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Whatever Removes Donald Trump—a Miserable Bastard—From Public Life Is Good

Been posting on other platforms how happy I was this morning when I heard the news, that I even did an Indigenous victory dance and song.
I will be even happier when he’s wheeled out of Walter Reed on a gurney with a toe tag.
No false “thoughts and prayers” from me. I’ve endured cruelty and evil for over 4 1’2 years now. And I say and write what I mean.
When he’s on a ventilator, he won’t be able to send Tweets, that’s for sure. He’ll be in a semi-coma to prevent struggling.


I agree with the author on almost every account, but then he concludes with this…
“Constitutional democracy is on the ballot next month. Defending it is the most urgent imperative of our time.”
We haven’t had a democracy in the U.S., at least a functioning one, for generations if not forever. Removing Trump is only one, small step in repairing the damage.


They do have a plan, its easy to find. Its embedded in trade deals, disruptive privatization of everything and a permanent dismantling of safety nets. Corporations have been getting new rights for decades, now they are going to use them.

The wealthy have been very concerned about the baby boom and people outliving their benefits. So in the late 1980s and early 1990s they put together a plan to globalize services. Around 80% of the global economy.

This got rid of the uncertainty caused by voters and their needs, giving international investors certainty.

The US has been pushing other countries, hard to fully implement this switchover.

It gave corporations rights to provide more competitive services, even staffing services, at lower rates globally. If a government made commitments its locked in unless they buy their way out, after that governments cannot get in the way of commerce. They have only one choice, putting profit over people.

The Washington Consensus has made its wishes known.


TrumPositive has offered thoughts and prayers, but no useful action, to the victims of many tragedies. Shouldn’t we do the same for him now?

Thoughts and prayers, TrumPositive.

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To the goal of getting rid of trumpkin, why on Earth is Biden so respectfully, so considerately, pulling back his attack ads now? It is drumpf who called people losers and suckers for doing the right thing. What do you think he’d do if Biden became ill? He’d yell hot damn, full speed ahead, the time to attack is now when he’s weak, and declare that Biden got what he deserved! drumpf’s illness is the result of his own stupidity and he deserves no concession for shooting himself in the foot.


So to be honest if Biden wins-------a moderate republican--------we will start hearing how bad the deficit has become-----and republicans will find religion after borrowing 7 trillion.


Yes, Trump must be stopped! But Biden is NOT the cure, he is just a placebo. I will vote for him, but I will be holding my nose all the while. The damn Dems couldn’t be running a worse candidate. My vote will be strictly an ANTI-Trump vote. Screw the oligarchy! – of which BOTH parties are complicit.


This virus points the way-----Biden is running on healthcare-----we need to demand real healthcare for all—this could and should have a real impact on how people view the world.


If Trump succumbs before the election, that may not necessarily be the end of ‘Trumpism’. (Dying was just start for many Trumpist’s other ‘messiah’.)

However if he is beaten decisively in the election then it is more likely that the Republican establishment will not try anything like Trump again for the foreseeable future.

Biden is NOT running on healthcare. Biden is running on protecting the insurance companies who make profit by letting people die.


Why wait? What reason is there to believe that Biden has become a different person than he was?

I am not voting for a party, or a person, who went to such ridiculous effort to screw me.


struck me as a very civil response.Did Donnieboy finally ace a test without cheatin’?. And now it’s time for the chlorine bleach enemas Sarah Cooper helped demonstrate. And let’s not forget the millions in citizen tax dollars he dropped on dysfunctional ventilators- hook him up-make America great again,again,again,again


As an atheist, I too offer my thoughts and prayers for Trump recovery knowing how effective they are in changing outcomes.


i can’t believe i’m only the 4th person to love his post. it’s magnificent! trump is a miserable bastard, as cruel, stupid, arrogant, and bigoted as they come. the only shame if he dies is that the much larger problem of his cruel, stupid, arrogant and bigoted millions of supporters remains.


exactly what i think, carol. i wondered if CD would have the balls to print something like this, and i wasn’t disappointed.


Fuggitaboutit. Trump’s hardcore groupies won’t vote for anyone else.

AH!!   I hadn’t thought of it quite like that.   I wish I could say, “Great Minds Think Alike!”, but you are WAY ahead of me.   Let’s ALL pray for Tweetle-Dumb!

HydroChloroxiUriquine!   It’s easy to make:  just add a pint of Chlorox to a 16 ounce can of hydrated (watered down) Clydesdale urine, which is available OTC (no prescription needed) at your nearest convenience store – just look for ‘Bud Light’ . . .   For a disease as virulent as The Orange Pustule be sure he drinks at least two quarts every day.


if u live in a state that isn’t closely contested, vote for howie hawkins and the green party! then u won’t have to hold your nose.


When I heard, I petitioned the Goddess to do the humane thing and put him – and us – out of the misery we have been inundated with for 4 miserable years now. I sincerely hope this isn’t all an act designed to get him enough sympathy to win again. His good buddy Herman Cain succumbed quickly – couldn’t the covidiot go just as quickly??


Well, at least now there IS Hope!!!