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When Can We Get Rid of Them?


When Can We Get Rid of Them?

As if last night's war-mongering, fetus-loving, fringe-pandering debacle of a GOP debate wasn't enough, the Trump moved today to a New Hampshire town hall event where he blandly heard out a lunatic rant about Muslims - the one in the White House, all the ones training to kill us - and barely lifted a bushy eyebrow. Today, we and our politics got what we deserve: the Taiwanese animation treatment.


Yeah, this one wasn't fun. I don't usually watch them, but I did see the first one and it was such a circus that it was entertaining. Now, though, it looks like the funders have reestablished control, and the usual all-war-all-the-time-but-god-bless-the-zygotes "on-message-speak" was back in full sway. Meh.

Fortunately, we have an antidote: Bernie!


Great job, Taiwan! A whole lot better than the original.


"As if last night's war-mongering, fetus-loving, fringe-pandering debacle of a GOP debate wasn't enough.." is the way the article begins. Looking at the two issues, we have opposition to war mongering which is pro-life in the largest sense. On the other, fetus-loving, which is a repulsive term, we have those who are viscerally opposed to recognize that fetus's are persons. Both voiced by the author who would probably call herself progressive. Which brings forth the thought, is this alignment deliberate to create a divisive nation. Surely it makes more sense that those opposed to war are in the pro-life camp and the pro-lifers in the anti-war camp. It cannot be but it almost seems the positions of the two groups assure that we remain divisive.


Wow...they really have you snowed. They have convinced you the rights of an unborn mass of cells supercedes the rights of law-abiding, tax paying actual citizens. Meanwhile they have no concern for the rights of chilren slaughtered by remote control drones. They have no concern for your children who will be the ones who are used as cannon fodder in conflicts that only serve to further the agendas of organizations like ISIS...which, incidently, was created by their misguided policies in the first place as they poured tons of arms into the region to supposedly help "freedom fighters" opposed to Assad who turned out to be fanatics. They continue to support the Saudi royal family which is totally tied to the Wahabist movement which is the root cause of all these catarophies and fundamentalist incursions. Your tax dollars and the money you spend on your gas tank enrich these people because you are uninformed and have bought into the smoke and mirrors "look over here...not over there" game show these low dogs run. They don't care about you or foetus's or anything but power, money and control and that you keep drinking the kool-aide. They have a good laugh at the club every time your name comes up.


Ah the right to life crowd? Did you miss the point of the article? There was not a single person on the stage at either of CNN's debacle who didn't fit the description provided by the author of the piece being commented on. Each and everyone, though unwilling to allow any female the right to use a Constitutionally legal method to terminate a pregnancy for any reason, with a sort of
single exception being Rand Paul, who wasn't quite so "war mongering" as the rest of that wing nut gang. When can we get rid of them? Hopefully, though it appears at this time many continue to drink the same old Kool Aid, November 8, 2016.


I wonder if Tromp watches Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph des Willens (Triumph of the Will) when he goes to bed at night?
* It is bad enough that the nation has morphed into the US Fourth Reich, but now a new Fuehrer is showing up in the wings, complete with untermenschen to be destroyed or locked up.
* Our Constitutional Rights have been taken away, fairly quietly, since the Supremes appointed Bush II as president, but now we have a loudmouth trumpeting his hate and fear at the people, and an ungodly lot of them seem to be in favor of supporting his plans and desires.
* I would really recommend that people read Shirer's Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, and Happner's Defying Hitler to get an idea of what you are supporting.
* Right now, we have a warfare state, dedicated to spreading war around the world, to be made on anybody who objects to the Reich's policies. They are automatically labeled "terrorists" and the Reich sends in the drones (and worse).
* The profits go to the real rulers, the 0.001%, of course.
* Hitler put the Jews into extermination camps, Tromp will do the same with Muslims. Then, of course, it will expand to those who object to what is going on right here, and people or groups that are targeted for hate just like the Muslim community.
* Santyana said, "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it"
* Those of us who are old enough to remember look with horror on the possibility, or probability, of repeating what happened in Germany in the 30s and 40s. Only the names seem to change.
* Wake up, people! WAKE UP!


Why should an unperson like a blastocyst have any rights at all? Do you worry about the rights of the cells you kill every time you blow your nose or Jack off?

We've got Seven Billion people all standing on top of each other in this world. That's twice what a sustainable food supply can support. You nut-job conservatives care more about body-buggers than you do about the starving children you brought into this world with your insane infinite population growth delusions. Most people on this Earth don't have clean air to breathe or clean water or food to eat anymore because of your crazy superstitions and belief in a big-bearded man in the Sky. The Big SkyGawd, who the Religious Right says looks after a bunch of greedy naked apes who aren't smart enough to control their own numbers.

We just don't need anymore of your abandoned babies who grow up into homeless people that Republicans pretend don't exist.

You're illogical silly people who chit in your own nests with your poisonous private autos and coal plants. Biologists say you have now careened us into Earth's Sixth Great Extinction event. 2015 is the hottest year in history in the hottest decade in history according to NOAA and NASA.

Good job Repukes! Make everyone have more babies that all aspire to live in wooden houses and increase the existing tailpipes and smokestacks by millions every year!

There's just no limit to the stupidity of Conservative Religious people.



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