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What's Next: War With Venezuela?

What's Next: War With Venezuela?

Robert C. Koehler

Mix a little socialism in with the oil and war may be unavoidable.

Thus, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, talking about Venezuela: “The president has been crystal clear and incredibly consistent. Military action is possible. If that’s what’s required, that’s what the United States will do.”

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My memory is diminishing, but didn’t we get involved in a “small” country mostly covered in jungle a while back where we got our asses handed to us? These ass holes, especially Pompeo and Bolton better be careful what they wish for.


A war on Venezuela would be good for Monsanto. Under Chavez and Maduro GMOS and other crap that Monsanto produces were refused access to that Country.

Greedom Loving Guaido wants to reverse that.


That would make sense if there were a possibility of any of these assholes facing painfull consequences; but as things stand, I think we can agree that’s not going to happen.

I hope the Russian troops are still in Venezuela. Who was the other country? Was it China or Cuba who also sent troops there? That’s probably the only real safe guard that will keep US warmongers out.

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To pinpoint the source of most any problem, just follow the money.

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You got that right!
The man currently “spearheading” the Venezuelan operation, Elliot Abrams, would be rotting in a federal prison today for his role in the treasonous Iran-Contra affair had he not been granted an eleventh-hour pardon by Poppy Bush in 1992.

grrrrrrrrrrrr That still pisses me off.


The only thing those two warmongers wish for are higher dividends on their MIC stock.

Well who knew this whole mess in Venezuela was about the Koch brothers and racism.
Greg Palast and Jimmy Dore do it again.

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As our MSM and the pundits give sway to Biden as a gift, they pick of one undecided voter after another. With Biden in office I don’t see our militarism slowing down one bit.

The US will not have was with Venezuela. Russia and China have stopped it. Perhaps it was a dry run for Iran, where everyone’s stakes are much higher. More populated area, nukes in the area, lots of refugees and trained fighters from other wars…

Russia and China will stop this one too, because Iran is key to the connected Asia they are building. Does it matter to the MIC as long as the money keeps flowing in? Why not get scared every once in a while to keep getting the expensive new toys ordered?


I am so disgusted that everyone repeats this CIA talking point and NEVER PRESENTS A SMIDGEON OF EVIDENCE to support it. Not a pinch. Not even a hint. Not a dab. Not even a whiff of a scent.

Everything else you say, Mr. Koehler, is beside the point since you just did the CIA’s work of manufacturing consent.

Hey Lib,
Even if it be there, corruption and incompetence as any sort of step toward excusing an invasion, well then, an invasion of the US is long overdue. I don’t like invasions. Do unto others…