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What's the Meaning of American Failure?


What's the Meaning of American Failure?

William Astore

The dishonesty of words illustrates the dishonesty of America’s wars.


"To what end this concerted assault on the words we use?"

I think Mr. Astore is guilty of the dis-ease he purports to address... with what, the cure of exposure?

The statement above suggests that the great amorphous mass of the citizenry is responsible for the assault on language when the assault is engineered by propagandists for the express purposes of numbing the citizenry to the facts about war, when not presenting entirely false narratives, added to Inside Job triggers.

This is equally disingenuous:

"The dishonesty of words illustrates the dishonesty of America’s wars."

Written in "the passive voice," it's reminiscent of statements like "mistakes were made," or "an arm came around _____." In the latter instance, THAT arm came around to KILL a man. But the verbiage suggests that it was the arm, not the man, that made the lethal decision.

Here is another inversion of language used to open Mr. Astore's essay:

"Since 9/11, can there be any doubt that the public has become numb to the euphemisms that regularly accompany U.S. troops, drones, and CIA operatives into Washington’s imperial conflicts across the Greater Middle East and Africa?"

What's being set up is blaming the public for going numb rather than putting the onus where it belongs: on a military machine that is adept at using all sorts of mind control to create the illusion of (manufactured) consent, or in this case, grind people down with news of daily trauma.

When a piece begins in this way, it is difficult for me to read further.

Now it could be that Mr. Astore is not a bona fide agent of disinformation. It could be that his career in the military just has conditioned him to see things the way he does. And it could be that said conditioning has led to an unquestioning acceptance of the ultimate False Trigger... the inside job that unleashed 5-6 calamitous wars and under the guise of fighting terror, brutally spread that very thing while feeding The Beast an endless supply of financial fuel, a virtual guarantee on more wars to come.

There is much evidence that suggests that the U.S. is not a functioning democracy. We can call it an oligarchy, a plutocracy, a corporate state, an inverted totalitarian system, or a military state. In any of these expressions, the will of citizens comes as a footnote... for it's those endowed with media, financial, corporate, and military power that call the shots.

Thus, the constant attempts on the part of widely dispersed propagandists (along with their true believer cohorts) to conflate what's done BY elites with the citizenry is getting old and stale.

I will continue to call out this dark deceit wherever I encounter it.

And to those who act like soldier boys (even if they are not in uniform), I will preempt their likely response to me. It's this idea that either the citizenry is (fully) responsible or it's not as if there's no shades of grade or gradations of rank, access, motive, opportunity and power within the top-down nexus that the masters of today's globalism (fueled by a gigantic military apparatus) have built.


The article concludes:

"...perhaps the U.S. government could tell the shocking and awful truth to the American people in plain language about the realities and dangers of never-ending war. "

Here's a good place to start, Mr. Astore. Time to deconstruct this fable:

"Keep in mind, for instance, that the 9/11 attacks on American soil were estimated to have cost Osama bin Laden at most a half-million dollars. Multiply that by 400 and you can buy one “made in America” F-35 jet fighter."


The reason the Pentagon uses the words "asymmetrical warfare" is because they cannot spell "guerrilla" . And they think it is Spanish for "gorilla".