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Whatever Removes Donald Trump—a Miserable Bastard—From Public Life Is Good

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/02/whatever-removes-donald-trump-miserable-bastard-public-life-good


Trump would have made zero progress on the atrocities that Isaac addresses had he not had 100% support from Moscow Mitch and the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP. Removing Trump is just the first step in reversing the every increasing power the GOP exerts on the US and its victims abroad.


So true, we need to rid ourselves of the sycophant’s republican party, they’ve all shown their true self. Power /greed and party and corporate rule before the people of America. Also, we need to rid ourselves of the corporate democrats which includes much of the leaders of dem party. Hold Joe Biden’s feet to the fire.


Brace yourselves.   The first sentence above is the eee-pitomization of the hypocrisy we will be forced to listen to all day today, and probably most of the next week or ten days, as “our” korporate media laments the loss of more color-
ful “news” to report generated by, or about, Amerika’s #1 Mussolini wanna-be.

“Let the punishment fit the crime.”


Younger me might agree. I actually do not want this disease/pandemic to be as bad as we know it is. Also do not care if karma wins. Well not much.
I do however want all above us to face all their crimes. In extraordinary justice. Even escaping to Russia, proving to the repugs, is not good enough.

Anyone remember Fawn Hall. Hope Hicks. Same old Same old. Things don’t change boy. A little hope goes a long way. Or everybody needs a little hope…

What if he is immune, and it was just a way to get Biden out… They are down to nothing else.


“It is often said that “hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue.” One can slightly extend the notion, and fairly observe that civility is the tribute that vice often pays to virtue. It is often good to be nice even to those we despise.”

Correction needed:

I think he meant “civility is the tribute that virtue pays to vice”.

Thanks to Common Dreams and this author for having the courage to be blunt about what should happen to Trump.
He is a terrorist with a cult of terrorist helpers.
They all deserve the same fate as Hitler’s cult, and the Confederate Army.
Author of article: you are dumb to pray for the recovery of Trump and his robotic Eva Braun.


I was thinking this morning that maybe the whole thing is just another Tweetle-Dumbian con-job:

  • It’s a good way to avoid any more embarrassing debates
  • It keeps him as the #1 topic in the “news” without spending campaign funds he can pocket later.
  • It gets Tweetle-Dumb a lot of sympathy instead of criticism.

But then a neighbor pointed out that a couple of his rallies have already been cancelled, or at least postponed, and there is no way Il Duce Wannabe’s ego would go along with that no matter how hard his handlers pushed for it, so probably he really is sick.  Hopefully, sick enough that he’ll have to end his campaign for a second term and he will suffer some very long lasting painful side effects.


there are a lot of reasons this sounds off, but it may be true.
rump tweeting that he is sick? Controls the narrative, debate went awful, polls are awful, vote stealing may not be enough, cancels further debates, no one asks if a veteran pays taxes and votes for rump is a triple chump, rump can quickly “recover” and claim kingly greatness and own the libs, therefore negating all the evil… Yikes. Help us justice


Yes, BUT: it would be bad if Trump died before November 3. If that happened, the Republicans would designate another candidate less disgusting who might actually win.

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“Whatever Removes Donald Trump—a Miserable Bastard—From Public Life Is Good”

Whatever makes him suffer on the way out is even better!


…and have Pence pardon all his legal sins?
It is a bit dubious indeed that he couldn’t wait to go public with this…as opposed to his taxes and all else…he had a tweet announcing that he was waiting for the test…and then another announcing its results…not what you would expect from him in this context. The healthiest president ever.


Maybe just a cover for a stroke. Keeps him out of the media.


Not just ‘kingly greatness’ but ‘The Second Coming’ . . .   YIKES is right!   OTOH, as my neighbor pointed out, it’s not likely that Tweetle-Dumb has the self-control to lie low for more than a day or two, so watch for tweets to start appearing as he recovers, or become less frequent as he gets worse.

But the hard-core Trumpistos love him BECAUSE he is disgusting and is one of them – the kind of kid who caused trouble in school, threw spit-balls at the teacher (or worse), and flaunted all the rules – so they won’t back Pence or anyone remotely like him with nearly as much fervor as their very own, utterly disgusting Trump.


We must start in earnest on January 21, 2021, to pressure Biden, Harris, Schumer, Pelosi and the other Corporate Democrats that we demand Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, and so many other urgent changes we desperately need.

If, like Wall Street Obama, they don’t deliver in a few months, then we must abandon the Democrats and work to support a true Peoples Party.


Trump IS a cruel, mass-murderous sociopath who should be held responsible for the avoidable deaths of more than 100,000 Americans.

But we must never forget the war crimes and crimes against humanity and the planet of George W. Bush and Barack Obama: illegal wars of aggression murdering hundreds of thousands of people and displacing millions; torture; overthrowing and attempting to overthrow governments; and doing next to nothing to slow down the accelerating Climate Catastrophe.

Mass murder and destruction of our only livable planet are the hallmarks of U.S. presidents, their Congresses, and their Supreme Courts, all of whom put the pathological greed of the corporations which control them over life and the environment.


How the hell do we hold Biden’s feet to the fire after he wins the election? He will think he has a mandate to fulfill all his right-wing, corporatist, neoliberal agenda. He won’t give a damn what progressives think or want. He’ll start a new war too at the behest of the MIC. They need a new war.

If Biden gets Covid, I don’t think he could survive it. He looks like he has one foot in the grave already. So there’s that.


Pelosi has supplied every dime Trump has needed to fulfill his agenda.


I feel as bad for Donald Trump as I did for Pol Pot.
May he rot in hell.
(Of course, I call bullshit. This is just part of his campaign. A play for sympathy. He fucked up so bad Tuesday night that they needed something, anything, to divert attention)


Oh, and bravo to the writer. Very Hunter Thompson-esq.