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What's a Guy Gotta Do To Get Impeached in Trump's Out-of-Control America?

What's a Guy Gotta Do To Get Impeached in Trump's Out-of-Control America?

Will Bunch

Donald Trump went too far Monday.

Real men don’t tweet, asshole.

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I’ve heard and read more about the Emoluments Clause in the last year than ever before. I am decided that tRump is clearly in violation of it. I am not a constitutional lawyer; just an average citizen who knows corruption when he sees it. Someone in the Senate or House should have enough guts to call tRump’s bluff. His claimed distance from the takings at the DC Trump Hotel is not far enough to convince me he isn’t benefiting from the roomers and events there. What are they waiting for, indeed?

This article should be sent to every House member. I’ll send it to mine; John Moolenaar 4th District Michigan. The action of the TO lawyer’s in Panama should raise the concern about conflict of interest in the mind of any patriotic, not partisan, Representative.

Wait; maybe I have just identified another problem in that last sentence. Hey, someone has to save the people, save the country! Who is going to do it? Election Day isn’t far away. Ryan just jumped ship. Republicans, your day of reckoning is coming.


The Democrats have had their collective spine removed so We the People can’t expect “them” to come to slay the Dragon.

I am afraid that any action to remove this cancer infecting our entire country, will have to come from We the People.


Impeachment is off the table for establishment Dems like Axelrod.

But it’s never off the table for rightwing blowhards like…

Had Nixon’s inner circle not been disrupted prior to the hammer coming down on him, he would not have resigned.

Ditto for Trump.

Pence is the insurance policy that keeps Trump in power. Anybody with half a brain knows that POTUS Pence will be worse than POTUS Trump. Nobody wants Trump impeached more than Pence does. Until Pence is out, there is no serious discussion of a Trump impeachment to be had.

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Could be Nixon’s political allies turned a deaf ear on his pleas for support after passage of the Clean Air & Water Acts, establishment of the EPA and other regulatory measures that could deny big business greed and ruthless pleasure, (oppressive pollution is their pleasure). Paying off the Watergate gang was standard procedure, being caught a mere embarrassment deserving only a wee slap on the wrist as punishment. Pence would retain much of the dogmatic evangelical cult, the anti-government rabble rousers of talk radio and racist listeners, but his brand is muddied by his close association with the casino mob boss Trump. Picture Pence knee-deep in mud, his entire outfit soiled.

If it was up to me I would hang him AND the deplorable assholes who voted for him.

Lmao…GOP voters got two turds for their vote. Starry eyed Pence dreaming President Pence for a rigid simpleton like me. Thank you lord.

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OTOH this refutes the argument that "the dims need drump for the anti_t sentiment. If the dims do well in November there could be the possiblity of neutralizing pence. Besides having him in the front focus would demonstrate how very faulty and limited is his scope. Just look as his total lack of decent diplocamtic behavior at the Korean Games.

Impeach the bast28d

It’s honestly ‘hard to live’ in a world where it is politically impossible to trust anyone completely because there are always people who’ll show you why you shouldn’t trust someone that you’re already pretty sure of. Consequently who of those two parties do you then trust without monumental amounts of research? I’m comin’ to the end of the line on this crap, it’s too overwhelming and this old boy is so tired of this condescending drivel from folks that don’t know there ass from their piehole and then having to decipher whether it’s truth or bullshit. 1984 came and went without a whimper or any real protest, ‘they’ won and I’m not so sure we can even start to win it back.

Our American republic is perched on a knife-edge: There are so many fingers to uncross before the next House takes over in January, 2019. First and foremost, Mueller must be protected. He, and only he, is able to gather enough evidence before the mid-term elections for impeachment. Second, we must take back the House in November. Third, we must somehow prevent Trump from plunging the world into a war, as a distraction, before the year is out.

If we honor the memory of the millions who made the ultimate sacrifice, over the centuries, to bequeath us our freedom, we must not fail.

IMPEACHMENT — at this time … is one more Eyes-Off-the-Prize strategies that show the overall incapacity (or lack of concern) of the Democratic leadership to stand up for the American Working People, but rather hedge their bets on a numbers game that has Trump as its target.

They see Him as the end-all and be-all of what is wrong in America today. In THAT way, they IGNORE the decades of collusion with the oligarchs to disempower both ordinary citizens and our very Constitution that they themselves are largely responsible for.

Trump is the FRUIT, not the SEED! We must remember that.

He is the product of decades-long LACK of political and social candor and anything slightly resembling Representation.

If anything needs “impeaching” it is the Duopoly itself!

“Take back” … ??

Now, THERE’S and optimist for you!

There IS no “back”.

As it stands today: Representing us, we basically have Criminals … and Co-conspirators. BOTH working to further empower the 0.1% and disempower the People.

Sure, it would be great to have fewer ultra right-wing demagogues. But THAT alone does not even BEGIN to solve the structural problems we as a nation have in terms of power, money-control and information-control. We need to make seriously BIGGER MOVES (campaigns, organizations, parties, fund-raising, actions) to bring together a People’s Agenda that is broadcast OUT LOUD.

We HAVE the Social Media to develop this, but then you get R & D trolls who have prevented us from using our own tools to build true movements for a functional democracy. Shame, shame.

False premise.

The founding fathers did NOT intend impeachment for people like Trump. Never. Ever.

Impeachment is not to be used to reverse an election, no matter how desperately the losing side wants that to be the case. At this point, impeachment would cause a civil war, and for good reason.

Good luck living in dreamland folks.

#Resistance has to quit playing circus.

Trump would be problem enough himself were he a problem in himself rather than a problem surrounded by problems. Both the Democrats and the Republicans favor bombing Syria and threatening Russia. ISIS and ISIL were US-funded and ally-funded through the Obama Administration, and Clinton got money from 5 of their funders as well, presumably to continue the show.

The Democrats have been criticizing Trump from the right, from a warlike position, for a year and a half now, criticizing him not for moves towards war, but for moves towards peace. Trump has apparently been brought on board, as demonstrated by his pompous insistence, now, that he is to carry out war in Syria–these few years after the fact.

We run around in petty personalizing of all this rot, and policy moves forward apace.

Too late for impeachment Will. That should have happened when the village idiot lied America into War in Iraq and Afghanistan. That damage is ongoing. 17 years and counting for a false flag demolition of 3 towers. a real investigation would have revealed the true actors behind 911. Every illegal and warlike action stems from this inside job.