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When CNN Introduces Bernie-Bashers Only as 'Former,' CNN Is Lying To You

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/13/when-cnn-introduces-bernie-bashers-only-former-cnn-lying-you


The corporate media lies about pretty much everything - they have to. The USA is corrupt through & through…


Great article. I wish the movie Network would be enacted in real life by some courageous news anchor.
In the meantime, I don’t have cable and am not a customer of CNN or any corporate media, including their websites. Boycotting them and their advertisers is the best I can do.
Please note that Huffington Post, Alternet, Politico, Mother Jones and many other so-called alternative news sites are no better than the corporate media.


So, when a former Oreobama chief of staff turns up as a rabid, no-holds-barred neoliberal, you have one more piece of evidence indicating what Oreobama and his ilk of Dems were and still are all about ($$$$). Obama was one of the biggest political frauds perpetrated on we the people. I’m so sick of the mealy-mouthed use of the word “moderate” to describe people who are for war, not peace; profit, not health care; weapons, not books; prisons, not classrooms; personal wealth, not the public good.


One of our current problems is that the Trumpies seemed to beat our side to the window and screamed “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” first. They have been able to use it as a rallying cry ever since (of course, they are screaming it because they were afraid of colored people they perceived were taking power, but that’s another matter)
It’s about time that progressives exclaim that they are indeed “mad as hell” as well. Perhaps madder.


I guess we should have seen this coming. After the main stream media ignored Sanders campaign for months to no avail, they have now begun in earnest an organized smear campaign to paint Bernie as some sort of evil hybrid made up of the DNA of Robespierre and Trotsky.
You expect this kind of garbage on a propaganda network like Fox, but CNN and MSNBC are clearly now serving their corporate masters as well.
Wolf Blitzer has become a 21st century Tokyo Rose for Disney. And Rachel Maddow for Comcast. We are just like England now. A nation without a real news network. Almost everything you see on tv news programs is propaganda.


Thank you for this important research and story!


Duly noted! We haven’t had TV/Cable for going on two decades and love it. Must confess, though, I go to their websites occasionally to see what nasty spin they are cooking up now. It’s a cheap, effective emetic btw.


That’s a pretty broad brush you’re painting the picture with, sir. Lumping MSNBC or CNN in with the local news, morning talk shows, Mother Jones or Alternet is pretty farfetched, and misses the point of what Mr. Cohen is illuminating here.
The MSM, like CBS or WaPo, spend millions of dollars to bring news and information ( editorials/opinions, too ) of import from around the nation and planet to an American audience. Who absolutely needs to be informed. Whether you do, or not, really isn’t Cohen’s main concern.
Boycotting isn’t really what your offering up as an alternative, either. It’s pontificating on something you admit you don’t watch or pay attention to. It’s like a sports columnist who doesn’t watch the Super Bowl and then writes a 1000 words about the game. WTH? ( What The Hell? )
I know who Dunn, Messina, Carville, Santorum, Van Johnson, ( thought leaders ) et al…etc. etc. ( CNN, MSNBC, FOX, PBS ) are; and know some of their past, present and, could make an educated guess as to what they’ll be up to in the future. Do you? Do you think their " take on things " is bogus, of no value? Propaganda/Spin/The Skinny?
The point Mr. Cohen makes is, why isn’t the context and point of view of the commentators and their comments, acknowledged? Upfront, with a knowledgeable counter point person present, to pose a different perspective? And, all this is told to the viewer/listener, beforehand? It’s not that hard, after all.


“It’s like a sports columnist who doesn’t watch the Super Bowl and then writes a 1000 words about the game.”

It’s not the same thing at all. One doesn’t have to watch every newscast to know how biased the overpaid celebrity pundits are for the status quo of the Establishment, for oligarchy, for imperialism and war-for-profit. It’s all just part of their basic game plan. The game doesn’t change from day to day, just the rotation of players they interview. And the players they interview are almost exclusively propagandists as well. Sure, they have an occasional counterpoint or a semblance of balance between interviewees with contrasting opinions but not nearly enough. And, like this writer said, they conveniently omit a very important fact of the interviewee’s current ties to the corporate world. Maybe you are aware of every person’s past and present but most viewers are not.

I cut the cord to cable 2 years ago and the only exposure I get to the MSM is through snippets of video clips that I see via the website or YouTube channel of whatever independent news source I am reading or watching. It’s always the same with those cable news pundits. They are so obviously mere propagandists for the Establishment it’s disgusting.

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Mr. Cohen does not mention MSNBC in his article. Is that because he is a former employee?
I think MSNBC is one reason Trump won in 2016; it was “all Trump, all the time” in their programming, with very little coverage of Hillary and her policies. It’s still the same, except that now they’re ignoring Bernie.

When it becomes a competition, creativity is the first thing lost closely followed by objectivity.

In the context of the 2020 Primary it’s much closer to the Super Bowl analogy than you think…or, let on.
Healthcare is the #1 issue on the table for all voters, not just Dims, Indies or Repubs. This isn’t small potatoes, so to speak.
So, there’s that, too.
Other than that I have nothing to add to my first comment other than to say I have friends who don’t have TVs, let alone cable. Yes, it’s littered with propagandists. Actually though, some people don’t think M4ALL, Public Options or the ACA is what is needed. They want Medicare & Medicaid means tested and not much else except the status quo.

Jimmy Dore had a recent clip regarding face book, CNN and Buttigieg all working in collusion. He had a number of his facebook entries removed because the so called “fact checkers” at Facebook claimed he spreading fake news.

As example Jimmy had mentioned that one Ryan Cooper had worked for CNN (He had worked there for 20+ years) and was now at Facebook helping police what was posted so as to ensure there no “fake news”. This claim itself was deemed “fake news” .


Well worth a watch. Buttigieg has longstanding ties with Zuckerberg. The tentacles of the CIA go deep.

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FYI, Trump didn’t win, he lost. To the tune of 3,000,000 votes.

I just heard a quote that makes painful sense to many of us
“Freedom isn’t something you take a ride on, freedom is something you have to grab a hold of.”
We can all make our way from there and try to do the right thing as best we can.

At this point, the fact that Messina works for CNN really almost says the same thing.

Concur. And also, ditto MrsAnn. At what point does a speaker need to say, “in full disclosure…”? I’ve heard it on rare occasions on NPR.

There needs to be criteria. Reporters and moderators all learned how and when to apply “allege” in their stories, they can similarly learn to require “in full disclosure.”

Kudos for a key piece to Jeff Cohen and CD.

And they continue to bash Bernie like some of the MSM the pundits are now saying that Bernie’s wins in Iowa and New Hampshire WERE wait for it! " UGLY WINS".


Barack Obama was one of the most highly regarded presidents ever, and millions still think that he was on the side of the little guy, was an advocate for justice, and would love to have him back, pontificating about almost anything while continuing the inexorable revamp of the party to a corrupt facsimile of the Republican party.

As the first African-American president, he is still given carte blanche to inundate us with his anti-worker, pro war, neoliberal form of Republicanism, and some still hang on his every word, as though they were really better off after 8 years of expanding wars, bailing out bankers, rising prices, stagnant wages, and union decline.

As they continue to decry how bad Republicans are, and scream “Vote Blue No Matter Who!” they also continue to give him kudos for being a great Democratic president whose first action as president was to appoint Republicans to many of the top offices in his administration.

They want a Democrat who governs like a Republican, because all you have to do to be a great president is to run as a Democrat, no matter your political philosophy. As a great example, I give the the Republican Mike Bloomberg, now rising daily in the polls.