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What's Not in the Latest Terrifying IPCC Report? The "Much, Much, Much More Terrifying" New Research on Climate Tipping Points


I wouldn’t bet on anything being done till the Supermarkets are either empty or food and water have become luxury items even if there still available.


I’m not sure how much “resistance” I will be able to make, but I’m 72 and I’m not going anywhere.


Unless your a Republican or a Democrat, - then its all good.


Thorium reactors can basically neutralize the waste while generating power, but not a single one of these extremely safe, old, and proven technology reactors is in operation anywhere in the World. The real reason for nuclear power, which cannot produce energy without gigantic government subsidy, is to maintain infrastructure needed for the manufacture of nuclear weapons.


Right, that will really go over well.

I’ve found that the best method of population control is to give women access to birth control. They usually choose to have fewer kids as a result.

And let’s try not to forget that the parts of the world with the largest populations are the poor parts, the parts that are small contributors to climate emissions while the rich parts with the smallest populations contribute the most. And 80% of climate emissions come from corporations.


Well, I’m 42 with young kids whom I want to have a better future. But a couple hours spent on Consortium News this morning has convinced me that there probably is no safer place since right wing populism is on the rise in Europe also. And as John Oliver observed, “when Europe goes hard right, they go hard right through Belgium!”


Oohhh wouldn’t your scenrio be so nice. Quite bucolic… I hate to remind you …of the 477nuclear power plants…around the world…that WILL begin to melt down as industrial civilization goes kaput


Yes…do not worry .the 477nuke plants around the world…habe our and every other species’ extinction…all wrapped up…along with blowing off our atmophere


???..What don’t you get. We are already cooked.


Wow…holy… Smokes…IT WAS OR EVER ABOUT more efficiency or conserving energy or even renewables…it IS about HUMAN NATURE …human behavior…worhipping/idolizing the rich .and the rich believing in umlimited growth …we made the wrong turn at the light beginning the INDUSTRIAL REBOLUTION …and…onece people realized…they did not have to Hoe the ground fir their food. …Work out in the cold …or get dirty…all bets were off that we would not go for burning fossil fuels.




Inkindnkf like this.


Ha!!..Thank you


Mmmm …partiky correct .but the current t government t has had too many "fixes’…done Tonite to assist those power …so…


Oooohh here we go again .every one seems to cknvenie tly fir about 477 NUEARMPOEER PLANTS…AROUND THE WORLD …and the fact that the FIRES from those…will set off the NUCLEAR WEAPONS around the world…


I should remind everyone…my lotion broke. And. So. Yeah. I need to remember to proof read my comment ts…sorry . I am terrible at typing with my thumbs




Well, no one wasted money on your education, certainly.


Which is probably the moment that a sane person realizes, “you know? Maybe I should just hold off for a day or two before I babble myself and others into irreversible comas.”

It’s not like you won’t get additional attempts to spew more coherently.