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When a Ridiculous Typo Pretty Much Says It All: GOP-Controlled House Prints Tickets for Trump #SOTUniom


When a Ridiculous Typo Pretty Much Says It All: GOP-Controlled House Prints Tickets for Trump #SOTUniom

Common Dreams staff

The Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives does not have to deliver the State of the Union address, which President Donald Trump will give Tuesday night, but they are in charge of printing the tickets for those attending.

Turns out this year, that was a lot to ask as the printed tickets erroneously spelled the word 'Union' as 'Uniom'—an error which has reportedly delayed distribution of tickets while also spawning immediate gaffaws and ridicule online:


Yeah boy. Inept at everything but being inept - cummin at it natcherl like.

In celebration of the Peoples SOTU - something VERY important for flamingos


Good example of at least one type of “trickle-down” working well. In this case, the incompetence and “big middle finger to education and facts and decorum” extends from the top on down. The dumbing-down of America continues unabated.

You couldn’t pay me to watch a Trump speech, SOTU or otherwise. Seriously, every time I hear his lying arrogant slurring voice I see red. Can’t do it.


"So what is the ‘State of the Uniom’?"
It’s watching the SOTU with ‘yummy’ food :yum:


well no wonder we are in the shape we are, congress can’t spell


Yup, and my “NEWSPAPER of record” for the eastern half of North Carolina ran an email touting its discount deal beginning with the word “WOAH!” (sic) FOR TWO CONSECUTIVE DAYS.

RIP Robert Parry: https://consortiumnews.com/2018/01/28/robert-parrys-legacy-and-the-future-of-consortiumnews/


As if the #fakenews weren’t bad enough, now we have the #nonnews to deal with as well.

A typo. Wow.


And the president is the founder of Trump University no less. This typo could tarnish the high-minded image of the president and the Republican Party. What a disaster. How could such esteemed people not catch such an obvious error. This calls for an congressional investigation. Hillary must be behind this. But how did she do it? Did she pay off the proofreader to miss typos? The Republicans must get to the bottom of this for the sake of the country.


With Trump, SOTU stands for “SHIT ON THE UNION!”, which he does amazingly well. How can such bumbling INEPTITUDE be so effective at destroying a society we have been working for CENTURIES to build?


He has a lot of help.


It is just as ominous of a sign as the letters falling off the wall during Theresa May’s speech a couple of months ago. We might as well call it the Fate of the Union address.


Those are some adorable booties – and they’re BLUE!


Ah, but it’s a typo that would have been easily caught (and corrected) by running “spellcheck.”


They get to print them twice, more money wasted. Trump is a pedophile.



I choose STFU.


Meaning is clear: ‘Uniom’ means ‘not the International Organization for Migration’ - https://www.iom.int/


Yes, the respect of our uniom demands it!


Apparently, the Moron-in-Chief did the final proofreading.


Dump’s gonna need some of those when Mueller has him walking over hot coals.


What’s the problem?
All these leaders choke up on the word “union”.
It’s like Maynard G Crebs freaking on the word “work”.
Nothing to see here, go have some coffeve.