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Whatever You Paid to Watch Netflix Last Month Was More Than It Paid in Income Taxes All Last Year: $0


Whatever You Paid to Watch Netflix Last Month Was More Than It Paid in Income Taxes All Last Year: $0

Jon Queally, staff writer

Whether you paid $8.99 for basic, $12.99 for standard, or splurged for the $15.99 premium package so you would have the privilege of watching endless streaming shows and movies on Netflix last month, a new analysis shows you still paid much, much more than the company paid in federal and local income taxes for the entire year.


As long as there is enough left for the Obama’s “The couple has created “Higher Ground Productions,” a company to produce content for Netflix, the streaming service announced.” Higher Ground Politics is more like it, maybe he can explain why they get a Tax Break.


Taxpayers of the world UNITE: Say what? Netflix paid 0 in taxes???
Americans have been NETF***ed! : 0


Guess that’s why Netflix can afford to hire the Obamas.And another reason to abolish the IRS as Ron Paul has suggested


Here in lies the problem. Corporations are allowed to get a free ride, but if we are $1.00 out of line we get slapped with a tax penalty. The divide is still growing with wealth inequality. They need to pay their fair share just like we do. Nothing will change unless we make it so.


HI Guitman—ah ha—now I understand why some people created Bitcoin—: )


I’ve never ordered anything from netflicks and have no intention of starting. Don’t do social media, doubt I ever will. And ‘will’ is one reason, reason is another, and living a life that fosters curiosity rather that list reading skills, seems to be a good idea. I look for film productions from all over the world, from different eras and it takes some hunting. I get agita and cramps from lock step scrolling orders. Geeez, what does that alone do to the human psyche??
No desire to participate in the 21st century version of the de rigeur predatory wave of everything American. I’d rather meditate in silence.
I’ve been in a starbucks three times since they opened and and the last time was seven years ago… feels great. Wallmart? nope. ditto for all the other big boxes - except homedepot on rare occassions. They all feel like traps: labor abuses, questionable origins and poor quality, tax evasion and the list goes on. We have lost all of our local pharmacies - and that really burns my ass.
I know the pendulum will swing back to conscientious community - there is no choice in the long run. The grifter model has got to be a relative flash in the pan, or we are screwed royally.


A good primer on the blockchain technology
The Bitcoin Standard
The decentralized alternative to central banking
by Saifedean Ammous

and then there is the

Satoshi Nakamoto Institute


HI theoldgoat. Thank you, and I will read up on this Bitcoin informatioon too. I find your ideas very welcoming --------and like you, I’ve never been in a Walmart either. : )


Whatever You Paid to Watch Netflix Last Month Was More Than It Paid in Income Taxes All Last Year: $0

No it wasn’t, because I’ve never paid Netflix a cent.

The fact that they don’t pay their fair share of taxes is one more reason I don’t intend to ever subscribe to their service.


Better yet, take the IRS seriously and make it Just.




HI TowerofBabel: yes, but I think Congress has to make the fairness and the laws of the IRS to be just . As has been written here 90 % in taxes paid after WW 2 by corporations. I guess that’s how Eisenhower was able to pay for the building of the interstate highways, and free college for the GI student. Plus jobs, jobs jobs-----that paid enough so that lots of people could buy, homes and cars and LOL take real vacations. -----and even have their own small business. Of course, that worked well for white people —but black people and hispanic and asian and native people still have a long way to go to catch up . Although, now with the billionaires paying nothing—will the People ever catch up?


Yes. And when Eisenhower built the highways the corporations were also the most significant beneficiaries–businesses, like Amazon, use the infrastructure more than anyone else. They depend on infrastructure. the depend on a stable society. They need committed healthy and educated employees. They need consumers. So the roads were not built just so the little people could get to work. They were built for the benefit of all. And the corporations, like Starbucks, Amazon and Walmart, have benefited the most. This is what the entitled CEOs, in their narcissism, have forgotten.


sockit to 'em


HI TowerofBabel: yes reading about how America was after WW2 is amazing , and the people really did have more power then. True too, as people did start traveling more, and more little towns and small business were all along all sorts of roads. I guess AMAZON is trying for drones and little wheely carts now. LOL, I’m sure someone will figure out a way to abduct the drones and steal the little wheelies. : ) Gas was certainly cheaper back then and in the history of advertising, cars took people everywhere- There was a singing commercial about “See the USA in your Chevrolet.” and weirdly, fewer TV channels which made America closer in terms of culture.
I was reading one book about how companies can be great but at a certain size, they tend to fall apart----I think it was Lucent Technologies that spoke of that—where there is an optimum number of employees—and beyond that----communication falters and togetherness certainly does. Rome did that too—too big—and too soon it was failing.




Yep. That’s the way it is. I’m tired of these vacuous and mediocre people.


A real conundrum, Mr. Hastings. He’s a huge proponent of charter schools. (I am not. )

Under what civilized way of looking at things, how is it ok for these creeps/corporations not to pay a fair share in taxes???