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What's A Black Life Worth In Trump's America? Four Bucks, Evidently. Oops, Scratch That. Four Cents.


What's A Black Life Worth In Trump's America? Four Bucks, Evidently. Oops, Scratch That. Four Cents.

In a stunning sign of the times, a Florida jury has decided there's really no problem with cops shooting and killing Gregory Vaughn Hill Jr., 30, because he was playing loud music in his own garage while drunk. After jurors found police not liable for a wrongful death - ie their actions weren't excessive - they awarded Hill's family $4 compensation for his death - $1 to his mother, $1 to each of his children. The grievous punchline: Because Hill was drunk, he was found 99% responsible for his own death, bringing the award to pennies. Because America.


Not unlike a southern coronor declaring a black man who was lynched, with his hands tied behind his back, a suicide. (I understand this happened in 40s). I wish we could demand the DOJ to step in and re-try this case, but then Beauregard is the AG. We must change this country or we will all perish.


Hunt down and execute each juror when they are drinking an alcoholic beverage.

Put down the thug cops like the rabid dogs they are.

Mission accomplished.


It is not without reason Florida has been called the south of the South. Florida has had the most lynchings of black folks than any other state (see King’s book, The Devil In The Grove).


We are a very ugly nation.


Sadly, someday this will be what will happen. When lady justice is repeatedly bent over and raped, and the criminals never punished, eventually there will be a breaking point, even in this screen-deadened zombified apathetic wasteland where 40% of the populace thinks a fascist dictator fuck-noodle is a great leader, and people who believe in democracy and the rule of law are traitors and “snowflakes.”

Mark my words - cops being killed as they sit at intersections in their cars, lynchings of jurors who let them get away with murder, etc, are all on the horizon. I don’t condone it - but when justice is missing, just as in the wild west, the people will serve up their own.


There exist this southern practice of saying in response to any misfortune: “You brought it on to yourself.” I had family from east Texas who used it to mask their ignorance about the world, including crimes against person-race, women, gays, you name it.
No thanks.


The Four bucks was an in your face taunt and nothing more. It had nothing to do with Justice and absolutely everything to do with in your face Racism of the basest sort.


To “protect and serve”…a “legal” lynching - murder - by cops and jury…both with impunity…in the “land of the free and home of the brave”, justice and accountability are vanished, lost in a world of lies and deceit …a more odious example of where America has been heading and the trump regime now leads, may not be rivaled, but is now all too common…now, back to your TV and “the price is right”…


This country is losing its mind.

This country is losing its soul.

Florida leads the way.

Boycott Florida!



And not only lynchings. Harry T. Moore and his wife killed when their house was bombed on 12/25/1951. I was 5 years old. These things happened in my lifetime. .


The people and the police of St. Lucie need to hear loud and clear that if the life of one their citizens, who was committing no crime, who was minding his own business, in his own home, and was shot dead for doing so, is worth 4 cents, it would be ridiculous to believe that the lives of their mayor or sheriff or one of their deputies would be worth more.


I’m white and from the west and I agree the $4 is an insult and completely unjust. Hopefully the judge increases it or gives a new trial. I’m curious. This case was tried in Miami. What was the makeup of the jury. How many white, hispanic and black members on the jury? I haven’t found this in any articles about this verdict.


The judge actually lowered it.


And it’s appalling these monsters inflicted it on his kids - each get a buck for their dads life? I rarely wish ill on people but I’m having a hard time with this jury and judge.


“One concise comment summed up the general response: “Murderers.””

That’s my conclusion. also.


No… there are just some very feral monkeys running the shitshow.


Judge = the largest and most odorous turd to float to the top of the legal cesspool.


How are things going for our black population under Trump? Record low unemployment, record low! But we still have mass murder of young blacks in Chicago, Baltimore, and LA. But that was hardly something Trump is responsible for.


Tempting to “go there,” isn’t it?