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When Coups Come Home

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/21/when-coups-come-home


Where did they get this group of “clowns” to coordinate this coup with, "Boobs R Us?"

If the 73 million who voted for this “Clown show” to continue another 4 years have been watching carefully how sick and depraved the actors in this amoral comedy are, and providing they have at least two functioning brain cells, they must see what we all see.



There was a successful Coup in 1963 and again in 2000


No, they truly believe that Trump won and that the election was stolen from him by a vast conspiracy.
What is the definition of total brainwashing?
We are now seeing mass hallucination as people go to their graves thinking that they were killed by a COVID-19 hoax.
Total Control of the media has resulted in the Total Control of these people’s minds.


It should be pointed out that every single coup that the U.S. has engineered abroad has had the support of the vast majority of Democrats and Republicans. This is an excellent example of “bipartisan cooperation” as the MSM likes to call it and what Biden feels is the solution to our divided country.
It should also be pointed out that in every single coup that the U.S. has engineered abroad, they were replacing a democratically elected, left wing government with a brutal, anti-democratic, right wing fascist regime. In the U.S. we are attempting to replace one set of set of right wing fascists for another set of right wing fascists. This is hardly something that the general public should get excited about and also explains why there is so little turn out to support either side. Whether it is Trump or Biden, corporate America wins. If non-corporate America (the 99.9%) loses a few hundred or even several hundred thousand people in an outbreak of violence, it is of little concern to the power brokers that have helped sow this chaos.
While I predicted a “soft coup” months before the election, it is still possible that Trump will not be successful, but to claim that Trump’s failure to accomplish a coup is a victory for democracy, is akin to celebrating the ascendence of power of Morsi over Mubarak. It is still a broken system regardless of which puppet of the Establishment is in office. I also wrote extensively that the attempted coup by Trump would eventually fail, but that the MSM would use this as a signal to the 99% that “our democracy works” even though it is a symptom of just how far America is from becoming an actual, functioning democracy.
We must all devote all of our time to make sure a viable Third Party exists in time for the next Congressional elections in two years or else just surrender to the forces of evil and kiss the planet goodbye. It may be too late already, but personally I will continue the struggle down to my final breath. “Anyone but a Democrat or Republican” should be the rallying cry for all Americans who want to see the the duopoly of corruption end.


the good news is despite “total control” of our media by right wing corporate America, the majority of Americans did not vote for Trump meaning that the media is not entirely successful at dumbing down the majority of Americans.
The down side is that the vast majority of Americans still believe that the mainstream media is part of a liberal conspiracy, i.e… a secret cabal of wealthy Americans who want to give up their wealth to become die hard communists.
As most readers already know on Common Dreams, there is little to differentiate between Trump and Biden. Though I hope that Trump’s coup is unsuccessful, nothing will really change when Biden comes to power. The media will still be distrusted (rightfully so!), our educational system will still ban critical thinking when it comes to civics, politics and history, corporations will continue to write our laws and the 99% will still be sacrificed to protect the privileged.
This is the only America I have ever known.


Rush Limbaugh and Fox Noise being the go to political venue for a large portion of America is the main reason for the creation of a dumbed down, brainwashed right-wing.
Spin, snippets of recordings taken out of context, and lying galore.
Would it change minds if they could only consume truthful news and other outlets?


This is America Bystander. If they want to believe in a False Prophet and his lies, they have that right. If it leads them to their graves, let it be so.

Listen to the Public Health Officials and stay away from the crazies.

Their delusion is theirs.


I hear you PonyBoy.
One of our local grocery stores (where I no longer shop) has the obligatory “Mask Required” sign prominently displayed in their window, but there is nary a mask to be found on customers or employees. But they are protected by lots of Trump T-shirts and yard signs nearby.

They are no longer SuperMarkets.
They are SuperSpreaderMarkets.


Lots of vote-rigging in 2004 as well, and I would send anyone to Greg Palast’s work to support that. He does an excellent job at that as long as the Republicans are the guilty party.


The CIA (illegally) gamed their first election in 1948, siphoning money embezzled from a fund for rebuilding Europe, and delivering suitcases of cash to politicians and priests from the Vatican, to guarantee that the communist party did not win. (Weiner, Legacy of Ashes, pg 29-30). James Angleton, the station chief in Italy, said he’d need $10 million to fix the election. Now that people openly give oodles of cash to various candidates (and candidates are judged for their viability by how much money they can raise), I wonder, how is that any different? This money always goes to the Dems and the Reps, ensuring that a viable third party will never rise.


Snider makes a lot of good points here, but it is necessary to rework them with the recognition that both parties are involved, whatever the distinctions, and that neither are trustworthy. Also, it ought to be acknowledged that “the government,” which is not yet quite monolithic, is far from wanting Donald Trump as its president. Some parts do, and largely for reasons of vested interest, but others clearly do not. Trump had really remarkable and repeated disagreements with his military and intelligence branches, which are particularly important in a coup.

Also eerily, recent coups have mostly levered claims of election irregularity, which of course both Democratic and Republican parties have now done regarding 2020.

The large danger here is not that votes get recounted, that courts get enlisted, or that there might be whatever sort of impediment to the reforms that Biden will not be making anyway. The danger is that one or another side, finding itself stronger, might take the opportunity to declare a state of emergency in order to institute an ongoing military government.

That is actually the usual method.


I wouldn’t allow myself to let fear of a Military takeover cripple me.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff two weeks ago made it clear that they will never serve any individual.

I’m almost 100% certain that he directed that comment directly at the temporary resident of the White House.


Exceptional America is now up to 12 million cases of C-19. Remember, these are the tested cases. Who knows how many other tens of thousands of cases are out there, untested and shedding those little spheres with cones.
And the heir to the Trump throne, Donald Jr, has it. That should be a fun Thanksgiving gathering,.
Our elites have been messing with other governments since the first European colonies practiced pen-and-ink witchcraft treaties. If you truly think your vote counts, it would be illegal(as the great immortal George Carlin said). The graphic novel version of Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of American Empire illustrates only a few of our foreign invasions and coups. My only regret is that it’s not in colour.
Tweedle Dee. Tweedle Dum. Only relief of having Biden as President is not having to deal with Trump’s psychotic outbursts, his groping of foreign female leaders, his voice and face daily gracing the media…in short, he can rant and rave to his followers off the clock.
As for main influences in the brainwashing of the average American, I must add organized religion to the hellbrew of voices and ideas. So many megachurches out there, sitting on millions of untaxed income and property, telling the sheep what to think and how to vote.
Two more months of Trump and the GOP keeping us all on edge. It will seem like 20 years…


It feels like the last few weeks of school when you are checking the calendar to see when summer holidays start.

Had people learned a little bit more when they went to school…

The best teacher I had a newly graduated “hippy” as schoolteacher in grades 7 through 9. He taught Social studies and was forced to deliver what was on the curriculum. We had a History text on the “creation of Canada” and how the Europeans colonized the place to turn it into a “great Country”.

We studied it but rather then report on what we read, he asked as to break down the book and try to discover the falsehoods. “Always question your assumptions…”

He was big on the TAO the I Ching (the oldest book I still own is a Yellow jacketed copy of the I Ching which I purchased in high school ) and on Buddhism and the Eastern teachings . They are very different then that Book that western religions based on and while our family not particularly religious (My father in particular had no use for the hypocrites of the bible ) I found the eastern teachings much more appealing than Christianity.


Since ALL 6 US media conglomerates are by, for & about blithering stereotypical, ostentatiously servile, speciously culpable honkies, shopping on Amazon “sheltering in place” as hundreds-of-thousands more “essentials,” get shot down by deplorable Boogaloo Bois & OathKeeper cops… to some of us, RooskiBotBernieBro nudniks; this shit feels vaguely familiar? More Birmingham than Batista? When Democrats refused Black Mississippi delegates (But, Goldwater!) or Daily’s cops beat draft-age working kids (But, Nixon!) then Women, workers, Gays… EVERYBODY (But, REAGAN!) Some, po’ass Murikans BEEN colonized by PayDayLoan/EZCredit landlords renting us our former homes… Blacks, Latinx, Natives & piss-poor peckerwoods have ALWAYS been the product of extractive tag-team kleptocracy. Their empire had fallen on top of us WAY before Washington sent 13K militia to my hometown to kick us squatters off his hemp plantation. Hey, remember Kennedy & Oswald’s live on TV?





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Man, that is just poetry! Thanks for the links.

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Thanks. Makes me CRY! Smug ass yuppies PREACHING at us all, how lucky WE are that their equity portfolios are back to NORMAL! So, maybe they’ll now TIP us, delivering their Amazon Prime & Whole Food artesianal locavore gelato? They get on here and threaten to block, ban, blacklist truth? Progressive is just another label, like “Natural” “Fair Trade” “Reduced Cruelity” “Cage Free” “Clearance” or “EZ Credit?”






Wow, nobody’s screwed up any belief more than Lao Tzu’s (Laozi) Tao Te Ching. I’d found “The Old Fellow” at my piss poor Pixboig ethnic slum and marvelled that Jesus basically ripped & read his Sermon on the Mount™ from a Chinese archivist 600 years later? Two decades later, half my friends were “muslim ethnic-minority” Chinese (rabidly athiestic Red Guard libertarian CAPITALISTS). Do what’s necessary but don’t fuss, sounded like my Oma’s wiccan: “do as you will, but harm nobody?” Thank GOD, Graves’ “Hercules My Shipmate” was the next book down!

I read a passage from the Tao de Ching daily, or one from the works of Heraclitus. Something that is completely different from our peculiarly USA self-help rah-rah affirmations. Your teacher would have been run out of town on a rail in my rural ultra-conservative school, alas. Question authority? That would get you a visit to the Principal’s office, a note on your Permanent Record, and a meeting with your parents, guaranteeing a world-class butt whoopin’…Which is a simplistic reason for why these areas remain so compliant.