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When A ‘Tax Bonanza’ Is Actually A Huge Corporate Tax Break


When A ‘Tax Bonanza’ Is Actually A Huge Corporate Tax Break

Dave Johnson

There is a push underway for a huge corporate tax break from the next administration. Multinational corporations owe more than $720 billion in taxes on profits stashed in tax havens. They are proposing to bring those profits back if the government lets them pay only a fraction of what’s owed. This is being sold as a “tax bonanza” to pay for infrastructure. Actually it’s a “tax-break bonanza” for corporations. Don’t be bamboozled.


Schumer has been a deceitful S.O.B. from day one. His most disgusting conduct was his support for the government murders of Ruby Ridge and Waco. But nobody should be surprised that a sitting high ranking politician lies, cheats and steals - and New York is hardly an example of good government in the first place.

Americans are being propagandized unlike any other time in our history and it's unlikely 300,000,000 million TV "news" watching dependent people will suddenly have an epiphany.


Based on his 2013 State of the Union message priorities for his second term, Obama would have already completed this tax "reform" if TPP, TTIP and TISA had been as easy to push through as he hoped at the time.

We can count on Clinton or Trump prioritizing the corporate tax breaks described in this article, or similar, during their first term,

Whenever corporate taxes are reduced, the gubmit extorts more tax money from middle class tax payers.

Vote for Jill Stein for a level playing field for taxation.


We need to exert pressure on the millionaires in congress and the white house in a futile effort to convince them their billionaire handlers are not acting in the public interest. Alas.


Giving corporations a break on taxes they owe is a bad idea.

Having said that, let's take a look at the infrastructure side of this, what many think is a good idea. Well, a good idea depending on what the money would be spent on. We do not need to spend on infrastructure that supports the continued emphasis on the fossil-fuel driven automobile. Instead, the money needs to be put into mass transit (long-distance trains, local mass transit systems) and reduction of the use of the car.


The records show why a Clinton administration would serve powerfully to protect corporate interests above the people, regardless of H. Clinton's current campaign spiel. Many people, obviously, agree with this right wing agenda. I've heard that in spite of decades of proof to the contrary, people still commonly believe that maintaining massive annual tax cuts and handouts to corporations will eventually result in those masses of "good, family-supporting jobs," and they've been clinging to this notion since the 1980s.


It pacifies middle classers and really doesn't help the country. Infrastructure work provides a limited number of jobs, usually short-term, almost exclusively for men. The US has a poverty crisis that is slowly strangling the economy. The great majority of poor are women. Women are overwhelmingly relegated to low-wage jobs/positions. Go into ANY businesses that pays low wages, and you'll see that nearly all of their workers are women -- and it's sure not because women prefer being underpaid.


Apple doesn't need to bring the money back from "overseas". It's a keystroke on a computer that "says" the money is in Ireland/overseas. It has never left the US banks. It's a simple accounting trick that saves it paying the taxes and allows it to cheat the American economy.


Individual tax dodgers have to pay the actual tax owed, plus penalties and interest ... or face prison.

Multi-national corporate tax dodgers (who established P.O. Box, storefront, or mini office shadow off-shore corporations) get their taxes reduced with no penalties or interest.

Now tell me, who do you think the State represents? It sure as hell isn't the "We the People" indicated in the Preamble of the Constitution.