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What's Not in the Latest Terrifying IPCC Report? The "Much, Much, Much More Terrifying" New Research on Climate Tipping Points


Have you all seen the following? Flash from the past:

It’s 6 December 2009, the eve of UN Climate Talks in Copenhagen (COP 15). A coalition of business leaders is writing to President Obama to urge:

Please don’t postpone the earth. If we fail to act now, it is scientifically irrefutable that there will be catastrophic and irreversible consequences for humanity and our planet.

Such a letter made perfect sense: unless you’re in the arms or disaster management industries, climate change is bad for business.

But take a closer look. At that list of signatories towards the end:

Donald J. Trump, Chairman and President, Donald J. Trump Jr., EVP, Eric F. Trump, EVP, Ivanka M. Trump, EVP, The Trump Organisation.



Correction. Many will die from climate change. But no one needs to die from climate changed flooding. This is fairly predictable.


Stop drilling for oil and drill for heat. The deepest mine in South Africa is around 2 miles deep and is 55 degrees Celsius. How much farther do you need to go to reach the boiling point of water? How do you do this cheaply? Over a very long time rock flows, but that takes a very long time. The earth has a molten core. All the energy we need. Stop drilling into volcanoes and drill into something stable. I’m not an engineer or scientist, but I think it’s worth thinking of how this can be achieved rather all the reason why not.


Its hard to find words to describe whats happening. We find ourselves struggling to feed and cloth ourselves, even in a relatively wealthy place, and most of our lives and efforts revolve around meeting those basic survival needs, but the extent to which we neglect the climate problem insures our destruction, not in the long term, but very soon. No child born today will be able to see their children go to college, or to own a home, or to feed themselves without having to struggle and fight for the privilege. Water wont be drinkable, and the streets will be a war zone. Cities wont be able to sustain people without electrical power and shipping of food and water, and their surviving inhabitants will fan out into the countryside in an effort to survive. This might create mass homelessness in rural areas, exponentially increasing their populations. Civil unrest will make survival impossible without armed confrontation and mass killing, and disease will take over, medicine and fresh food, drinkable water and Hygiene all now a fading memory. I guess just voting Democrat in the final election once every four years wasn’t all that effective after all


Yes, Paul, I am aware of what you write but it is up to us to make it real.


It takes over 300 years for an old growth tree to grow and produce the amount of oxygen as the ones we are clear cutting.

You just can’t plant a rain forest and say all will be well as the boss of the Shell company said in today’s guardian.

They have no idea what they are doing and must be made to pay for all their externalities. Pollution,cancers ,deforestation,poverty,community destruction,water contamination and the rest.
All for short term profit ,greed .
The world must raise consciousness fast as a higher consciousness considers consequence .


It’s the Cultural Story of humans that needs to change not the government .

The Culture from which we emerge is causing the demise of the culture .
Read some of Neale Donald Walsch’s books …these are gems for humanity ,spiritual books on why we are where we are and what we have to be do to make life function .
Politics is our current spirituality demonstrated ,this is where the work must be done ,and it starts with writing a New Cultural Story for humans .The Old one is a fallacy having nothing to do with ultimate reality .

We Are All One …this is the most important message now ,do we want to continue life on this planet for humans to thrive or do we want to be at all.
To Be or not to Be …that is the question .


In the face of such a destructive government, do you really thing we should abandon efforts to correct it in favor of spiritual evolution. That sounds to me to be a generation or two in the making, and right now we have probably less than 12 years to reverse the climate catastrophe from passing its tipping point, after which there isn’t any point in anything anymore.


India and China have huge tree planting campaigns. And where I was last year, they trimmed large trees for wood rather than cutting them.


A living nightmare.


Its getting close i agree,but critical mass is gathering . Will humans be forced to change by nature (nothing more cruel to nature than mankind.) Or will sufficient conciousness of the issues be raised to shift the evolutionary path of humanity to a planet that works for the highest good of all.

Something has shifted in many people ,but the old guard are trying their hardest to hold onto a cultural story that is based on fallacy ,power and greed .

“No one does anything wrong given their model of the world.”
A new model and cultural story for humaniity is arising .

Have a read of the book The Storm Before The Calm …


Great–I am thinking especially of Haiti. Sometime ago there was a wonderful story of two Chinese men, one blind the other without arms who, together planted trees. The blind friend would be steered by the friend without arms and tell him where to plant. I dedicated a large painting to them of my vision of breaking up all the pavements and returning them to earth and where countless people of all colors planted trees. I will share your story of the Chinese tree planting.


Yes! Bit by bit, drop by drop…Love your beautiful post.


Yes, they are the real criminals.


We need to do both. Not one or the other.


Thank you for responding to the naysayers, whose despair is potentially a self-fulfilling prophecy.


While I approach the matter differently from Walsch, and recognize that we have frittered away three whole decades in which we could have eliminated the threat almost completely, I agree with Giovanna-Lepore that to survive we must act on all fronts and in all available modes. Someone commenting on this site yesterday, perhaps in a different thread, also mentioned the urgent need for spiritual awakening, which has virtually nothing to do with going to church.


With an 11 degree C rise in global temperature, the earth becomes another venus. Oh well. Pffft.


So all it takes is the dissolution of capitalism? Well that should easy…


One of the most important bits of understanding I gained from working against nuclear a few years ago, was learning about positive feedback loops.

For those of us still going on about being positive, positive feedback loops should give us pause…because they are not good things. In nuclear technology, a positive feedback loop is anything that makes a reaction go faster…even pro nuclear proponents have closed down nuclear power plants that had positive feedback loops in their workings.

Negative feedback loops…those we need, because they slow down whatever is going on…they function like friction in mechanical processes. Have I made it simple enough?

Every natural process that is a positive feedback loop…say forest fires…because they give great bang for their buck…they spew CO2, they destroy carbon sequestering forest, they expose wooded soil to the torrential climate change rains, they silt up rivers and man made dams, the silt destroys fish hatcheries…etc. etc.

A warming climate produces more dry conditions, which creates a positive feedback loop of mega fires, which speeds up the warming climate, and so on and so on. And I haven’t even mentioned clear cut logging and its role in all of these processes.

But here’s the thing. Positivity will make it difficult for many heads to get around the positive horrors of positive feedback loops. Our superficial spirituality and pop psycology need to head back to the drawing board as well…its’ gonna take more than love and self affirmation to save our necks now.

I’m ‘positive’ about that.