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What's In the Transcript? There's a Way to Find Out What Trump Told Russia


What's In the Transcript? There's a Way to Find Out What Trump Told Russia

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Among the revelations in Monday evening's bombshell Washington Post report on President Donald Trump disclosing classified information to Russian diplomats is the fact that one U.S.


Chuck Schumer, master of fist-shaking and the composition of strongly-worded letters.

But this time he'll be shaking his fist even harder, and his letter will contain an unprecedented number of strong words like: "irresponsible, disappointed, condemn, immediate." He'll even ask his friends on the other side of aisle to join him.

And Trump will thrill his base by turning over nothing.


While I suspect that you are right, I think that the GOP congress won't be able to ignore the disaster that is trump forever. This is now treason and the longer they are silent on the matter, the more they become complicit in the cover-up. trump is turning out to be the best thing that could have happened to the Democrats...in one election we have rejected the neoliberal economic policies of the Clinton branch of the party and we have trump taking the vile mask off of the Republicans in congress. While many of us will suffer in the foreseeable future, in the long run this will be pure gold for the Progressives among us. I see a single-payer health care system emerging eventually. Go, trump!


Trumpster's newest MENA foreign policy pivot: chug quart of vodka, board and then hijack tourist bus while it's slowly moving, accelerate rapidly through bazaar while attempting to make several right turns at 70 miles an hour, powerslide bus towards mosque while running over as many people as possible, brace for severe impact. Explain to friends and allies, afterwards: " it is not illegal if the President does it ".


'...friends, on the other side of the aisle. "

The 'act' is to portray the other side of the aisle as enemies. More like business associates. Every four years they take turns at a chance to manipulate the population however they see fit. Over the last few decades they have shared it pretty equally. Make as much money from the 'Sheeple' who come out in droves on Election Day to support the Military Industrial Complex over any candidate that speaks up against that Status Quo Bull$hit.

It will be interesting to find out 'What's in the Transcript' but in the long run, it will be more interesting to see how We the People are being played.


I wonder if the Russians told Trump that he owes them something to pay back Putin for helping him win the election, whether or not Trump was involved in that or not. And while the US press was not let into the meeting I believe a Russian photographer was. Very strange. Even Republicans must have some sense of loyalty to the United States. There has to be a tipping point when they realize they are not just Republicans but also Americans and say enough is enough.


If Trumpcare passes, our healthcare system will be worse than prior to Obamacare because Medicaid will be block granted. Do you know what affect that will have on hospitals? What about premiums for workers who get their insurance via their employers? I find it amazing that you are going to run the both-sides-do-it tape when one party actually is working in real life to make things worse just to obtain a massive tax cut for the rich, while the other party is in-real-life not. In fact, that other party, raised taxes on the wealthy, massively expanded Medicaid, created premium supports for the purchase of private coverage, required employers to provide insurance, shored up Medicare financing, and required insurance companies to actually provide the care they market.

Now, is it single payer and price controls? Nope. Are there problems? Yep (of course there are problems in single payer systems too). But it is the opposite of both-sides-do-it.


As publicly reported, Trump was losing money and turned to Russian financing to support his lifestyle in the mid-to-late 2000s. Frankly, I suspect there's not some grand conspiracy at work, but just a guy who is overleveraged and doing what he needs to do any way he can to help himself out. He is who he is, a short-tempered, spoiled, small-minded guy with an ego that constantly needs reaffirmation. The trouble is people who are smarter than him know this and can use it to their advantage. My supposition is that that is the real problem in terms of the Russia issue.

What I continue to be amazed at is progressives who projected their priorities and beliefs in him--he just wants peace!--when it was obvious during the campaign he was a vacuous, self-absorbed fool, the literal embodiment of the opposite of progressivism.


I don't think those progressive really believe that but it is their strategy for contrasting him with the center left Democrats who they label as war mongers and actually wanting a war with Russia. Anything to attack the Democrats, reality-based or not. I think that is the idea.


I agree with KC2669: Since Mr. T. has declared bankruptcy so many times regular banks would not bail him out around '02-'03 which left the Russian Oligarchs who had dirty money to be laundered and were willing to chance it.
I think they own Mr. T. and conversely, don't want to be seen as crooks with dirty money. If so, it's a Mexican standoff with repercussions for national security.


Two other entities also own DJT et cie: Deutsche Bank and Bank of China. He owes them over $950 million combined (and growing).

Not even Wilbur Ross (secy of commerce) and his favorite bank, Bank of Cyrus would extend credit to DJT or his trash tribe, I would venture to guess.


It is standard operating procedure for U.S. presidents and "intelligence" agencies to share classified info with foreign leaders and spies. It does not really matter to them in their world of "real politik" who they do this with. They can be the "enemies" of the week or the "allies" of the week.

Witness: Kissinger and every right-wing govt on the face of the Earth while running Nixon's foreign policy and "consulting" with other presidents in both parties; the Bushes and their Saudi business partners (has everyone forgotten that US airspace was closed to all except the Saudis on/after Sept 11; Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin were back-stabbing each other all the time; every-post Carter president and Israel; leaks to the Brits are so frequent that they are drowning trying to keep up with all the orders and info from their poodle-master; the CIA and many post WW2 fascists and nazis; just about every corporation on Earth, etc., etc., etc...

The difference between Trump and the rest is because he's so stupid and uncaring that he tweets this garbage (much of wich is factually incorrect [check out how infrequently the CIA is actually right in it's trillions of words of analyses]).

In any case, maybe Trump isn't all that stupid because he now has the Dems tripping over each other in their support of the National Security State. Just like he does with the "North Korea threat" meme. Now that one is really funny.


Great you're having a laugh. On the other hand you don't think Trump is stupid, so the rest of us get a chuckle as well.


You're soft peddling Trump. Amindst all the static in the last ten days,Trump meets with Kissinger for a photo-op and consultation. The King of Chaos meets the Hoodwinker-in Chief, before his first trip into The Other Swamp. Gee, it's just a problem with money laundering. Something Netanyahu has been accused of doing not to long ago, as well. Adelson has casinos, and a right wing newspaper in Israel, but not to worry. Trump is just over leveraged and only to Russian Oligarchs. Oakey Dokey, again.
Let's release the Kissinger & Trump White House meeting/consultation transcripts to the MSM, and find out what was said.
The King of Chaos, a man who is wanted for questioning in numerous crimes in other countries, meets with our over leveraged President, and the Russians are the usual suspects.
Chaos is the business model which pays big dividends, almost every time. No one disputes that any more, it's more about who really profits from it that remains the question.


You really pile on the cliches. As a status quo steeple I find it pretty boring.


What am I soft-peddling? I don't foreclose on the option of things being worse, that there being a larger conspiracy at work, but given Trump's proclivities, can also see it being far more mundane, self-interested corruption. A man overleveraged and desperate to make a deal to support his image, but not really conscious of what he's doing apart from self-benefit, seeks Russian financing and does what he needs to do to pay off his debtors.


You sound thrilled already.


Are you able to use actual facts and think beyond one and two liners that say nothing as you troll your way through these comments? Just askin'. Call me curious.


BWilliamson, You can take everything 'Serious as a Heart Attack'. I can't and won't.

I find your comments pretty boring.

But, I am sure you mean well.


KC, You and the Sunshine Band can continue to support the Democratic Party Establishment.

For anything above a local office, I will never support a Democrat again.

Supporting the Duopoly will only continue to erode the working classes, from which I came.

KC, I believe you and I want the same things for this country. You believe we have a better chance at it through the Democrats. I believe it will take a party centered on the working classes and not the corporate world and the Armed forces to bring us all equality.

If I am wrong, I'll be the first to admit it.