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When Bernie Promised to #SayHerName #SandraBland


When Bernie Promised to #SayHerName #SandraBland

Hannah Adair Bonner

“That’s Bernie Sanders,” my sister said, indicating an unpretentious man with a full head of white hair that had slipped past me and tucked himself into a table in the shadowy corner of East Street Cafe, a Thai restaurant in Washington DC’s Union Station.

“Really? Are you sure?” I asked her doubtfully, as I took another bite of my basil chicken across the table from Ms. Geneva Reed-Veal. For better or for worse, he was not a man who had quite the signature look that more polished politicians cultivate; which is probably part of his charm.


Moments of clear Divine Order--or stellar synchronicity--remind us that we are not in this human experiment... alone.

And it's equally gratifying to hear that Mr. Sanders did not use the moment as a photo-op or career booster. In his quiet humility, he will likely profit from the photo circulating through Social Media.

Thank you for sharing this moment, Ms. Bonner.


Bernie Sanders = a genuine role model.


What a beautiful, moving story.

It's a privilege to be a witness to it, even at a distance.