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What's Going On With Donald Trump's Mental State? No Principles, Just Gusts of Wind


What's Going On With Donald Trump's Mental State? No Principles, Just Gusts of Wind

Robert Epstein

When I saw CNN’s Jake Tapper suddenly blurt out, “What the hell is going on?” in an online video the other day, I thought I’d better speak up.


Perhaps i am missing something, but it reads like the author starts off claiming Trump is not mentally ill, then goes on to explain exactly how he is mentally ill.

The textbook definition of mental illness:
Any of a broad range of medical conditions that are marked primarily by sufficient disorganization of personality, mind, or emotions to impair normal psychological functioning and cause marked distress or disability and that are typically associated with a disruption in normal thinking, feeling, mood, behavior, interpersonal interactions, or daily functioning.

To me that certainly sounds like it would be applicable to the condition described.
Incidentally, i am fairly certain socio/psychopathy also falls under mental illness.


Another article on why we should vote against Trump.

MIA: Articles telling us why we should vote for Brand D.


This piece was quite informative. And it seems to me, as a non mental health person, accurate in a way most other Trumpenfuhrer mental health evals from afar are not. Food for thought.


From Clause V of Section I of Article II of the Constitution:

“No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

Should have said “Mental Age”, founding fathers. Oops.

As Maxwell Smart of Get Smart used to say, “missed it by that much”, grasping his forefinger to his thumb–and not as a White Power symbol.


I have never thought that Trump was mentally ill…just a great actor who masterfully applies reality TV strategy 24/7 to keep his base (many of whom ARE mentally ill) engaged and the electorate divided.


Trump is Nuckin Futs.


The author writes - “Trump is not mentally ill, and I doubt that he is even “living in his own reality,” as so many have claimed. He is simply fairly unique in a way that is hard for the public to understand.”.Hard to understand? Unfathomable more like it.

Even tho trump is so malleable and devoid of what I consider morality, empathy, education, experience outside his “box”, common decency, or any sense of history, he is also a demonstrated racist, sexist, and bigot as well as pathologically open-to manipulation by whoever he has talked-to (often himself) or listened-to on some right-wing show last…read he clearly does not.

That beginning pronouncement - “trump is not mentally ill” - I question in the strongest terms. He has apparently been diagnosed as a “malignant narcissist” and he is obviously a pathological liar and fabricator of whatever “alternative facts” he wants, those two alone surely qualify him as “mentally ill”!

The author gets it absolutely right that trump “doesn’t believe in anything and he rarely, if ever, means anything he says.”


The mental health of the American voter should be the real cause for concern.

Trump did not win the rational citizen and decent neighbor voter.

He won the hell-yeah-separate-those-god-damn-kids-and-toddlers-from-their-parents voter.

There are about 50 million of these at last [Russian-assisted] count.


I think that there is much that is correct in this analysis. I find that I am strongly influenced by my ‘audience’, this as bothered me quite a bit over the years – and I have seen some of Trump’s behaviors from that vantage point. I am different in having a geological view of past time and universal view of future time; there is no way that I can contemplate living in a near time frame.

An aspect of Trump that I think is missing here is his clinging to slights. His desire for revenge seems eternal…perhaps that also fits into the narrow time frame though: once a revenge need is set up, it just exists for him ‘out of time.’


I saw the video on another thread of him speaking 30 years ago. The difference is striking. Senility/Dementia it seems to my nonmedical self.


Geez, he’s 91, he doesn’t need to be teaching at all.


I have made the argument that the emotionally abusive experience of his early life is comparable to the very large number of emotionally and physically abused people in this country (more in the so-called conservative population, but, of course, not restricted to there). This could make him recognizable to such people and his rise in business and in politics, cathartic for them.


I agree with you, as my review of the article explains on Daily Kos.


If you are right, and I’m pretty sure you aren’t, then you completely fail to explain why Trump, who checks every box on the malignant narcissist checklist, isn’t mentally ill.


Think again then.
Trump is mentally ill.


For some detailed consideration of the question, try Bandy Lee’s “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.” I think they landed on “malignant narcissism” as a personality disorder.


That was also my first thought.


I don’t know if Trump is mentally ill or not but he clearly plays to his political base. He is very consistent in saying things that will re-enforce his support with the voters who support him the most. The one political view in his life that he has been consistent about is racism. He seems to have flipped back on forth on almost every other issue sometimes within once sentence but he seems to have been a racist from way back. His father attended a KKK meeting. I think for several decades he has wanted to be president, he even said so in an interview on TV many years ago, but never found a way to become politically popular until he announced he was a birther and did not believe Obama was born in the US. Right after he said that he shot up to the top of the Republican poll for president. Although he backed off on being a candidate he became the leader of the birther movement. And then of course he did enter the Republican primary for 2016 and despite not being taken seriously won. He has only one real issue, which is immigration. He wants to keep non-whites out of the United States. That is the main issue of his strongest supporters. I think Trump had had to fake all other issues because he doesn’t care about them and he doesn’t know anything about them. What he does know is if he can keep non-whites out of the US and deport as many who are not US citizens as possible, the US will be more a country for white people. What is even more dangerous is the movement behind Trump, the white nationalist movement. They will probably not be satisfied by even these steps.


Here’s a clue guys…if you want to win the next election, run a candidate that isn’t a sociopathic, lying, murdering, scum-of-the-earth POS that even the devil would question voting for.

Trump is no prize package, but compared to Hilary, this guy is an angel.