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When a President’s Tweets Ape the Squeals of a Swine


When a President’s Tweets Ape the Squeals of a Swine

Pierre Tristam

What struck me in Donald Trump’s latest hurl of tweets, among other foulness, was the time of the tweets: around 9 a.m., when most of us have already been neck-deep in work for a few hours.


Talk about lipstick on a pig??Lindsey Graham fits that bill. Can’t stand the sucker.
As a Rooseveltiian Progressive, even thinking about that swine makes me furious.


Obviously Trump is a Twitter addict and needs psychological help to break his addiction. Twitter was purposely designed to be addicting. Many people can deal with Twitter without becoming addicted but for an immature person like Trump I would think addiction is likely. Given what we know about his tweeting he really has a serious case of addiction. Trump is certainly not the only Twitter addict, there are probably millions, but he is the only president of the US and clearly is unable to perform his job because of all the tweeting as well as a host of other reasons. He also is apparently addicted to watching TV. I don’t now how he was able to run the Trump Organization but he clearly is incapable of carrying out the task of a serious and difficult job. Between all his addictions and a very short attention span he mainly is indulging in his addictions and playing golf to get away from it all.


Love the ‘megaton vulgarian’ moniker.


Ah, yes, “the Paul Ryan approach, taking a break from pleasuring the president just long enough to spit out the requisite waiver” - brilliant!

It seems there are so many in line to pleasure the ginger pig, there just isn’t enough time in the day - especially after all those tweets defending his pathology and abuses heaped on anyone that speaks their mind on the threats this cretin is pushing daily!


The poor pigs don’t deserve this comparison—you don’t see them wasting their time making abusive tweets, do you?


For your information, Mr. Tristam, pigs are clean and intelligent animals. Stop comparing the White House monster to pigs. And please try to find an original metaphor. Nonhuman animals are probably tired of being compared unfavorably to the human ones.


How about an acronym?
Grotesque prictator :rage:


While I usually find Pierre Tristam’s pieces stimulating and insightful, I find this more sophomoric in its swine references.

DJT is leading the country in this downward spiral of hate and vulgarity, as expected. Where else will a campaign based on hate, derision and division lead?

This week Repub strategist Ana Navarro urged Trump to “stop acting like a mean girl.” and ironically he becomes the “nasty woman” he muttered of Hillary during the debates.