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When A Rabbit’s Got the Gun: Black Judge Eviscerates White RoboCop Caught By the Eye of Justice


When A Rabbit’s Got the Gun: Black Judge Eviscerates White RoboCop Caught By the Eye of Justice

White cops are still killing black men - or, today, a naked 17-year-old boy - but perhaps some justice is coming. A Detroit cop already sued 12 times for brutality was just convicted by a majority-black jury of punching in the head and brutally beating a black 57-year-old longtime Ford employee for an alleged rolling stop; he was then sentenced to 13 months to 10 years by a furious black judge who took her sweet time savaging the "barbaric" attack on what they viewed as "a black man in a Cadillac" by "a group of racist officers looking to do a nigger."


Wondering why a cop already sued 12 times! for brutality is even still on the job.?

More of these gutless thugs need to be brought before this fine judge who delivered a very eloquent verbal spanking to this poor excuse for a so called police officer, who is just another thug with a badge that thinks he is better than those that do not have a badge, he is a coward in every sense of the word, and hopefully he will see the error of his ways while being bent over in the showers. Just so he gets a true sense of the terror he so enjoyed inflicting on defenseless citizens. It would only be fair . And only then would he be truly sorry for his cowardly actions and behavior.


Listen to the judges sentencing statement and you will know why. The Inkster MI PD is yet another example of "right-sizing of government" and "the miracle of the market place"--thank you Ronald the Ray-Gun for those marching orders. Security guards at the local mall make more than the cops! (The hourly pay rate is identical but the guards have "benefits" and the Inkster cops do not).


This lady is headed for some higher office (one would hope) because her political instincts are great.
Listen to her detailing the woes of being a cop in Inkster MI, then listen to her detail that about the misbehaving officer's past conduct that was worthy of praise. One by one she is closing off any frivolous appeals the local police union might raise.
She even compliments both counsels for being such professional attorneys--and then she slaps the sentence on this guy who so richly deserved what he got for forgetting his responsibility to "preserve and protect" instead of "hassle and beat up" the public who just happen to be African-American..


We need more black judges, black police, patrols on foot who know the neighbors and swift justice not only for the thug cops, but a new atmosphere in the blue line. One that doesn't emulate the Mafia and omerta


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Hey now! I agree with most of your comments, but as I understand the article, the sentencing guidelines are 13 months to 10 years. Do we actually know what the final sentence was? And, by the way, I believe "uncle Tom" is a racist term. Thank you for your insight! Peace and blessings to all, Tom EVANS


BRAVA to this courageous judge!

If our judiciary was not so overwhelming white and "prosecutors" (that often become judges) so complicit to the crimes of cops, being "cops in suits" themselves, failing to indict or intentionally screwing up cases against criminal cops, we might have more justice and less complicity and corruption. Only when violent and killer cops are held accountable will justice prevail and reform/retraining of police come to pass......and communities support rather than fear police.


Whether its bad cops or bad politicians or bad business leaders, if we want the system changed, punishments must be much much more severe to send a strong message that you are goin' down not up via your criminality.


A white police officer convicted of brutally assaulting an unarmed black man is now off to prison where a majority black population is waiting with milk and cookies. The rabbit's got the gun.


When a mall security guard makes wages equal to a rookie cop and has benefits that the cop does not, that shouldn't be since the job of being a street cop involves just a wee bit more responsibility and potential danger than flipping burgers at Mickey D's or being a greeter at the local Wal-Mart. That still does not justify how this cop and his companions behaved, but it does show why the Inkster MI PD might not be able to attract and retain a better class of individual for the job.


They don't want to attract a better class individual for the job, that's why he was still on the force after 12....yes 12 lawsuits for brutality!

It sounds like one of the job perks is getting to brutalize citizens with impunity.

The camaraderie in this cowardly attack is evidenced by the congratulatory "fist bumps" noted by the judge. They were proud of there courageous stance.

Perhaps they can't get jobs at the mall because they are so out of control, can't have them beating on shoppers, ....bad for business.


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I know in my heart of hearts that that thug of a robocop will get his "in the end" in prison if you know what I mean. Everything happens for a reason, this is justice!


Christina--I understand and agree with your contempt for the guilty cop, but what you are describing is not "justice" it is "vengeance". The problem with "vengeance" is that it starts a feedback loop that escalates into greater and greater violence. What we need is to get this guy off the streets and to do it in such a way that will send a message loud and clear to the other police officers that neither such conduct nor remaining mum about it will not be tolerated.


Of course they do, but what kind of candidates are you going to attract (and just as importantly retain) with such lousy pay and no benefits. As I said earlier, those facts don't excuse such conduct but they do help to explain the climate that allows such behavior.


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