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What's Next for the Bernie Sanders Revolution?


What's Next for the Bernie Sanders Revolution?

Jim Hightower

As we approach the upcoming Democratic convention, let's look back at the race... and forward to the future.

The mainstream media tried to reduce the two Democratic campaigns as a Hillary v. Bernie war. The reality, though, is that most Sanders backers were enthusiastic precisely because his campaign's purpose was far bigger than the usual personality politics. Supporters were signing up for a revolution against corporate rule.


Senator Sanders will not receive the Presidential nomination, however that is only half the battle.The other half is to revolutionise Congress. Bernie should extend his influence to getting Congressmen of integrity elected.

The political powers of both parties have yet to acknowledge or recognise the fundamental ethic behind the popularity of both Sanders and Trump: the American people are simply tired of Politics as Usual. To not extend The Revolution into Congressional races would be to miss a rare opportunity to clean up Congres.

The reason we Sanders Revolutionaries could have a real effect on Congressional election outcomes is that most elections are decided by a few percentage points and a concerted vote by a relative few can decide the contest. Considering the number of votes, both Democrat and Republican, Bernie got in the primaries; he has an extremely powerful tool at his disposal; upwards of 20%-25% of the electorate. The problem is which candidates to focus on.

On his web page Bernie could have his recommendations for each Congressional seat up for grabs this election season. Imagine a spreadsheet type page: One would click on one’s State then any of the Candidates. The spreadsheet columns would have Bernie's’ recommendation and the candidate's’ position on the critical issues etc.. Whatever variation on this theme is fine; the point being that it focuses Bernie’s revolution on Congress, which is actually more critical to effecting change than is the Presidency.

Whether the subject is the 1%, and their unfair share of the national wealth, inaction on Climate Change, True Election Reform (TEF) or other critical issues we will not get action until Special Interest Influence is removed from Congress. Only the Voters can change the mentality of Congress. Congress writes the election laws and only our elected representatives can change them. Hence the primary criterion on Bernie’s spreadsheet would be: “does this candidate believe in True Election Reform”?.

As an Independent Bernie can ignore partisan politics and make the Congressional Candidate's attitude and commitment to TEF the criterion for his recommendation. This is nothing more than the candidates foregoing an action that in most Democracies is illegal. Under more moral standards 90+% of the members of the US Senate and House of Representative would be in jail.

This is rare opportunity to actually make our votes meaningful. I hope Senator Sanders will stay with the program and make it happen.


You ask "What if progressive organizers and volunteers joined forces to run a
nationwide campaign to replace today's corporate-owned congress — all at
I would like to suggest that you and other progressives, this publication and the many other dependable alternative news organizations, all the groups that work for the common good, sign and share and share and share the Golden Rule Pledge/Petition/Proclamation. If millions of us signed this it would let the leaders know of our common wish and aim and if that is not followed by our representatives we then have the power to challenge and change the outcome of our elected representatives.
I would like to know others opinions of this. It has often been called 'fluff' but this common truth and becoming conscious of it would add great strength for all of us...


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Can't wait until it trickles down to Oregon. Right now Microsoft is running my life. Spent hours on line chatting about my ruined email system and my printer non use with there one note that ask we to do things that I don't know what they are talking about. Outlook is going to be new and you need Office 365 to have Outlook 16 to have my effective email sytem again. I just have a little business, no office just an email that they screwed with oh I mean in process of updating without notification or explanation. How can one company have so much control?


Where is the pledge/petition/proclamation to sign. Yes, I think it is a good idea and we need some to talk it up like Grover Norquest did on his no new taxes (on the rich). We need to slam home that corporations are not paying taxes which we used to hear about when republicans were running the show but not so much anymore. But, that is why city roads, state roads, federal funds are not available. Big Corporations are not paying taxes leaving it to small business and we the people and Donald Jr. talked around that last night like it is the dems fault which it is because they've become the party of big business and both parties lie about it like they are really for the people. bullcrap! Screw Microsoft and their hold over us on our computers


Switch to apple


I would love to, but money and thought of al the time learning a new system and transferring everything over and getting it over without loss. Teaching an old dog new tricks? I am tired and reaching 70 but still very active.


It is scary how right you and Markus are.


That Golden Rule Pledge says it all! Maybe it's the 'full of the moon' energizing me this morning, but, then again, Bernie's message of the "movement" takes me back to 1948 when I volunteered at the Henry Wallace 3rd party movement, which did have a significant effect on the southern dems. WE have power when we move together. Removing energy from ranting and raving at the pitiful corporate destroyers and keeping focus on the goal of human progress for our planetary home will educate us all. Conversational kindness is more effective than harsh arguments with the fearful opponents - and bless the Internet - we are connected to more than just the folks down the road (mine being a rural dirt road). Thank you,bp.


"BNC is to be a true bi-partisan effort, running Dems in blue districts, Repubs in solid red ones, and independents whereever that makes sense. But wait — how can BNC get Republican candidates to run on progressive values? By recognizing that true populism is neither a right or left theory, but a top vs. bottom reality that even middle-class and lower-income Republicans can relate to."

I hope the above proves true and workable. Otherwise, anyone who reads the link attached will see that Republicans--being very skilled in the art of cheating--have already gamed the system to ensure that they win majorities in many state houses. And since the districts are drawn up every 10 years, they've stacked the deck in their favor into the foreseeable future.

Here is the link:


You "revolutionaries" are stuck in 1776 as if today's MIC doesn't have sound canons and weapons that could stop ANY GROUP in its tracks. And as is already seen in the treatment of the Black and Hispanic ("illegal aliens") communities (and across too much of the Muslim World), it's not difficult to aim at human targets... for those trained to do so.

The next revolution is global and it's more about consciousness than blood in the streets.

The fact that several here are showing a desire for that smacks of the old FBI infiltration tactic preferred by Agent Provocateurs, everywhere.

Blood shed is not the answer.

If it were, given all the blood recently shed, where is the change?

That elites own more... that 66 individual families own half the world's assets?

That weapons have proliferated from possession by the homegrown NRA maniac to orthodox soldiers to the legions of newly minted terrorists, a/k/a young males trying to defend their own Homelands against aggressive assault?

Better than blood shed is for people to just SIT DOWN. If everyone with a job (apart from those in emergency work like hospital staff) just sat down for 24 hours and didn't do their work... the MACHINE would stop.

It's that kind of effort that would be far more effective than the 1776 romance of shoot-outs at the not so Okay corrals.


Thanks for changing the cadence. Emotional anger and fear is all around. A nationwide strike is something concrete and visible. It is something possible for people to see as being possible. A massive sick-in. Make it a week, not a day. Stay home with family and friends. No cars on the road. Quiet, silence! No planes in the air. A week to just chill! I can feel the peace. No marches, no riots. Just a country of people saying we have had enough. I like it. Feel the Bern and Raise the Stein. Here's a toast to Freedom.


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but can an uprising happen? will there ever be enough hurting/desperate people at once,

to take to the streets? the powers that be, now know how to stave off another 1930's depression

by bailing out the banks,like bush and obama did. As long as they do the bank bailouts,over and over,we won;t have the

massive,nation wide, poverty numbers again,like we had in the 30's. will we ever have the numbers to change anything?

I guess that's why we have the military type police force we now have.


Mark, I am sincere and supportive when I write this.
Are you able (and willing) to tell us what they did to you for telling the truth?
If you aren't able and willing to tell us, I respect and accept that.
If you are able and willing, can you tell us how much worse it is?
Can you recommend some books or articles that would tell us how much worse it is?
Even the best news sites rarely tell us citizens what has happened (or is happening) deep inside the Dark State.


That's what I truly fear: that in order for the U.S. people to demand positive, fundamental changes in the U.S. system -- in large enough numbers to make such changes actually happen -- that our conditions in life will have to get so much worse (economically, politically, and/or environmentally) that it will be too late.


Bernie endorsed Hillary, the dream is over. #JillNotHill



I'm very afraid that you are right. "The dark powers that are destroying this nation and the planet" of which you write are extremely powerful (financially, politically, militarily, etc.) and extremely entrenched. Who is able to oppose them successfully? In what numbers and with what degree of organization? It seems hopeless.

The millions of people marching in the streets failed to stop the illegal U.S. war against Iraq. The millions of people in the Occupy Movement failed to stop or reform the Wall Street-Washington capitalist-state. The 13 million people supporting the Bernie Sanders social justice movement (and so-called "political revolution") were prevented (by "the dark powers") from having their votes make Sanders win the Democratic Party nomination, and thus were prevented from having Sanders become the U.S. President. Thus, so far, millions of U.S. citizens seem to have had little to no effect on the system and the actions of "the dark powers."

I'm afraid that for numbers large enough (100 million? 200 million people?) to achieve positive, fundamental changes in the U.S. system -- against the wishes and the actions of "the dark powers" -- things will have to get so bad that then it will be too late for positive, fundamental changes.

I mean, imagine if we are all starving to death from global warming droughts and famine, etc. -- or if we are all being killed or imprisoned by a modern "1984" dictatorship -- would the U.S. people really be able to replace "the dark powers" with a humane democracy? How?


To add to your solution is another: https://youtu.be/8UuF7JZr3lA The more voters can know about choices the better.