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When Centrists Lose, Corporate Media Blame the Left

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/11/when-centrists-lose-corporate-media-blame-left


Some quotes - from George Monbiot writing in the Guardian

If Americans are not polarised against plutocrats, they will be polarised against each other.

Unless Biden unites the people against the oligarchs who dominate the nation, the people will remain divided against each other.


Takeaways from a good piece:

The first half of Hollar’s piece supports her claim that the corporate media overwhelmingly adopted the pov of the Democrat Party’s blame of the left for election losses.

The Fair link on the neo-McCarthyist tactic of red-tagging “socialism” - supposedly to secure electoral wins (but, actually, because, for ideological and ‘rich donor’ reasons, the DP rejects popular progressive programs) - is important too.

The second half - starting with the “As the New York Times’” paragraph - rebuts the DP claim by detailing the popularity of calls for M4A, taxing the rich, free college tuition, and the Green New Deal. Hollar also notes that, in swing states, progressive candidates calling for these things won.

Regarding more contested calls to “defund the police,” Hollar notes a) that this is not a plank of progressive candidate platforms, and b) that - as an Intercept piece details - Black Lives Matter-connected movements and electorates mobilized communities to vote, and so actually contributed to Democratic wins - the opposite of the DP’s claim.

Bookmarking this - good for argument.


Lets be clear with our definitions, “Centrist Democrats” are not centrist at all, they are 1970’s republicans, nothing more. Hell, Nixon was further to the left than todays “Centrist Democrats”, they are the true definition of DINO’s. When you have “ex-CIA” operators dictating what should be the standard in the countries “left” political party…you have a serious problem.
It’s well past time to give the dem corporation to the DINO’s like Spanburger, and join a true left party like the Peoples Party. With a popular platform, like EIM4A, GND, $15 min. wage, the working class from both parties will flock to the new party, and greatly out number the two current parties.


Another example as to how the main stream media is little more then an arm of Government used to advance state run propaganda would be the BBC lecturing the president of Azerbaijan on press freedom.

He ripped the so called “journalist” a new one detailing how the United Kingdom was treating Jullian Assange.

I think it pretty clear that the medias purpose is here, and it not to inform the public or offer news. It to condition the public into believing the narrative the 1 percent want the Public to believe. This is exactly what Donald trump does with his followers and his own suite of lies.

When that same media condemns the words and actions of Donald Trump , they are condemning the very things that they do.


As it was with Hillary Rodham Clinton, her loss was everyone’s fault but hers.

The DNC has been, and will remain to be the root of the Democratic Party’s evil, until they find their humanity which was sold to the highest bidder.


She won by three million votes-----lost the election by about 70 thousand-----she was being investigated all in front of the media—while Trump being investigated rightly for Russia connections was kept hidden from the public the entire election------the Republican FBI director comes out a week before the election and says he is launching an investigation of Clinton for some issue they refused to follow up on in the spring and of course it was all BS. Something many people do not know----Trump insisted Barr continue the investigation into Clinton and her e-mails( funny how Trumps daughter is using private e-mails) on a Friday night about a year ago Clinton was cleared of everything from the Barr “justice” dept.

I wrote in Bernie’s name in 2016-----I can’t stand Clinton------but she did walk away with some grace --a lot more than the current asshole sitting in our White House.

Right now the corporate media are saying Biden does not have a mandate-----yet we never heard this when Trump lost the popular vote by millions??? The corporate media protects Republicans.
And if people were not listening yesterday Biden said numerous times “healthcare is a right” I wonder where that comes from.


Hey Jim Clyburn can we cut the Bullshit--------in Clyburns logic Pelosi and Schumer must step down-----go watch these races in S Carolina or Georgia-----the Repubs running don’t run against the dem candidate they run against Pelosi and Schumer------the repubs will say you don’t want these far lefties from Calif and NY running the country. This is a constant theme throughout these red states.

Progressives were destroyed by Trump-----right now progessives have a seat at the table------progressives helped win Wisconsin , Michigan, Georgia and Arizona and in the future it could be Texas.

And yes when the police are breaking down doors at one in the morning and shooting people dead for the crime of sleeping in their beds------and this happens all across th US----yea we need to stop funding these thugs. We live in a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE.

And just understand we are being played about the polling------the real issue on polling is the republican senate races and why they were so off------The corporate elite want to keep their tax cuts-----they made sure repubs kept the Senate???


I have never heard a President of the US come out and declare that he won the election and we won’t be counting those other votes. When he in effect just lost the election. No President has ever stood on the White House lawn and invited foreign powers to involve themselves in our elections. From what I know not even Nixon tried to incite violence in the inner cities the way this President and Fox “news” did all summer long to win an election.

Why do people defend this rich asshole from New York with his gold toilets-----he brags about his extra judicial killings of people on the left???


He is a “presidential impersonator.” He is a thief, a racist, a liar, a cheat, and a conman.

Be thankful you never fell for his con. Many weak willed people have.


Nobody here is defending him. What is being pointed out is that he is doing all of these things openly and there no mechanism to stop him. As far as the law is concerned everything he is doing is legal. If he can do this now , so too can Presidents in the future. The office of the President has entirely too much power .

There also 70 million plus that voted for this guy and the vast majority of those people back what he is doing.

The system is supposed to have checks and balances. Where are they? This guy is in power for over a Month to come and can do a lot more damage in that time and I see nothing stopping him.

Nixon did “The right thing” when he resigned. Trump shows no intentions of doing that. A Country can not rely on a leader doing the “right thing” and this should make that very clear.

What a crock. Perhaps the question should be why did Biden prevail in states that other democrats on the ballot (Senate/House) did not. Last count Ds lost 4 House seats and chances of winning the Senate are very slim. Obviously, these are republicans (and/or Independents) that voted democrat for president and likely republican on the rest of the ballot. IOWs, it’s is not the Left’s fault.

Someone needs to remind “establishment democrats” that Biden did not win because he was popular – just like Hillary couldn’t fill a phone booth, Biden couldn’t fill a drive-in theater w/cars. Biden won because Trump was disliked by so many voting republicans and the democrats moved heaven and earth to get non-republicans that normally would not vote, out to vote. (promises, promises-this is the kind of maneuver that gave us Trump in '16) BTW Trump received 10+ million more votes than he did in 2016.
To wit: “Maine is perhaps the most stunning one. Biden won the state by 9 percentage points, but Republican incumbent Susan Collins won reelection by 9 points.

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just like the Democrats–blame the progressive winners in their party for the losses incurred by the centrist corporatists —you know --the ones running on a nothing to offer platform—it should be a wake up call that Biden had absolutely NO coat tails and only the nation’s desire to get rid of Trump as his claim to fame–talk about deaf and dumb

just to be clear–the main stream media is now and always has been an instrument for corporate propaganda–meaning the likelihood of our hearing any real truths out of their mouths is minuscule–we will get the corporate agenda only—which of course hates anything progressive


Why any actual leftists would have anything to do with the Democrat party is a mystery to me.


It makes perfect sense why corporate Dems are blaming progressives for their near-total losses: they need someone to blame for not getting the votes they needed to be able to twist a (hoped for) landslide-victory into a (false) mandate-from-the-people narrative, which they desperately need as cover for their planned return to and expansion of the neo-liberal project that has ruined working peoples’ lives the globe over. Their losses can’t possibly be their fault, they believe, because they did everything they could to ensure that their crappy neo-liberal project was the only choice Dems had. In their minds they succeeded, so their losses MUST be someone else’s fault. And they have been teeing progressives up my entire lifetime for just such an occasion.

But they failed. Again. They almost lost it all. And now they will blame their favorite whipping boy for their dismal showing, even while the bankruptcy of their ideology and the fraud of their rhetoric is failing to fool much of anyone anymore. Look at how they’ve had to invent conspiracy theories the last four years to fool the few who still believe in them. Think about what that says about how they feel about their own followers. They have earned my forever scorn and disgust.

So, F’em. They’re toast. Let them whine (wine cave?) themselves into the dustbin of history. I’ve had it with these greedy corporate managers of decaying Empire. They have no positive vision for the future. They know this. And they’re only mad right now because they didn’t get away with completely brainwashing the entire country into believe otherwise. Disgusting.


Propaganda and brainwashing, many good people fall for it. Too many believe they can only vote for “D’s” or “R’s”.

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Biden intends to unite the Republicans with the Blue Dogs, 3rd Way and Republican-lite ‘Centrists’ of the DP. He doesn’t care bout the remainder, any more than Trump does.

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In case anyone’s keeping track, the media is NOW starting their lies about the Dems and Progressives… in fact PRETENDING that the DNC needs to be the “Adults,” to the Progressives’ “immature children.”

Note to Trump fans: THIS is the real case of a lying media, who in this case are jumping onto that imaginary “split” between reality-based (the Progressives are ALL ABOUT doing the SCIENCE first)… and some kind of “Reality” Show, that says being Centrist-If-Not-A-Raving-Reich-Winger, is somehow the “sane” position for a Progressive to take (um, NOT!). Never mind the science behind Climate Change, and its clear links to oil (AND methane, in SPADES), and to our DEATHS as cultures who grew up in a more hospitable world than we will now be able to leave to our descendants…

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