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'What's Radical Is Doing Nothing': Attacked as an Extremist, Sanders Condemns GOP for Ignoring Climate Crisis at Convention

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/25/whats-radical-doing-nothing-attacked-extremist-sanders-condemns-gop-ignoring-climate


Bernie, Bernie don’t you think maybe you are bringing this up at the wrong convention?


Thank YOU! What’s radical, is taking away OUR vote, choice of policies and ANY say we have in having our democracy bought up and reduced to bullshit cage-matches, scripted by K Street, with deligates chosen from, by and for lobbying firms? And down-ticket candidate, acting like DEMOCRATS disappeared by complicit media and Koch’s brazen DCCC.






It’s a shame that republicans mentioned global warming more on day one of their convention than the democrats did on four days (even if it was to decry it)
This is why the planet will warm out of control and a major extinction event will take place in the next fifty years. The supposedly most advanced nation on earth is represented by two political parties. One who denies that the planet is warming, or if it is, there’s nothing they are willing to do about it. And the other, who knows it’s happening but is just too intellectually lazy and cheap to do anything about it.


Let me guess John Curtis is up for reelection?
And Benji Backer your feeling disenfranchised, more like deluded.

What is suicidal, is doing nothing


Does this mean that Trumpelthinskin is a Chinese hoax, or is he a Russian hoax instead?

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Please sign up for the convention where you actually matter:



Who but Bernie Sanders is making clear that ‘EXTREMISM’ is stonewalling
by both parties so that Elites can continue to EXPLOIT the planet –

If you’re going thru this shut down without looking around your own homes at the
quantity of goods you stow there - and not considering that one day soon you may
be running to the sea to try to escape the fires of Global Warming – or actually
being evacuated because of them or new NUCLEAR REACTOR threats – then
you’re not really allowing reality to sink in.

Here in NJ we set new temperature records for JULY –
Today – the weather was so hot that a brief 25 foot walk produced burning on our
backs from the heat of the sun.

The best example of what has been happening for 150 years or so is that we have
been moving slowly towards catastrophe on this spaceship we call home because
of destruction of NATURE here.

When we have hundreds of thousands of homeless, what you have to be thinking is …
“Will I be next” – and not opening the frig to see what’s for lunch.

Such exploitation cannot continue – it means what the Virus has just shown us – that
all gasoline driven cars must be taken off the roads permanently – and re-engineered

That ALL animal eating/dairy must be ended because it is a major cause of Global Warming.

That ALL burning of fossil fuels must be ended –

Everything you’ve always known to be logical has to now begin to happen.


Don’t wait until your home is under water or on fire –


Color me skeptical.
How can Senator Sanders take Climate Change so seriously, and yet leave the Democratic primary because he was afraid the DNC would be mean to him if he didn’t? Its very difficult for me to believe his words, understanding, and passion for this issue in light of his actions.


LOL, true, but that’s the beauty of global warming, you don’t have to run to the sea, the sea comes to you!


Never happen because Bernie is not really an Independent who will support any third party.


Bernie in my opinion, is the consummate, Progressive, con man. Bernie tells Progressives what they want to hear and then when it really matters politically…SELLS US OUT!


Outside of this MPP being the brainchild of some former Our Revolution members, this has very little to do with Bernie. At last night’s meeting, reaching out to various progressive allies like the DSA, Green Party, and The Squad to combine strengths was discussed – Bernie not so much. I kept mum on the topic of Bernie’s role as sheepdogger during the meeting, I’ll save that for another day when any potential hero-worship rears its ugly head.


The situation is worse than you portray it.

A sixth extinction event is now well underway.
The population of wild mammals has been cut in half in just a few decades.
Wild creatures now account for under 3% of animal life.
Virtually every square inch of the planet’s surface is under human management/exploitation.

The Democrats aren’t too intellectually lazy and cheap to fight climate chaos. Instead, they’re clever enough to hoodwink armchair environmentalists into believing that watered down and laughably inadequate measures like The Paris Accords are some kind of effective response to climate chaos, when they’re actually designed to cover the asses of big polluters. Obama took a bow for the Paris Accords. He also took a bow for increasing US oil production to record levels. Bait, meet switch.

Which is why the “vote LOTE” crowd around here is rather misguided in their assessment of which half of the duopoly is the actual LOTE. Arguably, the d-party has passed more r-party inspired legislation over the last 30 years than the r-party itself. Meanwhile, the d-party apologentsia keeps falling for the d-party flim flam and crying like WATBs when others refuse the swindle.

It was a nice planet. Give it another 500,000 years and it will be again.


I don’t know why Sanders is harping about the GOP ignoring the climate crisis, when he has dropped out of the race and endorsed Biden, who is like minded as the GOP, and has no real green new deal agenda.


To me, Bernie endorsing Hillary in 2016 and now Biden in 2020 is the epitome of hypocrisy !


That’s the kind of awakening comments that could be very useful in getting
the idea of Global Warming across –

Often notice how humor opens minds –

Thank you!! :slight_smile:

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You know, let me just say - those “democrats” calling Sanders and co extreme are so far out of touch with reality that they may as well just go away. If they think that the Green New Deal is in any way extreme, they are delusional. The GND is simply a voice of sanity and reason only (Ask any climate scienitsts; it is how the mind and heart respond when it accepts the reality with open eyes and something intelligent there!)
Gee - the US Is Such a right-wing country (I am shaking my head as I write this!)
It is insane and horrednous to say the very least. At least this is just a convention where Bullshit gets bandied about -but I thought the US people, a substaintial amount cares about our climate crisis!
After that debacle, maybe they wonlt even bother voting!
Kudos for Sanders for telling it like it is!
It beggars belief!
I’m outta here!

There was every reason to believe that Bernie’s 2020 strategy had merit. On the back of a large grassroots network and small donor money, he was going to vastly increase turn out among young people, people of color, and former non-voters. I liked that plan, I endorsed that plan. Here’s why:

The 2018 midterm election saw voter participation increase a lot from the last midterm, including by a stunning 39% among younger voters, the most of any demographic.

Bernie hired an experienced team of social media and technology experts, they developed a great app that helped organizers grow their audiences and spur participation.

Bernie had already proven he could raise a lot of cash in small amounts in 2016, and as 2020 approached, the trend was continuing and getting stronger.

Yet Bernie’s strategy failed. More young people voted, but not in big enough numbers. Those non-voters, stayed non-voters. People of color did turn out for Bernie – but mostly the brown ones. The black ones won the election for Biden in The Super Tuesday Massacre.

Bernie can take a lot of credit for that failure. He refused, despite urging from his team, to go after Biden’s record in stark terms…Bernie was too polite. That was a huge mistake. Especially considering Bernie’s use of the word “revolution,” a loaded term signaling urgency and radical disruption and hard work. Bernie apparently sees revolution in a far less dramatic light. He didn’t demonstrate energy – the kind it would take to pass his agenda in a hostile Congress, where even Democrats fear change. Even before Iowa, I was concerned with Bernie’s lack of fight.

Maybe Bernie was naive.
Or maybe seeing Congress from the inside limits his view of what’s possible to mere happy talk.
Maybe he underestimated the lengths to which the d-party establishment would go stop him.
But whichever it was, or whichever combination, it paints Bernie as not equipped for the task at hand.

And seen in the light of his being relegated to sheepdog, not once, but twice with pretty much zero, if not less than zero to show for it, I can’t help but agree with you about him being a sell out. Which is sad as hell.

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