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What's Really Going on in Hong Kong?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/14/whats-really-going-hong-kong

Socialist vs. Capitalist–The article implies that the two terms are mutually exclusive. They are not. Modern China is driven by its private capitalistic enterprises probably more that its state-run businesses. Often both coexist in the same industry.
Socialism vs. capitalism is not the main difference between the two systems. HK and the mainland differ in the way government business is conducted and the kinds of laws that they have.

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I thnk Erlich does a great job filling me in on the other side of the story here. I’ve heard all about the glorious vandals on the agitprop machine. With the full spectrum in view, this does start to resemble western meddling. I’m not saying it is at all, but it usually is, practically always has been…

Helen points out that China is a savvy capitalist system. I never heard about the murder case before, a problem the law certainly seems expressly crafted to address. By contrast, the opposition seems mobbish with their retort that the “just don’t trust China.” Smells like the Anglo-USAmerican Empire to me. Vassallage to Empire is no way for citizens of Hong Kong to defend their dignity.

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The Quin dynasty was also the last Imperial dynasty, such an interesting time in the history of China. Ruled by Empress dowager Cixi, then it became a republic, and finally under communist rule. Hong Kong became a respite from war and political upheaval.

What’s Really going on in Hong Kong?
That is the title of the story, and what people want to know. Reese gives a little history and his speculation as to what’s happening. Lets dig a little deeper. The Hong Kong story starts about 8:00 in the video, you be the judge.


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