Says, There Is No Certainty Iran Mined the Tankers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/14/whatever-pompeo-says-there-no-certainty-iran-mined-tankers

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Cole sez:
“Pompeo alleged that only the Iranians had the expertise to deploy these mines.”

Oh, no. Lacking such advanced technological capability, how will poor Saudi Arabia, Israel and the U.S. ever be able to defend themselves against the bloodthirsty Persians?


Here’s Caitlin on being skeptical:



I confused as to what Cole is trying to accomplish in the story, as far a the “mines” issue. He’s confusing two different types in the story. The floating mines he gives a link for, could not have been used in this attack. They provide the most damage to the area below the waterline of a ship. Neither of these ships appear to have any damage in this area, all damage is above the waterline. These type of mines are also not a guarantee, the ship has to strike the mine in the water. And they are not easy to deploy without an intelligence agency spotting the perpetrators in the act.
This is possible with a limpet mine, think “satchel charge”, that can be attached anywhere a human can reach, above or below the waterline of a ship or other structure.
It’s also strange he doesn’t mention the eye witness accounts of “flying objects” striking the ship. This is very significant.
And lastly, I can’t agree with him that false-flag attacks are “rare”, that’s true for say 20-30 years ago, but since 9/11, they have increased dramatically in all parts of the world.

We don’t even bother with a false flag anymore, we just kill and answer questions later.
A dozen sunken oil tankers would still not require warring. Just leave them alone, a stop sanctioning them. They didn’t do anything to us.
Yes, that’s you, assholes in Washington.