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'What's Radical Is Doing Nothing': Attacked as an Extremist, Sanders Condemns GOP for Ignoring Climate Crisis at Convention

Yeah, what a shame!


You tuning into the Movement for a Peopleā€™s Party convention today?
I am, but I know full well that many speakers will sheepdog for Biden, because Trump.
Which quite frankly, does not sell me on MPP.
Because a Biden administration is likely to provide four more years of cover for The Squad, et al.

Well, Iā€™ll stay hopeful for now.

We Progressives need a strong third party that is an antidote to the corruption and miasma of the duopoly. I support the Green Party, but until any third party has as much political power as the other two partiesā€¦nothing will, in my viewā€¦ever change.

Exactly! Many will not have accepted our situationā€¦UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE.