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What's Not in the Latest Terrifying IPCC Report? The "Much, Much, Much More Terrifying" New Research on Climate Tipping Points


Yes, just so. I learned about feedback, positive and negative, in my teens (c. 1960) in connection with vacuum tube signal amplifiers, both audio and radio. More recently they have come up in my studies of complex systems, with global climate and the earth’s atmosphere being near the outer edge of complexity.

Feedbacks have been mentioned in previous IPCC reports, but mostly as a likely important factor we don’t know much about. I get the impression that is still the case, but with some caveats regarding specific positive feedbacks such as those associated with the thawing of the Arctic permafrost.

I first heard of global warming in 1972 in response to a question posed to one of my physics professors from a few years earlier. The topic was seldom if ever mentioned in “The Media” until the late 1980s, when Hansen’s paper was published and McKibben picked it up and made it more widely known. I have followed the development of the science ever since then in Scientific American Magazine and mainstream news, and have warned anyone who would listen. Until now I have remained fairly confident that there was still a path through the bottleneck, and that it was only the politics of greed and denial that prevented action.

For the first time I now find my confidence seriously shaken. I am not a climate scientist so do not even attempt to read the reports, but I have the summary for policymakers and will read it carefully. Had our misleaders acted even fifteen years ago on what was by then settled science we would likely not be facing anything like a crisis today. Instead, we may now have passed the last and most critical tipping point to runaway temperature rise that could make the planet virtually uninhabitable by large mammals by the end of this century if not sooner. Even then there would be measures which small isolated groups could probably find ways to survive, but their lives would scarcely resemble ours at all, and they would curse us for not even trying.


I am going to post something here tomorrow from a book ,it’s a very important peice of information.
Thank you we are all on the same team.


Given the fact that China is currently in the process of building the world’s first digital totalitarian state, I find that prospect terrifying.


The “New American Century”–Rummy’s and Cheney Dick’s “Hundred Year Reich” (the pikers)–ended almost before it began (1997), and the US has been losing power, influence, trust, respect, and credibility ever since. China meanwhile has bought up most of Africa and good chunks of the rest of the world.

Totalitarianism is just a more modern name for what the Founders of the American Republic called “tyranny” or “despotism.” It’s an ugly and unstable way to rule, but they have been perfecting it for at least 7,000 years. Since this country is already on the brink of totalitarianism, and for its own sake as opposed to a coherent plan of action, Chinese hegemony might be the one path that could stop the fire (cf. Billy Joel).


Can’t write, can’t spell, but I do get numbers.

Each year mankind manages to cut down 15,000,000,000 (15 billion) trees or 0.5% of the world’s current inventory of 3,000,000,000,000 (3 trillion) trees. To keep pace with the current tree harvest, each person alive must plant two trees per year, year after year AND maintain the health of all the trees she/he planted in years previous.

On the positive side, if we were serious about this and divided the newly created forests into woodlots of 1,000 trees each, we could create 15,000,000 new, full time, healthy foresters jobs per year.

Furthermore, before the start of agriculture and animal husbandry became de rigueur, the worldwide tree-count was over 5,500,000,000,000 (5.5 trillion). If we doubled our rate of planting from two to four trees per year per person, it would take until the year 3,684 to get back to 5.5 trillion trees. And by then every single person on earth would be a full time, healthy forester!

In view of such numbers (and many others) I’d say we’re done for, our goose is cooked!


16 Differences Between Highly Evolved Beings (HEBs) and Humans Living in an Unawakened State.[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:56428, full:true”]

What's Not in the Latest Terrifying IPCC Report? The "Much, Much, Much More Terrifying" New Research on Climate Tipping Points

Jon Queally, staff writer

If the latest warnings contained in Monday's report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)—which included pronouncements that the world has less than twelve years to drastically alter course to avoid the worst impacts of human-caused global warming and that nothing less than keeping all fossil fuels in the ground is the solution to avoid future calamities—have you at all frightened or despondent, experts responding to the report have a potentially unwelcome message for your already over-burdened heart and mind: It's very likely even worse than you're being told.


In Conversations with God-Book 4: Awaken the Species we are told that there are Highly Evolved Beings who live in another dimension in our universe who are assisting human civilization in its evolutionary process. When asked, “What is the difference in their behaviors and those of humans?”, God replied. “I can give you a list of them.” Here, from the text, is that list. These are the common behaviors of Highly Evolved Beings, as compared to the behaviors of those humans who are living in an unawakened state.

  1. An awakened species sees the Unity of All Life and lives into it. Humans in an unawakened state often deny it or ignore it.

  2. An awakened species tells the truth, always. Humans in an unawakened state too often lie, to themselves as well as others.

  3. An awakened species says one thing and will do what they say. Humans in an unawakened state often say one thing and do another.

  4. An awakened species, having seen and acknowledged what is so, will always do what works. Humans in an unawakened state often do the opposite.

  5. An awakened species does not embrace a principle in its civilization that correlates with the concepts that humans refer to as “justice” and “punishment.”

  6. An awakened species does not embrace a principle in its civilization that correlates with the concept that humans refer to as “insufficiency”

  7. An awakened species does not embrace a principle in its civilization that correlates with the concept that humans refer to as “ownership.”

  8. An awakened species shares everything with everyone all the time. Humans in an unawakened state often do not, only sharing with others in limited circumstances.

  9. An awakened species creates a balance between technology and cosmology; between machines and nature. Humans in an unawakened state often do not.

  10. An awakened species would never under any circumstances terminate the current physical expression of another sentient being unless asked directly by that other being to do so. Humans in an unawakened state often kill other humans without that other human requesting them to.

  11. An awakened species would never do anything that could potentially damage or harm the physical environment that supports the members of the species when they are physicalized. Humans in an unawakened state often do so.

  12. An awakened species never poisons itself. Humans in an unawakened state often do so.

  13. An awakened species never competes. Humans in an unawakened state are often in competition with each other.

  14. An awakened species is clear that it needs nothing. Humans in an unawakened state often create a need-based experience.

  15. An awakened species experiences and expresses unconditional love for everyone. Humans in an unawakened state often cannot imagine even a Deity who does this, much less do they do it themselves.

  16. An awakened species has harnessed the power of metaphysics. Humans in an unawakened state often largely ignore it.


(Each item on the above list is fully explained in the text of CWG-Book 4: Awaken the Species.)

Asked if we might have just a brief example of what is meant by Item #4 , the dialogue offers this, in God’s voice:

If your objective is to live a life of peace, joy, and love, violence does not work. This has already been demonstrated.

If your objective is to live a life of good health and great longevity, consuming dead flesh daily, smoking known carcinogens continuously, and drinking gallons of nerve-deadening, brain-frying liquids like alcohol regularly does not work. This has already been demonstrated.

If your objective is to raise offspring free of violence and rage, placing them directly in front of vivid depictions of violence and rage during their most impressionable years does not work. This has already been demonstrated.

If your objective is to care for Earth and wisely husband her resources, acting as if those resources are limitless does not work. This has already been demonstrated.

If your objective is to discover and cultivate a relationship with a loving Deity so that religion can make a difference in the affairs of humans, then teaching of a god of righteousness, punishment, and terrible retribution does not work. This has already been demonstrated.

Do you need any more examples?



heh heh. I know, right? :slight_smile:

the ultimate death race. Who or what is the last thing standing? Humanity or capitalism? They’re both going down, but I’m betting that our species will survive past this system’s ability to materially exist.

Ain’t going to be pretty any way you slice it, though, right?


What has evolved is mans ability to not only create modes of greed, but to set up a set of fences to protect that greed from detection, or of punishment if caught.


Who has time to be a psychologist when the earth is already burning?
Sorry about the cynicism. There isn’t much left beyond anger and disappointment these days.


Something tells me that history will remember 2018 as the year that the reality of climate change came crashing down and the richest parts of the world responded with indifference and apathy and the poorest parts of the world responded with justifiable rage towards the richest parts of the world, but were powerless to do much.

It would be great if we could respond to the climate crisis at a WWII level, but it would have to be real and immediate. The problem is, from most people’s point of view, it is neither real and/or immediate.


Yes, I’m not blind to the attempts at American Toltaltarianism, or tyranny and despotism, but given how much closer China is to it, I’ll take my chances here. At least until I can work out how to move to Europe. Then I’ll take my chances there.


A transparent economy would solve that. Nothings changes inappropriate behaviour faster than the light of public scrutiny .
Visibility is another word for truth.


Abandoning nuclear was insane. The recycling of radioactive material can.lessen risks of storage.


So called democracyis an anachronism.

Population decreases mandates. Forget due process liberty. Species survival.


Thank god he died at 63


Guess what. England starts fracking today despite massive opposition and after the government trampling over the national planning laws to achieve this, remembering that fracking is banned in many European countries. It also caused three peaceful demonstrators to be jailed last month, the first time this has occurred for over 70 years. No one benefits from fracking except the divi drawers and Big OG. Don’t kill our planet.


I cannot pretend to be a fully fledged climate scientist, but I do understand thermodynamics and something of the way complex systems behave. Even a small increase in global temperature means there is a huge increase in stored energy on planet earth, and it is entirely likely that this energy is going to flow into storm systems. I was alerted to this at a Cambridge lecture in the 1980s and 20+ years later it is getting pretty clear that this is what is happening. I agree totally that the consensus view of the scientists in conservative. In my view the most likely scenario is going to be far more dangerous than the consensus middle ground, and we should all be planning and preparing for this. PeterB


I would like to think that we can do this but I don’t think we have the capacity to get energized. We are either dead tired or numb from the constant outrage machine in the WH!

We cannot trust any person or party to save us. We have to do it ourselves!

Here is what they mean by drastic and immediate action:

Nationalize fossil fuels and plan their phase out ASAP since they will not phase themselves out to save us or the planet.
Nationalize our energy infrastructure, consolidate, and rapidly deploy solar, wind, carbon capture, and other technologies to bring our CO2 to zero ASAP.
Nationalize key industries and restructure to create solar panels, wind turbine, carbon capture equipment, etc as needed.
Redirect military toward rapid response to natural disasters.
Redirect NSA toward creating climate models that can inform us of threats and possible avenues for curbing climate catastrophes.

From what I can tell, a Democratic Socialist state, bottom up leadership, is the only way we can dynamically deal with what needs to happen.

We could take over the running of our country with less than 4000 people but who has the energy to do that?

It would require that we all wake up at the same time and I don’t see that happening!

It is only going to get worse until the powers that be mobilize toward action if ever!

It’s entirely possible that the 2020 election cycle will be the last time we can elect a slate of candidates capable of leading us into a new reality, and turn our society toward a more sustainable future. The case for taking drastic action now should be obvious.

Democratic Socialism is the only answer and I don’t see much enthusiasm for that either!


Yes, all of the above–“obviously.” While I have no objection to invoking a deity on these points, it is not necessary, as they are also the conclusions of virtually all of “the sages through the ages,” theists and otherwise, and of most genuinely thoughtful persons, those who have managed to avoid the corruption that has always surrounded us and that is always seductive to many people.


Humankind’s ability to create extends far beyond modes of greed, and includes modes of respect, generosity, kindness, love, and on and on. We can create the modes we love, but it requires more effort than creating the modes we fear.