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‘Whatever’ – What Happens to Kids Taken From Families at US Border

‘Whatever’ – What Happens to Kids Taken From Families at US Border

Michael Garcia Bochenek

I’ve had a chance over the past few days to see what happens to kids right after they’re separated from their parents by US immigration officials. White House chief of staff John Kelly said we shouldn’t worry about these kids because they’ll be “put into foster care or whatever.”

“…to get what he wants.” The man is an immoral idiot! The Dems should NOT give him what he wants, rather he should be extricated from the White House in cuffs!!!

Young children have difficulty bonding when taken from their parents at too early an age. He is sentencing these kids to a lifetime of hurt…just to exert his power over the government. This is insanity!!!


It was reprehensible for Trump to have run as a racist to win the election. Politicians should be aiming to bring people together, not divide the country by race. But once he won on a racist agenda this type of thing had to happen. These horrible policies of Trump all flow from having won the election on a racist agenda. This is what racist do. And as has been seen in the past, even much worse.

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Do note that the picture in the article was taken in 2014.


It was called “lateral Repatriation” under Obama.


Note that under Obama , lateral repatriation was used to separate families and the US Government would deliberately drop migrants off in Cities or regions that had extremely high violent crime rates.

By all means be outraged at Trumps Policies which are immoral and vindictive but that outrage should not be turned off when it a Democrat in power.

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Thank you for that information. SuspiraDeProfoundis

It’s just another example of dems and gophers neglecting history and pretending it didn’t happen. Obama deported people and I didn’t know—I wonder how many others didn’t either?
I recently saw a T-Shirt with Obamas face and the words" Miss Me Yet," well no, because I have found out more things that make it scary how UNBELIEVABLY you and Trump in scary ways s both imilar and sinister.

YOU, Mr. Peace Prize gifted President, who was awarded before you even did anything-------that was a gift---------but sadly you became President Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda, but Didn’t…you could have.
We have Gorsuch–because you wouldn’t fight for the right to name the next Justice-------what was that about? And the worst, when you said" We tortured some folks,: OMG-----------can we just stop with the Presidential Libraries------- all you presidents-------because you all become like Ozymandias really quickly. : (-