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When 92% of Democrats and 67% of Swing Voters in Key Battleground States Support Green New Deal, Pelosi's Opposition Called 'Out of Touch'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/07/when-92-democrats-and-67-swing-voters-key-battleground-states-support-green-new-deal

And Pelosi and her cronies could care less. They do not serve us. They hold us in contempt. The most we could hope for is some watered down gruel, manufactured lies and endless hearings telling us that
“We need to slow down and transition to climate change over the next 50 years.”


Global warming is here whether the Pelosi puppets of Citibank acknowledge. Perhaps like the Titantic, the good ship USS Pelosi’s denial will hit a submerged ice berg. Pelosi is an anachronism, out of place of time. We get a lot of this. Biden. The Deep State is digging in for the long fight armored by the corporate monopolies they create and dissolve for entertainment. While Rome burns.


I live in a swing state (Florida) and I guess I’m in the eight percent who give a thumbs down, emphatically, to this Green New Deal. It’s a quick way to ensure defeat to a vulnerable and despicable opponent.

Progressives have a herculean task ahead of us:

  • Get Bernie elected president
  • Purge Pelosi and other corporate Dems
  • Defeat mainstream corporate media propaganda
  • Purge the GOP
  • Get the warmonger industries, billionaires, Wall Street, polluters and other enemies out of government
  • Get rid of Thomas and Kavanaugh
    If anybody can do it, we can do it.
    My role models: Lisbeth Salander, the Guy Fawkes dude from V for Vendetta, Hayduke

You’re a blind fool who is a stealth supporter of the death of the biosphere.


Remember SoH Pelosi’s deal ? She’s almost a lock until 2022 in that spot. Unless, sadly she trips over her husband’s money clip while strolling thru the vineyards.
I wonder how many bottles of wine older than that couples combined age have they shared together? While perusing the official U.S. death counts of children in Iraq and Afghanistan killed by drone strikes, no doubt.
The Queen of California has turned hearth and home into the towering inferno. What a gal!


A heavy lift indeed


Blind fool, little David? I’m a pragmatist. What are you? You sound like someone who doesn’t have the proverbial practical bone in your body. I’ve backed Democrats likely longer than you’ve been alive. But you have all the answers, eh?

All this pie in the sky talk won’t take you very far in a national election. Pelosi, for instance, has probably forgotten more than you know. She speaks practicality and the wisdom of what works and what doesn’t. She should be listened to with some reverence, not slammed as some out-of-touch dinosaur.

Democrats cannot afford to blow this election. Maybe you’d rather go down in flames with your impractical Green New Deal than bend a little to win. If so, that makes you the fool, with a capital F.

Bottom line: think what it takes to win, not some giveaway program that is certain to crash and burn.

What a bunch of nonsense. Progressive policies will win elections, you have it backwards. But we’ll send a snorkel down to you in Florida for when the sea rises above your empty head.


Don’t want to rain on the parade, but I need to ask a question: Were voters who declared they didn’t know much about the Green New Deal excluded from the sample? Those that know about the issue and will vote will say they support it, but those who don’t know what it is might likely vote against it–especially if it is framed as outrageously expensive and liable to put workers on the unemployment line. In Michigan the Republican candidate for Senate is already running ads that go after the Green New Deal, those saying it will cause unemployment in the auto and fossil fuel industries. I would not count on the Green New Deal as being a means to get voters to vote for Democratic candidates.


Nonsense, any mouse? There’s so much you don’t know and with your snotty attitude, I’m not going to bail you out.

So much winning, eh? Since Pelosi and her ilk first joined Congress the lists of wins is only surpassed by: the #s of wars they’ve supported, the millions of medical bankruptcies they’ve caused, the hundreds of thousands of non-combatants they’ve murdered, the giant % of growth in income inequality they’ve created, the level of white-collar crime they’ve overlooked, the savings/minorities’ assets they’ve allowed to be illegally confiscated, the people of color they’ve imprisoned…
You’ve got yourself quite a winning team and winning strategy there, ace. Quite the impressive record of achievement and so very bipartisan, too.
BTW- Where do we send the flowers and thank you notes, your place or hers?


Sarcasm sometimes will get you somewhere. Not here.

Did you read the article. Give the results results of the study, pragmatic is progressive. Read before commenting.


the so -called leadership of the damn dems should resign immediately. they are knownothings and are living in yesterday’s delusions - that includes biden who can barely think a sentence long enuf to spit it out. ugh and now we have mr. moneybags about to jump in - what did you ever do to help the folks that really needed it bloombags while you were the “exalted” mayor of NYC? it gets more circusy daily.


So, " here we are now, entertain us "; into the fray you moved in and taken up shop. And, speak for the group " here " at CD.
Pucker up, I got just the place you Nancies can kiss.


So i think what you are saying is that if we don’t educate the misinformed they will believe opposition propaganda that the green new deal is exactly not what the original original New Deal of FDR was. Like the Civilian Conservation Corps that provided jobs for anyone that wanted one. Except the Green New Deal will do that for women as well. If the auto industry doesn’t make green autos people can find employment elsewhere. Expensive? The original New Deal is what saved peoples asses during the depression! Unfortunately because it wasn’t a republican idea at the time they were against it as with Social Security another very successful program for the common good. Our biggest hurdle is the mainstream media that sees all of this as a threat to their bottom line as the slippery slope leads away from huge amounts of money spent their way to buy our government.


Charles- If you don’t get on board, this may be your last election.


Get rid of Thomas and Kavanaugh and Gorplop.