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When a Bill to Revive Democracy Is Called an Ode to Socialism


When a Bill to Revive Democracy Is Called an Ode to Socialism

Andrew Cohen

The New York Times’ editorialists last week called Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell the only “roadblock” preventing a vote on the For the People Act, the sweeping voting, ethics, and election rights legislation House Democrats passed on Friday. That’s true. But the fight is broader than that. The early Republican response to the popular bill suggests the GOP sees it as an existential threat to white supremacy in an era of changing demographics.


What a bunch of nonsense.

This should be called the “FOOL the People Act”.

It is only being proposed now because it has no chance of becoming law.

See my comment on the John Sarbanes article “To Clean Up the Planet, Clean Up Washington” for more detail on this scam and a real solution to the problem of big money in our political process. (it’s too long to put here again on this article.)

It is always amusing (as well as disappointing) when someone points out the nonsense Republicans are arguing while expecting that citizens will buy the equally idiotic nonsense being argued by the Democrats.

It’s just good cop /bad cop show by both “sides” put on for the rubes on both “sides” while they work together for the big money interests.

There’s an old saying that if you can’t spot the sucker at the table, then you are the sucker.

In this case, each of the “sides” is pointing out a sucker to you, but if you buy either side’s nonsense then there is more than one sucker and they are only pointing out the other sucker so you don’t realize that you are also one.


Oh Mr. McCarthy ( any relation to that other one in the 1950s? ) I’m asking because your arguments are so silly. As for voting felons—well when people serve their TIME, and the TIME is completed, they should not be punished for eternity for a crime, if they have served their prison time. I am wondering what McCarhy thinks about all of the felons in Congress who haven’t been caught yet. I’d like to see that. : )


Cut to the chase, dude. Your empty word salad of Chuck Toddisms ( both sides ) is tiring and bogus. Catch a clue while you’re at it, too.
And, I’m not interested in chasing around looking for another pile of gibberish, based on sifting through the first steaming pile.


Actually it would be a whole lots better if the Republicans could stop their knee jerk reaction to socialist efforts and try to understand what these efforts are all about. I certainly don’t want to lose the inputs they offer on commerce but they must come to realize that without a healthy, vibrant, educated, and yes happy population things will always be on edge. Income disparity is the result of runaway capitalism and income disparity eventually tears everyone down.


Income disparity? Try monumental historical institutional income inequality which is cemented into an unjust tax code …" of the wealthy, by the wealthy, for the wealthy ".
As to input on matters of commerce from Republicans… the 99s have enough problems with " input " from the likes of the Center for American Progress, or 3rd Way; who incidentally don’t tell their audience the names of their Corporate and uber-wealthy donors, we don’t need to hear a peep from the frickin’ Republican white nationalist crowd. But, thanks for the suggestion, now go back to the American Enterprise Institute. And stay there, please.


Mr. Cohen thank you for attempting to make sense of the responses of McConnell and McCarthy to the FOR THE PEOPLE ACT. What a pair they are ! McConnell wins the award for most smarmy and reptilian. As for McCarthy, that man could not pass college composition exam and when asked to answer a question with a prepared written answer, you will learn that he is incapable of completing an intelligible sentence. A grandchild most likely helped write that prepared video act.


2009 does seem to have been a year that would have made a lot more sense to propose such legislation.


Excellent comment! The late Sheldon Wolin described the Dems as a “fake opposition party.” We should not see the GOP’s new red baiting and the Dems demonization of all things Russian as totally unrelated political strategies. Historically it seems a close replay of McCarthyist anti-communism of the post WWII period. At a time of unprecedented inequality, of impending ecocide, the ruling class only offers us deepening poverty and war.


New red baiting …? R U forgetting the Republicans embrace Russian $$$ and influence peddling in domestic politics and business arrangements, with Trump as the chaperone for shady real estate transactions in NY City and S. Florida, for example. Wilbur Ross is up to his eyeballs washing Russian $$$ in Cyprus, too. Whereas the Dimocrats, especially the Warren wing, are trying hard to bring transparency to murky banking practices by International financial entities doing business in the U. S. etc.
The Russian fiasco of investigatiing vote hacking is overplayed, for sure. The real story there, of course, is Republican white nationalist groupies and the blatant SCOTUS voter suppression tactics.


You may have some valid things to say but, unfortunately, your comment just comes off as gobbledigook as it stands.


Cohen sez:
“The GOP’s initial line of attack won’t last long beyond the corridors of the White House and Fox News. It can’t. It’s just not strong enough and it insults the intelligence of the American people.”

— the fug? That precise M.O. has been working just fine for 40 years. NOW the USAn people are suddenly going to see right through it?


Bereft of substantive ideas that serve the nation as a whole describes the Republican Party but they have lots of substantive ideas, such as voter suppression, to futher empower and protect Wealth and Privilege.