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What's Next for Bolivia After Military Coup?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/30/whats-next-bolivia-after-military-coup

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Appreciate articles like this with recent historical background context on generally under-reported parts of the world.

In some sense Simon Bolivar’s revolutionary spirit and legislative acrimony re:dictatorial powers haunts Bolivian politics today.


The open racism of the right wing worldwide is stunning.

It’s why I cringe when Joe Byedone brags about his ability to work across the aisle.

I also cringe when I think about the violence that will follow the MAS victory next year in Bolivia.


Just because you present a differing position in the discussion on socialism in latin america and particularly what’s going on in Bolivia currently doesn’t mean that your article isn’t full of holes and shouldn’t also be disqualified as disinformation. Evo Morales is using fear mongering into not only organizing his base to create blockades affect hundreds of thousands if not millions of innocent unpolitical citizens of Bolivia but these mobs are burning down homes and attacking people in affluent neighborhoods. You also don’t cite the fact that Morales advanced the bolivian police part of their pensions to buy support and tried to pay off the military to secure support given an uprising. Protests to oust him from power had been going on way before his resignation. The country is clearly split just about down the middle on this. But in creating blockades and organizing these pointless protest to try to get evo back in power he’s allowing indigenous people to abandon their crops and thus a means to support themselves financially. The same OAS that deemed it ok for him to run a 4th term is the one that found irregularities in the vote count. You fail to mention that in your article.

Evo did some great things for the indigenous people of Bolivia. Racism is pervasive in Latin American culture, even when you look as far down as the family structure the lighter skinned family members are always the most favored. Being inclusive of indigenous people is crucial for latin american countries to thrive. Excluding large portions of the population from the financial system keeps means less tax revenues. It also keeps indigenous people from being able to use financial tools to expand and grow businesses.

Bringing so many people into the financial system and decreasing the income gap, raising median wages also means that the consumer price index goes up and this usually puts a strain on a very small and delicate middle class. It creates resentment towards indigenous people and sympathy for the far right. Evo failed in being a leader for all people in particular the very delicate middle class of the country who under his term saw the cost of living go up.


reese ehrlich is one of our best reporters and analysts in this country and indeed the world. He is beholden to no one and those who seek to denounce him as many on the right do everywhere will lose in the end for he speaks the truth and nothing but. Thanks Reese for a life devoted to truth tellilng. and oh yes - notice that BERNIE is still the only candidate running for president of this country who calls a coup a coup. the rest of all of them including Warren, not so much if at all. shame shame Elizabeth. a true capitalist if I ever saw and heard one.


Increasingly when I read about this world of humans, I can’t help but feel we’re all living in something of a Lord of the Flies scenario.

It feels we are not advancing toward enlightened universal human dignity, but reverting, at seemingly every turn, to our more base instincts of cruel savagery.

Tulsi Gabbard called it “…a coup. Period”, last week;)

Thanks for the propaganda, skanhunt42.

It is a shame people are calling this a coup. The left, the right, the poor, the middle class, the rich, the white, the mestizos, the Quechua, the Aymaras and every other Bolivian got together in a 21 day peaceful demonstration to protest against Evo Morale’s electoral fraud and his insistence in staying in power for over 14 straight years. This was not the “Right” versus the “Left”, nor the Indigenous versus the non Indigenous. Although Morales has Indigenous features, he committed a lot of abuses towards the people he claimed to defend. There are other Indigenous leaders in Bolivia but Morales has become this Myth who people assume is like Mandela. He burned hundreds of hectares of Chiquitania jungle with no mercy for the flora and fauna in order to clear the land to increase production of meat to China by three times as much. His policies were not leftist or pro environment. The International media has it all wrong and it is very frustrating that it does not go in deeper to interview famous Indigenous leaders who confronted Morales. Morales did a lot of good things for Bolivia at the beginning, but power quickly went to his head.He also surrounded himself with a very corrupt group. He is directly linked to Mexican drug cartels. He allowed the Chapare jungle to produce and export cocaine without government control. He built an airport in the Chapare jungle for this illegal trade. Some of the International Media is just beginning to report the full story. The people of Bolivia did not want another Hugo Chavez. They heroically joined forces to overthrow a dictator who spent a lot of money on false propaganda about protection of the most vulnerable Bolivians in order to perpetuate in power.
When the protests began after his electoral fraud was caught by young professional Bolivians, the country was paralyzed for 21 days. Nobody went to work and this was very painful because people were running out of money and food. Nevertheless the conviction of the patriotic Bolivians to defend their country was so strong that they pressed on helping each other out by feeding one another and refusing to give in.Volunteers took turns at posts where ropes were tied and cars were not allowed to circulate.This happened in every town, city and state of the country. The police forces could not go against the peaceful protests or their own people, so they mutinied on the 21st day. The military could not go against the police so they sided with them and disobeyed orders to go after the police. After that Evo saw the anger of the country he abused and fled to Mexico.
The riots then started with Evo supporters (mostly cocaleros from the cocaine producing Chapare jungle) burned buildings, houses, buses and tried to blow up a gasoline refinery that would have exploded and killed thousands. This is when the military stepped in to defend the Bolivian people. What all Bolivians managed to do is unbelievable and praiseworthy. They became united! Nobody helped the Bolivians overthrow Morales, just like nobody cared when Bolivia was burning tragically because of Morales and his treaties with the Chinese. It is very sad that now, instead of the international community recognizing this accomplishment, they are dismissing it as a coup caused by the right because of the Evo Morales myth. Please, go deeper into investigating the full story. It is a good thing that we don’t have another Venezuela on this side of the world and that Bolivians heroically were willing to loose even their lives to keep their country free.

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So how’s that coup working out for the "delicate "middle class now? What really is getting accomplished now?

Your empty " spin " is what’s full of holes. It doesn’t hold up to even a cursory examination of the facts. So, your fallback position is a coup, in which you fill MAS members full of bullet holes, literally.
You’re now a known defender and supporter of white Christo-Fascists ( Falangists, of Spanish/European descent ). Whose very existence says racist, mass murderer and, sadly for the Indigenous people of Bolivia, genocidal by inclination.
The Rich White Faux-Christian Class; aka, the scourge of the world for over 2 millennia.

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I think any new election under the current illegal coup - and what is clearly a fascist, military dictatorship - would be a fraudulent election. These coup mongers also arrested top election officials and sentenced them in kangaroo performance style military court, without attorneys, juries, nothing. In a matter of mere minutes captured on video that was shared on social media.

The OAS is a disgusting organization whose own shown-to-be bogus findings only out themselves as the real fraudsters.

They already had a free and fair election; if it’s not upheld and Evo reinstated, any other election is prima facie a farce.

All these “reasons” opponents have used in arguments are merely excuses for the real dictatorial motivations. For example, the judges, who are, btw, elected in Bolivia, so they weren’t even appointed by Evo, but even if they were, it would be no different than our system in the U.S., which these coup mongers are holding up as an example to emulate and judge from? Absurd.

Uphold the current election. We already know any new election will be a corrupt farce, and like their kangaroo court and factually bogus findings.

What planet are you living on? The military was paid off, they are not “protecting” the Bolivian people. They’ve been massacring the People. They paid off this general, who studied at the infamous CIA School of Americas, 1 million dollars and he is now in the U.S. This is textbook coup. They kidnapped and threatened to murder Evo’s brother if he didn’t resign. They did similar things to the legal line of succession to the presidency until they reached this far right fascist who is, btw, part of major crime family busted in Brazil with almost a ton of cocaine in their own plane. Evo Morales reduced cocaine production and associated criminal activity, the opposite of what you claim. The chiefs of police were similarly bribed 500k each, and with such open corruption, they’re even billing.They coordinated payments and U.S. military equipment, with a U.S. Embassy official under the protection of a corrupt RW governor in Argentina, and audio implicating Rubio, Cruz and Menendez, 3 U.S. GOP Senators. Not to mention Ivanka Trump’s role.

So you can stop pretending there’s anything legitimate going on. Not to mention your fake environmentalist stance while you’re standing with the corrupt Bolsonaro government and it’s deliberate destruction of the Amazon. Of course you also didn’t happen to notice that Evo was with those putting the fires out.


Wow! Check your facts.

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Historically, these events are similar:

After the coup, the purge and the twisting of information.
After the purge, the extraction of materials and labor under a police state.
After the extraction, the economic collapse
Through all this, a couple generations of desaparecidos and resistance.

And then this appears to repeat. We may be at the turn of a larger cycle. Or we will be.

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you are full of shit. you dont live in Bolivia. you must work for Venezuela or cuba or russia to speak stupid. the bolivian people rose up against the dictator so deal with it or fuck off. Evo Morales reduced cocaine production?? ha ha haaaa!!! what the fuck are you talking about? before he took office bolivia had the DEA to battle drug cartels and production, then when he took office he got power addicted and didnt let the DEA intervene anymore so that he could start his drug empire. then he made a big landing strip so that mexican cartels could come and to buy cocaine. why do you think he went to mexico out of all places? who are you working for, or are you just misinformed?

Your problem is that I do check my facts and you have none. Plus your account was opened in Nov when progressive media reported thousands of pro-coup troll farm accounts opening on twitter. Guess some headed this way to Common Dreams and you are hereby outted along your one fake like.

You also came on board with the reported pro-coup troll farm surge. So, no, it’s you who is FOS.