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When Climate Change Was Part of the Farm Bill


When Climate Change Was Part of the Farm Bill

Ben Lilliston

Last month, Congress held initial hearings to inform the 2018 Farm Bill. Agriculture Committee members heard about the struggling farm economy, crop insurance and rural development. One issue that wasn’t discussed, despite its profound impact on farmers, is climate change. Both Republican House and Senate Agriculture Committee chairs are noted climate change skeptics.


I didn't follow the link, but the only way these companies could honestly respond to climate change is to shut down their poisonous chemical production and fossil fuel conversion to nitrogen fertilizer factories completely.

They, plus Dow/DuPont, Bayer, Syngenta,and BASF are the rogues gallery of the worst criminals of a industrial farming system that, besides exacerbating climate change and extincting pollinators, has forced upon us the twin evils of poison-laced food and soil destructive farming methods.


How many times, I wonder, did local and regional rainfall events exceed the usual 100yr storm (infrastructure) design capacity last year? How many of those actually exceeded the 500yr storm modeling statistics?

The evidence is everywhere and accumulating, and failing even to acknowledge the cause is only exceeded in stupidity by not preparing for the effects which are already happening with increasing regularity. Real economic cost to individuals, municipalities, to states, and even nationally could be at least minimized, but instead the whole subject is banned and off-limits for discussion.

Nature can not be banned, and is oblivious to our design expectations.


"It's nature's way of telling you somethings wrong..."