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What's Going On There? Asks Bernie in 2011 About Sketchy Panama Free Trade Deal That Most Everyone Thought Was A Great Idea


What's Going On There? Asks Bernie in 2011 About Sketchy Panama Free Trade Deal That Most Everyone Thought Was A Great Idea

Talk about being on the right, and prescient, side of history: Five, long, obscenely-profitable-for-a-small-kleptocracy years ago, Bernie Sanders delivered a terrific, incisive rant on the Senate floor about an unfettered free trade deal with Panama, along with South Korea and Colombia, that he said would allow "large corporations to evade U.S. taxes by stashing their cash in off-shore tax havens." Hillary Clinton supported it.


Usually, a long campaign weakens a candidate as more and more scrutiny is paid to her or his past. Bernie just looks better and better the more one looks. Remarkable.


As with many issues, Bernie Sanders showed his good judgment and quality on this one as well - a person who cares and fights for the little guy and gal, not wealth and power.
The contrast between Bernie's "moral compass" and direction, and his opponent's "malleability" are clear - Bernie Sanders' vision for our collective future is simply the best we are likely to see in our lifetimes, given the domination over our political processes & politicians by big-money, overt corruption and greed-driven self-interest.
The Panama "revelations" were foreseen by candidate Sanders, while RepubliCons, and DINO's Hillary, Obama, and Bill Clinton, "played ball" with corruption, wealth and power - put profits above people - Even Hillary's logo is a big H & arrow pointing RIGHT!
Hillary refuses to release her 1/4 million $ Goldman speech - a smoking gun of complicity with mechanisms that enrich financial parasites and steal from our nation and people! Theft by financial instrument is NOT "Free Enterprise"!
We have a rare opportunity to support a politician of integrity and courage - Bernie Sanders! Let's not screw it up........C'mon NY, support The "Real-Deal", Bernie Sanders!


Bernie's consistent integrity over the years shows itself in better light with every moment this primary season unfolds. This has become so damning of the Wall Street Ds that it is becoming impossible to grasp how any of them will survive in office past their next electoral stand before voters. One can already tick off the Wall Streeters by their votes on that bill. No doubt one can find others on the more recent rotten corrupt fake free trade fiascos. Like the fast track legislation, and like the senators pushing the vote and/or voting for Obama's scandalous TTP and TTIP. To name a few. Let the counting and the revelations become more obvious with all deliberate speed! And other pieces of evidence as well!


This is why the drug cartels keep their money in Panamanian banks.


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Years ago he ranted at the Senate for hours about Social Security and all turned a deaf ear but just like this he was/is 100% correct. Billions, Trillions off-shore and since I'm disabled I get a whopping $1.50 an hour in SSDI. I demand an honest and principled person in the White House. I will only share my house with such a person. It is my house and it is your house as well. There are those that have tried all the beds before, now they get the dog house out back.


Sanders is the American citizens only chance to take the US back from corporate oligarchic control.
if the citizens miss this opportunity, IMHO there won't be another this side of a debilitating economic collapse.

There is no future in sliding further down the well greased pole of predatory freeloading corporatism.


There it is Cookies! You can always be sure there is some devious give-away coming from DINO Obama&Co when anything positive is done! One step forward for the people and justice, and two (or more) steps back catering to big-money and corporate political influence. With politicians like Obama and Clinton, who needs RepubliCons to screw us.......