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What's 'Ridiculous,' Says Warren, Is Not Tax on Wealth But Billionaires Like Schultz 'Who Think They Can Buy the Presidency'


What's 'Ridiculous,' Says Warren, Is Not Tax on Wealth But Billionaires Like Schultz 'Who Think They Can Buy the Presidency'

Julia Conley, staff writer

"What's 'ridiculous' is billionaires who think they can buy the presidency to keep the system rigged for themselves while opportunity slips away for everyone else."

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The very people that they exploited to enrich themselves. Tax his ilk at 90%!


I’m not convinced about his desire to be President. Could it be he’s just another billionaire afraid of that 70% tax rate and he could just be a Trump insurance plan, to split the vote. It rarely, if ever works, but I’m not sure this snake knows that.


There is certainly enough historic precedent to suggest that one can indeed buy the presidency.
Every one of the Bushes got “elected” illegally with the aid of co-conspiritors, who were no doubt well compensated.
Trump also “won” the presidency by purging more votes, getting more press coverage (much of which was actually on Clinton’s dime) and generally having better fixers than Clinton, all of which costs money.
When it comes to American politics money is usually the deciding factor, and Schultz certainly has that.
If he is serious, it may just come down to how many other billionaires are willing to back him.


just what we need another out of touch super rich asshole thinking he should run the government like a business


Didn’t get rich off of me: I eschew crack juice and have never been to Starfuck’s!


As it was said: Austerity is the corporate billionaires telling the millionaires in congress the rest of us are greedy.


Whether your post is true or not; we can be sure Trump would love to see Schultz split the vote!


Just a guess on my part, but I don’t trust this jack-wang.

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Why do some think Wealthy business billionaires make the best Presidential candidate? The problem we have now is capitalism buying our democracy, politicians being bought by oligarchs. Our government is not a business, CEO’s are for managing corporations and shareholders profits, Presidents should be for managing people and their needs. Just look how Thump was complicit in war crimes when he sold all of those weapons to Saudi Arabia to maximize US war machine company profits while Yemen gets bombed to hell, that’s the business mind for you.


One doesn’t ‘court major donors’ by proposing a ‘wealth tax’.

Rather than picking on the pimples of the only three Progressive candidates out there (Sanders, Warren, Gabbard), and each has a pimple or two, I think it’s best to support all three. Any of them would get my vote over the herd of ‘centrists’, which have masses of seeping boils.

Remember, it’s not Warren vs. Bernie vs. Gabbard (the least experienced, but seems good). Rather it’s the real Democrats (Roosevelt/Populist) vs. the fake ones (Wall St./Corporate Shill).


If the Dems can put up a real progressive, Schultz would pull away votes from Trump.

I doubt that he’ll run, though.


Some of these posts against Warren are interesting----who exactly will you be supporting? And as again I will state again the real issue is the media. Warren was on the Lawrence O’Donnell show last night----O’Donnell went on and on about how great it was that Warren was there for an interview. And when the interview happened(by the way I like Warren) it was so softball------ask her a question about the Trump adm. in the process of overthrowing the gov. of Venezuela----or about healthcare----or all the bribes congress people take? If the media fail to do their job what is the point----and the real question is why the media fail to do their job.

If one listens to the thinking behind these billionaires thinking of running its not about Trump. It is about the democrats moving to the left. And yes this is laughable because I consider Warren or Sanders MODERATE! If Biden runs the billionaires are saying they won’t run.

Just think about were we are today -----The US government is calling for the overthrow of Venezuela and this is hardly covered by the corporate media----and what they report are in effect propaganda because they leave out a lot of information. The congress is supporting a bill with the help of dem to take people’s right to protest. “The patriot act”----What is the stand of the candidates on the patriot act?

This is about RICH ahole GATEKEEPERS----the media----and you can’t just turn them off----WE ALL NEED TO CALL THEM OUT!. And yes you Sen Warren and Bernie you need to call them out. I love how Warren will take issues apart and give real understanding of the effects. Please Sen Warren-----do a real understanding of what the corporate media is doing in this country. Your doing interviews go on Democracy Now and take some real questions. And I just want to thank DN for covering the Venezuela issue in their last three news programs----they have limited time and covered a major issue unlike the corporate media that act like they have no idea how to cover this issue. WHAT HAVE WE BECOME! SUPPORT INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM—SUPPORT THE COMMONS.


I think the mid-term elections indicate that it would likely be trump who would lose the most votes should this jackass decide to run–that is, if either Bernie or Warren were to be the Democratic representative. The “silent majority” is silent no more, as indicated by the popularity of social programs like universal health care.

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"Howard Schultz’s leadership on economic issues is as bland as his coffee . . . " Not bland at all, and I don´t mean his coffee, but his pretentiousness and elitism: vicious, cruel, disgusting, and as dangerous to many, many people as his proposed campaign. Whereas Trump proposed, lyingly, to “drain the swamp,” this corporate billionaire weasel is letting you know directly he plans to fill the sewers . . . with the likes of himself.

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Who are these democrat voters who will run to this new flavor? Those that don’t want health care,quality education,living wage or be able to retire without living under a bridge. The DNC is still looking for those white suburban republicans who are so much more attractive than actual democrats. This guy hasn’t come out and said that social security and Medicare have to go but he does want to cut the deficit without making rich people pay. So that leaves the rest of us holding the bag. You are right, a true progressive would be a winning ticket, but the party rulers aren’t about to get behind that.


Elizabeth, what a ridiculous statement! How can someone who has been a Harvard professor, be that politically, sophomoric! If YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT, then in my view, you are an example of what many people call: AN EDUCATED IDIOT!

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Who says you can’t buy a presidency. Trump, a billionaire in his own mind, has done just that. You don’t think he won with good hair and undying honesty do you?


Did you pay taxes? If so i am afraid he did indeed get rich off you.
There really is no avoiding the exploitation by the 1% at this point.


Copy of a letter I am submitted to the editors of several newspapers:

Howard Schultz, former CEO of Starbucks, is considering a run for President as an Independent. He thinks the Democratic Party has gone too far left. Left of what? Too far for what?

Lord, deliver us from billionaires with trillion dollar egos. Does Father Know Best? Is Big Daddy going to save us from the Communists? He has no experience in elected office and no experience dealing with co-equal governors (is he forgetting Congress and the Supreme Court?).

As Donald Trump found out (although he has yet to admit it), being President of the United States of America is not quite like being Chief Operating Officer of a large corporation. He is not autonomous.

The Gross Domestic Product of the United States is $23,874.93 billion. Starbucks’ Net Worth is $30 billion. Howard Schultz going from CEO of Starbucks to President would be like a Girl Scout going from selling cookies to CEO of Starbucks.

And, if his statement about health care is any indication of his grasp of national issues, his candidacy is in big trouble before he even declares.
“Every American deserves the right to have access to quality health care. But what the Democrats are proposing is something that is as false as The Wall, and that is free health care for all . . . . “ He is beginning his run with a big, fat lie! Medicare for all is not free health care. It is the government offering a place for buying health care insurance. Medicare is not free. Neither would Medicare for All be free.

If Mr. Schultz cannot tell the difference between single-payer health care insurance and free health care, then he is not qualified to run for President of the PTA, let alone the United States of America. And if he is deliberately engaging in fear-mongering by telling a lie, then he is no better than the current occupant of the Oval Office.