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What's Barney Frank Got Against Primaries?


What's Barney Frank Got Against Primaries?

Tom Gallagher

Could you imagine a liberal Democrat in 2015 arguing that you shouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton in the presidential primaries because, although she has been a trailblazer in her day, her “very unwillingness to be confined by existing voter attitudes, as part of a long-term strategy to change them, is both a very valuable contribution to the democratic dialogue and an obvious bar to winning support from the majority of these very voters in the near term”? No, of course you can’t. And that’s a good thing! That is, however, precisely what former Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank write


If the topic is real political reform, the only relevance the Democrats have is that they, just like the Republicans, are nothing but an impediment. In the end, it won’t matter who wins the Dem nomination in 2016, because the one thing we can rely on is that, like every Democrat since Bill Clinton, s/he will sell out.


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Barney’s had his day, now he needs to go away.


I don’t care what Barney does he wasn’t all that great anyway. Go Bernie.


Sanders has a real possibility of winning, and it will be interesting to see listen to Sanderites 2 years from now, right after Bernie has carpet-bombed Syria or has imprisoned Amy Goodman at Gitmo or whatever neo-con policies wrapped in liberal rhetoric he initiates.

Dems and Repubs, ultimately their rivalry is as real as pro-wrestling.


We can blame the candidates or the party, like the oligarchy wants us to spend our energy, or we can vote massively and change things. We’ll never get there with a 36% voter turnout, thanks largely to Republican voter suppression.


lol Barney Frank’s drunk. He needs to go home.


This is the Barney Frank I know, who directed a 12 Million slush fund from OneUnited Bank before that Bank went to the wall; the Barney Frank who got his boyfriend a job at FannyMae in return for writing laws that allowed FannyMae and FreddyMac to start buying and trading speculative real estate mortgage backed securities.That was one of the three major storms of the financial crisis.

The problem is we don’t have decent primaries for Senate, House, and state government elections; the slate that appears in the polls for both parties is packed with ALEC pre-approved party goons.


Frank was and is a gunner for Wall Street. His Dodd-Frank legislation which penalizes Main St. banks while doing nothing to control Wall Street banks (which controlled 25% of bank assets in 2008 and now control 44%) started out as a mouth with two teeth left in it and had those teeth kicked out in Obama’s annual end of year slime deal in December 2014.


Although voter suppression figures in, 36% voter turnout is primarily the result of eligible voters recognizing that if elections mattered they would be illegal.

Although I have voted third party for the past 30 years and will continue to do so, I can not argue with those who don’t vote, seeing how 98% of those voting in 2012 voted for the corporate Dim or corporate GOP candidate when 6 more highly qualified candidates were on the ballot in most states.


The primaries in California and some other states are getting less “decent” as they enact “top two” primary laws that allow only the top two vote getters in the primary to advance to the general election, more effectively pushing out third party candidates.

Note: Top two primaries do not apply to the presidential candidates.


Frank’s assertion that Sanders is forcing Clinton to waste resources proving her “idealogical purity” is 100% BS.

Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton confirmed their “idealogical purity” years ago with their (and their foundation’s) track record of serially enriching the 1% at the expense of the 99%.


OK, Barney Frank is a corporate-friendly Democratic centrist who is on Hillary Clinton’s side.

His argument sounds convoluted.


It is easy to dismiss voting with a quote. It is also easy to ignore that countries with near 100% voter turnout have the most democratic governments.


I went to one of the Sanders gatherings last night in a red town in the reddest district of my state. 40 people, NONE of whom have previously been involved in campaigning, many young, turned out. Liked what they saw and will be working for Sanders.
Personally, I do not think Sanders much of a socialist, he is more like a classical New Dealer. His answer is tax and regulate, not nationalize and expropriate. This to me is not enough, but it may be the best we can hope for just now. At least his actions and his rhetoric correspond, in itself a refreshing difference from the other candidates of both parties.
As Bismarck said, politics is the art of the possible. In short, Mr Sanders is the best of all possible evils?


Da, in glorious Sovietsky Soyuz we haf 99.9% turnout.


I, too, went to the Bernie Gathering last night. Initially, the first venue held about 500-550 capacity. By the time Bernie spoke, we were at an entirely different venue, with about 950 attendees. There was free, good beer and the elderly and handicapped were accorded chairs and dignity. People lingered afterward, free beer will do that, and it was quite a mixed stew of novices and old hands. There were disappointed veterans from the Deaniac and Obamabot campaigns but the veterans knew every word to Neil’s " Rockin’ in The Free World ", actually quite a little soiree. Nobody hates Hillary, but she surely doesn’t want this fight, and Bernie and his followers do. Martin O’Malleywho and " Smilen Joe " Biden; don’t have a chance with this fired up crowd. 8 more years of the OhBummer Adm.? Not even close! As for Barney, and his sister Anne the Consultant-in-Chief, this is not 2004 or 2008 and it’s time you two think about moving to the Caribbean, permanently. You both look like you could use lots of sun and a couple stiff hi-balls.


Don’t give republicans so much credit — people are boycotting elections because they know it makes almost no difference how they vote. Bernie has the energy to mobilize the nonvoters, if a shady deal shoves him from the picture, the newly aroused voters are not going to vote for any political party hierarchy, Greens included. The people are going to create something new even if skullduggery eliminates Bernie.

Democrats have destroyed four democracies during the current administration and aborted the democracies that tried to be born during the Arab spring.

Republicans drive up national debt, revel in backroom central economic planning and micro manage people’s sex lives with big government.

The people will evolve to a new and functional democracy or go extinct.


Is there any party, Democrat, Republican, Green or other that Big Money bribes can’t corrupt?

When everyone has his price, money, fame, family or his life, how can democracy exist in the hands of a few corruptible representatives?

Direct democracy is the solution. Bernie takes no Big Money bribes and that makes him the most democratic by far. Voting for him will take us further in that direction.